Life’s Full of Tough Choice, Isn’t It?

Today was a day for decisions. Yesterday, I cut the pieces for the twelfth block for the 2014 FQS Mystery BOM and began piecing it. These were the first two pieces.

Now, I must confess that today I realized that my husband had unselfishly shared RSV with me. Hopefully, I won’t feel as lousy as he does, but it did make me pause when considering whether or not I should do any sewing. Yes, I probably should have napped at least once, but I went to assemble this one.

I’ve been thinking of this as block twelve, but when I looked carefully, this is actually block 11. Block 12 is the one I had so much trouble with last week.

Here are all twelve blocks. Well, you can see 11 1/2 of them. Small room, cutting table in the way.

This brought me to decision time. What would I work on next? The finishing kit for this was already cut out. But Charlotte’s Clue 3 for Surrounded by Scraps came out yesterday and all those pieces were also already cut out. Then there are also the magenta blocks for Getting to Know Hue. What to do? What to do?

I opted to start the finishing kit for the 2014 Designer Mystery BOM. First up was this block, same size as the other 12.

I also put together 8 12 1/2 inch hourglass blocks. Then the illness caught up with me and I figured I’d better quit for the day. Vegging in front of the TV now. Hoping to do more tomorrow.

Quilt on!

A Bit of Progress

I have, apparently, been doing some quilty things, just not blogging about them, so here is a little bit of an update.

The 2012 FQS Designer Mystery BOM finally (almost 6 weeks, which is very unusual when I send them out through our local shop, but I hear the quilter was ill so it’s all good. Mostly. I don’t have pictures yet, but the quilting does not go all the way to the edge on two sides. Now, I know that it’s a big pattern and wouldn’t fit in those areas, but I would have gone off the edge if I’d been doing it. Oh, well, the texture looks awesome for this quilt and I do love it. I have made the binding and will attach it sometime soon.

I also picked up the next block(s) for the Saturday Sampler. It’s the teal block and there are two of them, so I got the free one and paid $5 for the second one. I will start working on putting those together soon.

First, however, I am trying to complete the cutting for Surrounded by Scraps. I need to complete the cutting before I can actually do clue 2. I’m getting close. There will be a very scrappy background.

I did, however, make two blocks this weekend for Quilts for Cure. Here they are:

I also had a bit of fun with my hair. The second picture is from an angle that looks icky to me and makes me look dorkier than I think I normally look, but it was taken by my hairdresser and her focus was the hair, so…

And, even though, Valentine’s Day is officially over, I thought I’d share this picture from outside our local pet shop:

I’m thinking the dog might need something more than thumbs, but what do I know?

Quilt on!

Boxing Day Sew-In Results

This will be a brief post. Then, hopefully later today, I will write a longer post about the Scrap in a Box finish, with even more photos. (If not today, tomorrow.)

For the Boxing Day Sew-In, I completed hand sewing the binding onto Scrap in a Box and threw it into the washing machine, although it wasn’t that easy to get the quilt to the machine. This was in the way:

Then I cut the borders for the 2012 FQS Designer Mystery BOM and got three of them sewed on. The fourth and trimming the batting and backing and pressing the backing had to wait for Tuesday. I will be dropping it off for longarming today! Then I’ll have to decide whether I’m really scalloping the borders or leaving them square. (Unfortunately, I have no pictures of the completed top. Sorry.)

Later today, I will need to do some printing and cutting for La Passacaglia so I can work on that during tonight’s football game. Maybe I’ll actually get the first Rosette 2 finished tonight.

I hope you’ve been able to get some quilting done this week too!

Quilt on!

Quilting This Week

I know that with today being Friday this week is not yet over, but this (unfortunately) this won’t take me long to write. It hasn’t been the world’s most quilty week.

I’ve only had an hour or so a day to work on it so, although I’ve made progress on quilting Scrap in a Box, it is far from finished. However, I am enjoying my first experience of quilting with my new sewing table!

What I’m not enjoying is having to relive how sloppily I put this together. Seriously! I love little pieces and usually try a lot harder to get things properly aligned than this. And this one is not one of the worst! I’m blaming it on that fabric in the lower left hand corner, which is one of the (in my opinion) ugliest fabrics I’ve ever seen. (To be fair to this fabric, my friend Carolyn really likes it.) That and the fact that I couldn’t picture all these fabrics together and happy. (Note to self: less scrappy.)I’m hoping to finish the quilting this weekend and then get it bound and completed. I chose to do this before putting the borders on the 2012 Designer Mystery BOM because I had used the MuVit foot for putting the binding on the table runner and it just made sense to do this while the foot is on. At least, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

What are you up to this week?

Quilt on!

This Week’s Progress

As I mentioned in the previous post, we were in full finish the quilting mode for the church quilt. Four days and one evening a week for the past couple of weeks. By last week, it became apparent that if all went well, Friday, November 11 would be the day the quilting was finished. We had to work a little later than our usual 4:00 PM, but the quilt came off the frame on Friday.

