Table Runner Fail

Friday at work, I decided to start putting together a table runner instead of starting the next block. I thought it would be a nice change of pace. Of course, I forgot about the dreaded Y seams, so I got frustrated and decided to do some research on how to make them better so they don’t bunch up in the middle. Grrrr!

Here are some pictures:

See the puckers!

My original thought was to pull it all out, but today maybe not. It hasn’t really been pressed yet, so maybe it doesn’t need to be pulled out. I will, however, research hand piecing Y seams before I go any further.

One thought on “Table Runner Fail

  1. Gretchen, I don’t know what the piecing instructions are but looking at the top photo I think it would be easier if you sewed the top middle white triangle to the right block, then sew the bottom white triangle to the left block. Then you can sew the two sets together along the straight line. I don’t if this makes sense or not. Hope it helps. –Pat

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