Q4 Finish-A-Long Finish Number One

Yes, really! I have a finish from the Finish-A-Long list already. Of course, it wasn’t a very big reach to finish these table runners.

In the previous post, you saw the first table runner finish – the Christmas table runner.Today I  basted and quilted and finished the other three table runners I was planning.

This one will join the Christmas table runner in the church auction.

And these two will probably live here with me, along with the Fall table runner from the previous post. These are all made from the same pattern and were very quick to make. I had originally thought I might try some free motion quilting but I decided that the walking foot quilting looked pretty good with this pattern. And it was faster since I feel somewhat proficient at it.

This will be the official finish post for these table runners and will get linked up with the Finish-A-Long post at the end of the quarter.

Quilt on!


2017 Q4 Finish-A-Long Hopefuls!

Yes, I am calling these all hopefuls. I am fairly close to done with all of these and do think this is a possibility. Seriously! Yes, there are six here. Yes, that seems like a lot but I am hoping!

Here’s the annotated list.

  1. The Kimberly Einmo Lone Star. The center of the top is completed. Once I add the borders, it will head off to a longarmer and then when it comes home I will need to bind it. At least that is the current plan.
  2. Layer Cake Explosion. I started this one in May. I have the four paper piecing blocks to do and then sashing to cut and assembly to do. It too will most likely go to a longarmer. Although it does need a little more work than the Lone Star, I also think it is doable.
  3. Christmas Jelly Roll Race. I started this on a whim a couple of years ago. It needs some borders and then I think I might quilt this one myself. I really want to have it done for Christmas, so I think it has a chance.
  4. Finish the four table runners I have started for the church auction. Yep, these will probably get finished. After all, most of them just need quilting and finishing. And the auction is an important impetus.
  5. Kimberly Einmo Spinning Stars quilt. I would like to see this finished. It is a bright fun looking quilt! I’m not sure what I’ll do with it when it is finished, but I do want to finish it. This has a pretty long way to go though, so it is probably the least likely to make it.
  6. Disappearing Pinwheels. I have enough blocks made that I could just put them together and make the quilt top, but I think I want to make a few more blocks so I have more choices. Then the left over blocks can go on the back.

So there are my fourth quarter hopes and dreams! We’ll see how it goes!

Quilt on!


Some Progress

I have been getting a little bit done and making a little progress on various things.

First, I did get about an hour in on the quilt in the living room frame that I’m hand quilting. No pictures there, but I really am hoping to get it done this calendar year.

As of yesterday, the Kimberly Einmo Lone Star looked like this:

Today it looks like this:

Now I am going to take a break from it because a few other things need attention.

  1. I have a book I need to read and get back to the library.
  2. The Saturday Sampler block needs to be ready to go by August 11. I picked up the fabrics for the center areas last time I was in the shop, so I’d also like to get started on the dreaded four appliqué blocks.
  3. I need to get some fabrics prepped for my La Passacaglia rosettes. I’m kind of at a point where I can’t do anymore until I do.
  4. I need to get the stuff ready for my class at the AQS Grand Rapids show.
  5. I need to clean up some things in my sewing room.

I’m sure there are more things, including more hand quilting, but we’ll just leave it for now at that.

What are you up to?

Quilt on!

Q3 Finish-Along: First Finish of the Quarter

Here’s my first finish for the quarter, my husband’s birthday gift. This is the only t-shirt quilt I will ever make so look well! I’ll let you feast on the pictures of the front and back before I start complaining.

And here’s the back. If you knew my husband, you’d know that after God and his family, his next two great loves are the University of Michigan and Coca Cola. 

How did I get myself into making a t-shirt quilt when it was never on my bucket list? Let’s just say, my husband asked. Sigh. And my suggestion to anyone making a t-shirt quilt is to stay away from 20 and 30 year-old t-shirts that have been worn and washed to death. The fabric has no integrity after all that!