Here are some pictures:


It is still on the frame in this picture. The marking is still visible, but we did also use different colored thread in various places. For example, the feathers are purple. (And they go all around the queen-sized quilt. I am more than a bit tired of feathers – but they look sooooo cool.)img_5100

In this picture, we are looking at the center of the quilt, checking to make sure everything is done. It’s still mostly on the frame at this point.fullsizeoutput_1e5c

This is another shot of the center, but including some of the edge too. img_5102

This just gives you an overall idea of how the texture shows up. (I’m sorry that these pictures are not the most beautiful. We were in a hurry to call the quilting done!)img_5103

This is the back of the quilt. It is really much darker than this, almost black.img_5104

Yes, really, this is the back and it looks even less black. but it is. I hope to get better pictures in coming weeks.fullsizeoutput_1e5b

The next thing I worked on were these placemats. I am not very happy with them. They are not very square and the sides are really that wavy. And they don’t lay especially flat. I think I will still donate them to the church auction, but I will not be making more of this style. I really should have done the extra step that Joanna Figueroa mentions for cutting strips is in her Craftsy class Smarter Strip Quilting. (Yes that is a Craftsy affiliate link that will help pay the blog bills.) That  is part of the reason the placemats look a bit wonky.)


As I was clearing off the top of the cutting table to trim up the church quilt, I had to move the Birds in the Air blocks. I put them back up on the design wall. I’m not sure if I will keep this arrangement, but I’m contemplating it. I’d need to make a couple more blocks, which wouldn’t be a problem. It was a fun idea to make it look like a flock of birds flying, but I’m not sure I’m really feeling it. I will have to do some more playing with the arrangement before I decide for sure. I’ve seen some very fun settings from the other members of the exchange so…

I had originally thought that I’d spend most of this afternoon and evening sewing, but inertia overtook me after I got home from church and nothing got done. Sigh. Hopefully tomorrow I can get the church quilt trimmed up, the binding made and attached to the front. We are having the binding party to whip stitch it to the back on Thursday morning, so I do have until then to get done, but I’d rather not wait until the last minute.

I’d also like to get the borders on the 2012 Designer Mystery BOM. I know I’ve said that before. I also have a few more small items to make for the auction, so it should be a very sewy couple of weeks.

Quilt on!

A Little Progress

I have made some quilting progress in the last few weeks, but I just haven’t posted about it. So here goes. Not necessarily in chronological order.

First and foremost, we have been in finish-the-church-quilt mode and we are currently on track to finish the quilting tomorrow. I can’t wait!

My first Rosette 2 is still in this condition, as I’m still considering options for the next round.

fullsizeoutput_1e56However, I had already started a couple other centers for the other two Rosette 2s. So I decided to work on one of those last weekend.


I made this lovely wreath to as the next round.img_5088

I tried it out to see if I really liked it with the center. img_5089

And I got it stitched together, so it is in this condition.img_5090

Next up, some more Lottie Moon Auction items.fullsizeoutput_1e58

This microwave potato baker.fullsizeoutput_1e59 And this bowl cozy.

I’m working right now on several placemats for the auction also. I may do another bowl cozy and potato baker set. We’ll see.

I still haven’t put the borders on the 2012 Designer Mystery BOM. Nor did I get Scrap-in-a-Box basted. Sigh.

The Fat Quarter Shop has started giving hints about the 2017 Designer Mystery BOM. I’m not crazy about the colors so I will pass this year too. It disappoints me a bit, because I do love their BOMs. There is always more than enough fabric for each block and for the finishing kit. The blocks are always fun to make. Maybe next year.



Project Updates

I have made a little progress on a few things in the last couple of weeks. Honest!

First, I have sewn together the center of the 2012 FQS Designer Mystery BOM. Please excuse the picture – I don’t have a good way to take a straight on picture of it.


Now I’ve just got to cut the border fabric and attach the borders, which one would think I could easily do, right? Somehow I just haven’t done it yet. Sigh. It is currently my plan to send this to a longarmer, but I’m not 100% sure that I really want to have this one all-over quilted and I’m not sure I can afford custom quilting. And my free motion quilting is not really anywhere close to being ready for this. So we will see what happens. I will take any and all suggestions.

I’ve been working on my first Rosette 2 for La Passacaglia. I am farther along than this picture because I have the stars made and am attaching the star wreath to the inner section pictured below. I had hoped to have that done by the end of the weekend, but I kept starting to put the wreath on wrong and had to take it apart TWICE! That should be done by next week, though. Maybe even a couple of other layers added.


I have not yet layered and basted Scrap-in-a Box. I’m still trying to figure out exactly where I will do that. I used to do it on my JoAnn’s cutting table in the basement, but that is no longer an option. Maybe the kitchen counter will work. Crawling around on the tile floor doesn’t sound like fun! Here’s a very bad picture of the back on the aforementioned tile floor. It is my plan to ditch quilt this one myself on my machine. img_5048

On Sunday I quickly put together an 18″ table topper as a gift for some new friends who are returning home after a year-and-a-half here at the University of Michigan. Here is the Michigan side:


And here is the Michigan side:


Yes, that fusible appliqué was a pain to do! I found myself wishing I lived in Colorado or Utah or another of those smooth bordered states. But at least I think I got the Upper and Lower Peninsulas in the right places.

