Q1 Finish-A-Long Wrap Up

Back in January, I posted my list for this first quarter. You can look at it, complete with pictures, here.

I was aiming high. I mentioned five possible finishes. I actually finished the first two items, the 2012 Designer Mystery BOM and the Birds in the Air, AKA My Birds Are Geese. I didn’t even touch two of the other quilts, the Disappearing Pinwheel and the Kimberly Einmo Lonestar.

I made some progress on the 2014 Designer Mystery BOM. Actually, I made a lot of progress and now have the entire center assembled. 

What’s left on this one now is the top and bottom borders which will take a while to piece.

Other things I worked on this quarter were Getting to Know Hue and Surrounded by Scraps.

Quilt on!

Life’s Full of Tough Choice, Isn’t It?

Today was a day for decisions. Yesterday, I cut the pieces for the twelfth block for the 2014 FQS Mystery BOM and began piecing it. These were the first two pieces.

Now, I must confess that today I realized that my husband had unselfishly shared RSV with me. Hopefully, I won’t feel as lousy as he does, but it did make me pause when considering whether or not I should do any sewing. Yes, I probably should have napped at least once, but I went to assemble this one.

I’ve been thinking of this as block twelve, but when I looked carefully, this is actually block 11. Block 12 is the one I had so much trouble with last week.

Here are all twelve blocks. Well, you can see 11 1/2 of them. Small room, cutting table in the way.

This brought me to decision time. What would I work on next? The finishing kit for this was already cut out. But Charlotte’s Clue 3 for Surrounded by Scraps came out yesterday and all those pieces were also already cut out. Then there are also the magenta blocks for Getting to Know Hue. What to do? What to do?

I opted to start the finishing kit for the 2014 Designer Mystery BOM. First up was this block, same size as the other 12.

I also put together 8 12 1/2 inch hourglass blocks. Then the illness caught up with me and I figured I’d better quit for the day. Vegging in front of the TV now. Hoping to do more tomorrow.

Quilt on!

First 2017 Finish!

Monday evening, I finished (including washing) the 2012 Designer Mystery BOM. (How many years has that been a quilty resolution?)

Just as a reminder, I used the blocks for this quilt as hand work when I was waiting places or watching football, so all the blocks are hand pieced. Here they are in no particular order.

I had also purchased the finishing kit. This is the Fat Quarter Shop’s original design for setting the blocks.

I’m not sure why, but I just didn’t feel like this was the right setting for these blocks and fabrics. I was able to use the fabric in the kit to do something a little bit different.

These were taken in the sunroom on a cloudy day. My husband generously held up the quilt for these pictures.

A closeup of the quilting:

And a couple of glamour shots:

I am so happy with the way this looks! And I’m happing to finish a longterm project!

Quilt on!

Recent Progress

With so many Twilters at QuiltCon last weekend, Nonnie of Nonnie’s Quilting Dreams instigated a #NoQC sew-in. I was excited to take part. Of course, I also watched all the Twilters Facebook posts, tweets and Instagram posts. I would have loved to be there, if only to meet so many Twilters in real life. Although some of the pictures I’ve seen of the quilts make me wish I’d seen them in person too.

Anyway, here are a few things I did over the weekend and Monday.

First, I finished cutting all the pieces for Surrounded by Scraps.

Then, I started working on Clue 2 for that quilt.

Here are some units ready to be put together.

And then the overhead light in my room burned out. Since the globe for it was heavily frosted, I did not want to put it back on. Plus the LED bulbs I had weren’t for use in an enclosed fixture, so I decided to leave it off. Not pretty. Another problem, the ceiling is pretty high. That problem was solved by the arrival of our son-in-law, who had no problem reaching the fixture halfway up the six-foot stepladder. So, even though when it’s turned off, it doesn’t look very pretty, when I turn on the light, I am quite happy with it! (Note: the reason I have not gotten a new fixture is that I need to wait for summer to see if I need a ceiling fan in there. It gets pretty hot on summer afternoons.)

Saturday I could get back to work.

Finally, I got clue 2 finished. Now I’m totally ready for the next clue.