In preparing for making this quilt, I rewatched The Ultimate T-Shirt Quilt (w/Winnie Fleming) from Craftsy (and yes, that is an affiliate link which will help to support this blog). I never seem to do anything the short easy way, so I didn’t want to make your basic squares and sashing t-shirt quilt. I really liked the look of Winnie’s quilts with the logos from the shirts cut to different sizes. My original plan had been to make some flying geese units and HST units to fill in the spaces, but once I realized how little time I really had to do this, I changed my mind and just used my fancy University of Michigan fabric. I did a lot of math to make sure these fit together and were big enough for a couch quilt for my husband. It was also a little tricky (involved more math) to make the 1997 Football National Championship shirt fit right into the center of the quilt. 

But the real fun started when I started to quilt it. In spite of being fused, those t-shirts stretched. I think it was the lack of fabric integrity left, or maybe I didn’t fuse them well enough or should have used a stiffer fusible. And I definitely should have stuck to straight line quilting. I’m sure the curves pulled at the shirts more than necessary. I also have a theory (which I’m never going to test because I’m never going to do this again) that since I was doing an overall pattern, I should have quilted with the t-shirt size down.The one t-shirt on the back didn’t stretch at all. I also noticed that bunching was worse the thicker the print on the shirt was.

Now that it’s washed it looks much better, of course. And my husband loves it. And that is all that matters. And it is finished just in time for his birthday.

What are you working on?

Quilt on!

Q3 Finish-Along Goals (or suggestions)

Now that the second quarter is behind us, it is time for me to decide what it is I’m hoping to finish this quarter. I usually pick five things or so. This year I’ve finished two each quarter, which honestly feels like a lot. Here are my goals for this quarter:

  1. Finish my husband’s t-shirt quilt. It is actually a goal for this month since his birthday is the 21st, but, as he says, he won’t be using it in the middle of the summer.
  2. Finish my quilt from my Kimberly Einmo Lonestar class 2 years ago. I’m dying to work with those fabrics again.
  3. Finish my quilt from my Kimberly Einmo Spinning Stars class 2 years ago.
  4. Finish my Disappearing Pinwheels quilt.
  5. Finish the Christmas Jelly Roll Race quilt.

I’m linking up with the Finish-Along at She Can Quilt.

Quilt on!

Finish Number Two for Quarter Two

I’m pretty sure that I could spend many minutes apologizing for my absence, but you aren’t here to read whiny stuff, so let’s get to the good stuff! I finished another quilt! Really. And it’s a wedding gift for a wedding that is not until July 15! I’m on top of it! I’ve handed it off to the bride’s parents to deliver so no one has to deal with it the day of the wedding. I think it is safe to post this because I don’t think that the bride pays any attention to my blog.

Yes, I’m pretty sure that this is my last finish for the quarter.

And which quilt was this? The 2014 Designer Mystery BOM! It’s not a bed sized quilt (well, maybe a twin), but the colors will look great on their couch I’m told. We have known the bride since she was five or six years old so she is almost family. Which makes her quilt eligible.

Amy and I originally decided to do this BOM together. (Hers isn’t done yet, but she’s been grandbaby watching.) I kept up with the blocks until about month 8 or 9. My original plan was to keep this one for myself, but I really can’t keep every quilt I make. I will run out of room very quickly. So.. a wedding gift it is!

I love the way this quilt looks. The setting by Edyta Sitar (who also designed the fabric) is stunning. All of the blocks were fun to work on since I like star blocks with lots of tiny pieces. Part of the setting process required a 13th block. I have never before made such large half square triangles or hourglass blocks either. There are several posts about this quilt if you’re interested in seeing more pictures of the quilt in progress. I’m just concentrating on the final project here.

I’m linking this to the 2017 Finish-Along.

Quilt on!


Q2 Finish-A-Long Plans/Hopes

Now it is time for me to express my hopes for the Q2 Finish-A-Long. Here goes! Wish me well!