That’s everything for now!

Quilt on!

A Very Little Progress

Not much sewing has gotten done around here. Last week I worked on the backing for Scrap-in-a-Box. Here are the first couple of rows.img_5016

Of course, there was the unfortunate bobbin running out near the end of a seam.fullsizeoutput_1e4a

I did finish the back, but I don’t have a picture of it right now. I’ll try to remember to take one when I baste the quilt.

Time out for a little music humor I saw on a bumper sticker.


In preparation for Saturday’s hand piecing, I printed and cut quite a few shapes. And then, like an idiot, I made the star out of the exact same fabric I used in the first rosette star. Grrrr! They will have to stay away from each other in the quilt!

Then I had to decide on what the next round would be. Here is the picture I took to try and determine which of three that I liked best.

img_5033I couldn’t really make up my mind that way so…img_5034Here’s one option all laid out.img_5035Here’s another. Working against this one was the fact that this was what I used the last time too!img_5036This one just screamed no to me. Not a solid here. At least, not this one.img_5040And here is the finished first two rounds. I will be chauffeuring my DH to church tonight, so you can picture me working on the next round or two and watching Criminal Minds on Netflix.

Sunday I had planned to baste Scrap-in-a-Box right after my DH left for the evening service. Unfortunately, as the day wore on, I realized I was coming down with a cold and just sat on the couch drinking liquids and playing iPad games. So that still needs to get done. I have also started playing with the idea of a scalloped border on the 2012 Designer Mystery BOM. I’ve never done one of those before. I may need to remind myself how to do that in Finishing Schools: Edges & Bindings, Mimi Dietrich.  At least I think that is where I saw it. I may have to look at some of my other classes too. And online tutorials and…

I hope to get a lot more done this week – but first I have to feel better.

End of September – Nothing Finished

So it is the end of September. But now that I think about it, I did have one finished. I finished the little cloth Christmas book that i mentioned last weekend. fullsizeoutput_1e46But that is my only finish for the month (and quarter, if we must be brutally honest. Sigh. But we knew that this quarter was going to be touchy. But I’m pretty sure that next quarter will be much better.

Here’s what I did get accomplished this month (which is the only time I really got to sew this quarter due to the whole move the studio thing.

  1. Started La Passacaglia.
  2. Decided on a setting for the 2012 Designer Mystery BOM and began to assemble the top.
  3. Pieced a backing for Scrap-in-a-Box.
  4. Finished that book.

Plans are that I will send the 2012 Designer Mystery BOM out to a longarmer to be quilted. I already have the backing fabric and batting for it. I will be quilting Scrap-in-a-Box myself, hoping to get it basted tomorrow in the early afternoon. I should be able to finish those two quilts pretty quickly – I hope. Stay tuned for more definite fourth quarter plans!

Quilt on!

Lots of Saturday Progress

Saturday (yesterday) was my most productive quilting day in a week. Most of the rest of this week the extent of my quilting was spending time hand quilting the church quilt. Necessary progress being made there, but Saturday was progress on my personal list of things. (Well, I also managed to finish the great magazine destash project.)

Thing #1 – many years ago (like in the mid 1990s) I bought two panels t make cloth books with the Christmas story for our church auction. I think I bought them at Minnesota Fabrics – and that hasn’t been around here in forever. The bag with the panels sat around for a long time, but sometime after 2004 (which I know because the pins used were my quilting pins & I didn’t start quilting until 2004) I must have pulled the bag out, cut out the panels and interfacing, pinned one of the books together and even sewed one page. On Saturday, that book got completed.

fullsizeoutput_1e46I also got the setting triangles for the 2012 Designer Mystery BOM pressed and trimmed. fullsizeoutput_1e47Then it was game time, which for me includes some hand piecing. I got the wreath finished.fullsizeoutput_1e48By shortly after the game was over, I had completed the entire rosette. (By the way, the light in my sewing room is very bad right now. The colors in the above picture are closer to real than the following picture.)img_5009After that, I got all of the triangles sewn onto the 2012 Designer Mystery BOM blocks, and put them on the design wall. Note that you can’t see block 12 because the cutting table is in the way. img_5011Before I took the picture and looked it, I was thinking that I might need to add some space between the blocks, but this is growing on my. I’m not even sure my idea about some aqua flying geese in the outer border might not happen. Maybe just a narrow border of the background fabric and an aqua binding. Even if I do that, though, I will not meet my goal of having this completed by the end of the month.

img_5010Just a reminder of the Fat Quarter Shop’s original setting plan for this quilt. I like mine better so far, I just don’t know for sure what I’m doing next. Yes, I’m taking suggestions.

And that is Saturday’s progress. If anyone has any great ideas for the rest of the setting of the 2012 Designer Mystery BOM, please let me know and

Quilt on!