Then it was time for more cutting. I cut out the two teal blocks for the Saturday Sampler I’m doing, Getting to Know Hue. It went pretty quickly, cutting both at once. I got into a great rhythm. Maybe too great because I ended up cutting a 3 3/8″ square (2 actually) in half when I wasn’t supposed to. And, of course, being a BOM, there wasn’t enough fabric to recut. Luckily, I can still get some from the shop, but it’s not here yet.

So Sunday I cut out the tenth block of the 2014 Designer Mystery BOM. Then I hand sewed some binding during the Oscars.

Monday, I put the block together. I’m very happy with how my fussy cut square turned out.

This is how much thread was left on the bobbin when I finished the block. (To be totally honest, my machine tells me when the bobbin is almost empty so I was watching very carefully.)

And here is the finished block. This is a very pretty one.

Come back tomorrow to see the pictures of the quilt I finished Monday evening.

Quilt on!

#PDSI Sunday and Monday Roundup

This will be short and sweet. Mostly because I don’t have lots of pictures.

So here’s what I have accomplished this week in my sewing room, mostly on Sunday and Monday.

  1. All the cutting for Surrounded By Scraps is finished.
  2. I started sewing step 2 of Surrounded by Scraps. Here is a picture of the first batch. Actually, I am much further along in this step, but I have not taken pictures.
  3. I did the rough cut on the t-shirts for my hubby’s t-shirt quilt.
  4. I began hand sewing the binding on the 2012 Designer Mystery BOM. Still a long way to go on that.

Hopefully, I can get more done this weekend. We will see. I got somewhat slowed down by the burning out of the overhead light in the sewing room. Not that it cast much light and the plan is to leave the globe off when I replace the bulbs, but the ceilings are 10 feet tall so even with a six foot step ladder, it’s a bit difficult. Hubby is dizzy most of the time so he can’t do it. Luckily, our over 6 foot son-in-law will be here for dinner tonight so I will ask him then. I should be good to go by later this evening.

And I leave you with this picture of Ypsilanti, Michigan’s iconic water tower. I found it very interesting that they put this on the cover of a book about John Norman Collins since, to my knowledge, it does not figure prominently in the history of the serial killer, but it did get my attention. 

Quilt on!

#PDSI Saturday Results

For those of you who don’t know, #PDSI stands for Presidents’ Day Sew-In. We Twilters use any excuse for a sew-in. So I took full advantage of the time/excuse yesterday.

First, I had to do some cutting so that all my pieces for Charlotte’s Surrounded by Scraps Mystery were ready to use.

Most of the cutting was background fabrics, which I’m doing scrappy. I did do some cutting of colors also.

Then I got to do some sewing. I had to choose between Step 2 of Surrounded by Scraps or putting the binding onto the front of the 2012 FQS Designer Mystery BOM. As you can see, the binding won.

Let me just say that this is the second time I’ve used the Fons and Porter Binding Tool. These two bindings have been better than any I tried on my own or with the other Binding Tool. So I’m thinking the Fons and Porter tool is a keeper.

As you can see, the binding is on the front and the quilt is waiting for hand sewing to the back. Maybe later this evening. A finish is in sight!

Quilt on!

2017 Q1 Finish-Along List

Yes, I’m going to try this again this year. Last year my best quarter for finishes was the first quarter – maybe because it is also my LQS’s UFO finishing contest also, so I’m extra motivated. So this year, I’m aiming high again for the first quarter.

First of all, I am pretty sure I can finish my 2012 FQS Designer Mystery Block of the Month. After all, it is currently at the longarmer’s and then will only need binding.

I am hoping to finish my Birds in the Air quilt also. I need to decide about borders and then I think I will quilt it myself – unless I change my mind about that.

Disappearing Pinwheels is another that shouldn’t take impossibly long to finish. I have a couple more blocks to finish and then construction and quilting to think about and complete. Here’s a picture of one of the blocks.I only have three more blocks to finish in the 2014 Designer Mystery BOM and the finishing kit is all cut out, so that could be another finish. That’s kind of an outside chance, but worth the thought. Here’s are a couple of pictures to remind you of what some of the fabrics look like for that one. I also (if sewing time is abundantly available) could hope to finish the Lone Star quilt that I started at the AQS show a couple of years ago in Kimberly Einmo’s class. That’s a real longshot though! But worth the mention. And that is my plan, including some longshots! How about you?

I’m linking this to the 2017 Q1 Proposed Finishes at Rhonda’s Ramblings.

Quilt on!