  1. Surrounded by Scraps – I’m guessing this one can be completed because I am currently all caught up and the final clue is due on April 12th. Once I finish the top, I plan to have it longarmed, so that should all go fairly quickly. This may be on the guest room bed by the end of the quarter.
  2. 2014 FQS Designer Mystery BOM – I have the center done. I need to trim it up and piece the borders. I have the backing fabric already. The big question will be if I quilt it myself or send it out. I’m thinking I ditch quilt this myself with gray thread, because I like the lines of this quilt so much. We’ll see. The whole idea of basting it might slow me down a bit because I hate doing that.
  3. Disappearing Pinwheels – This is the next closest to being done already. It is also a carryover from last quarter. We’ll see how it goes!
  4. The quilt from the Kimberly Einmo Lonestar class. Another carryover from last quarter. Fingers crossed.
  5. The quilt from the Kimberly Einmo Spinning Stars class. This may actually be closer to being done than the Lonestar. We’ll see.

I think that five is more than enough for one quarter. Really, I do!

Quilt on!

Second Finish of the Year!

I made it! I finished one more quilt for the Finish-A-Long just under the wire! My Birds in the Air quilt, now named My Birds Are Geese, is now a completed quilt. (Note: as far as the following pictures go, the glamour shot in the sunroom shows the colors more truly. Sorry about the indoor picture’s poor color.)

In case you are a new reader, the blocks for this quilt come from a Twitter group swap. Before deciding on this setting for the Birds in the Air blocks, I tried a couple other settings. Here’s one of them:

Eventually my birds became flying geese. I really like the focus on the blocks themselves, so I framed it in white instead of using a real border. I quilted it very simply, just stitch in all the ditches. I considered doing something a little more fancy in the large white triangles, but that is where most people signed their blocks and I didn’t want to damage or distort the signatures. I also do like a puffy looking quilt.

Quilt on!

First 2017 Finish!

Monday evening, I finished (including washing) the 2012 Designer Mystery BOM. (How many years has that been a quilty resolution?)

Just as a reminder, I used the blocks for this quilt as hand work when I was waiting places or watching football, so all the blocks are hand pieced. Here they are in no particular order.

I had also purchased the finishing kit. This is the Fat Quarter Shop’s original design for setting the blocks.

I’m not sure why, but I just didn’t feel like this was the right setting for these blocks and fabrics. I was able to use the fabric in the kit to do something a little bit different.

These were taken in the sunroom on a cloudy day. My husband generously held up the quilt for these pictures.

A closeup of the quilting:

And a couple of glamour shots:

I am so happy with the way this looks! And I’m happing to finish a longterm project!

Quilt on!

2017 Q1 Finish-Along List

Yes, I’m going to try this again this year. Last year my best quarter for finishes was the first quarter – maybe because it is also my LQS’s UFO finishing contest also, so I’m extra motivated. So this year, I’m aiming high again for the first quarter.

First of all, I am pretty sure I can finish my 2012 FQS Designer Mystery Block of the Month. After all, it is currently at the longarmer’s and then will only need binding.

I am hoping to finish my Birds in the Air quilt also. I need to decide about borders and then I think I will quilt it myself – unless I change my mind about that.

Disappearing Pinwheels is another that shouldn’t take impossibly long to finish. I have a couple more blocks to finish and then construction and quilting to think about and complete. Here’s a picture of one of the blocks.I only have three more blocks to finish in the 2014 Designer Mystery BOM and the finishing kit is all cut out, so that could be another finish. That’s kind of an outside chance, but worth the thought. Here’s are a couple of pictures to remind you of what some of the fabrics look like for that one. I also (if sewing time is abundantly available) could hope to finish the Lone Star quilt that I started at the AQS show a couple of years ago in Kimberly Einmo’s class. That’s a real longshot though! But worth the mention. And that is my plan, including some longshots! How about you?

I’m linking this to the 2017 Q1 Proposed Finishes at Rhonda’s Ramblings.

Quilt on!