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Aug 11

Still Plugging Along

I know that I haven’t been doing any blogging, but I have been sewing and quilting. Nothing too exciting, but something. For example: Another round on the second Rosette 2 for La Passacaglia is now complete.  And I made this month’s Saturday Sampler block – it is the third of the blue corner blocks. I …

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May 31

Memorial Day Sew-In Success

I thought there was a chance that I might not even get to join in on the Memorial Day Sew-In on Twitter due to a hectic week or two of travel and visitors, but, not only did I get to sew on Memorial Day itself, but I also got a very good start on putting …

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Jan 03

2016 Quilty Resolutions

First let’s look at my responses to Sandy’s 2016 Quilty Resolutions Challenge and Giveaway. My answers are in blue. The first thing I am going to do to “clean house,” mentally or physically, in my quilty life in 2016 is… Make a list! (I don’t do this often enough!) The second thing I am going …

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Jan 01

2014 Quilty Resolutions

I should really not bother making resolutions. I think we can see from yesterday’s post that I don’t do well at keeping resolutions. I think I rebel against the expectations I put on myself. I guess we’ll see how that really goes this year. I may carry over a few resolutions. 1.  Complete at least …

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Dec 31

2013 Quilty Resolution Results

If you pay any attention to my sidebar, you can see that I’ve had some quilty resolutions posted there for all of 2013. Today is the day I get to evaluate how I’ve done with those this year. In case you are reading this after January 1, 2014 when they will be replaced in the …

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Oct 30

Project Progress

Before I start this, let me remind you to go check out The Blogger’s Quilt Festival if you haven’t already. As I write this, there are 432 quilts submitted and it is not too late to enter yours! Go for it. I made a little progress on a couple of projects over the weekend. First, …

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Oct 07

Ridiculous Fabric Purchases

Okay, I know that ridiculous is in the eye of the beholder (or spouse of the purchaser), but I do seem to be a bit out of hand recently. I blame it all on the Quilter’s Newsletter Christmas issue! Huh? As I looked through the Christmas issue, I saw a quilt I wanted to make. …

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Sep 29

Finally on the Frame!

Look at what I finally got on the quilting frame! Yep, it’s this one:

Aug 11


So I let nine days go by without posting! Even after promising myself that I would get more regular here. Sigh. This week the church quilt got its borders, got marked and got layered. Today or tomorrow it will make its way onto the frame and I’ll take a picture of it to post here. …

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Jul 03

Quick Question

Am I very terrible if I take today to get the next hand quilting project of my own (FQS 2009 Designer Mystery BOM) pressed, layered and on the frame instead of working on the church top? (Look at me avoiding the church top!) I really would like to have something of my own available so …

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