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Aug 30

Last Batch of AQS Show Quilts

I have so many pictures of quilts from the show that I could fill several more posts. Maybe I would if my photography skills were better, but I tend to hold my iPhone at a strange angle and the quilts look wonky. So this will be the last batch. First of all, this quilt is …

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Aug 25

AQS Show – Quilts by People I’ve Heard Of

When you go to several of the big quilt shows, you see quilts by the same people year after year. This is kind of fun because you can get used to their color choices or their quilting style. And sometimes you see quilts by people you’ve actually met. The quilts in this post are some …

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Aug 24

AQS Show Quilts – Picture Quilts

Since this is the kind of quilt that my friend Carolyn likes best, I’ll start with picture quilts. These are a few of the pictures I enjoyed at this show. Not all of these are realistic pictures, but they are all pictures of something. This little bird comes from the guild challenge section. She was …

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Aug 23

I Know

I know that you are waiting for eye candy from the AQS Grand Rapids show. I fully intended to post each evening I was there, but by the time I got back to my room, I had no energy left. So, you had to wait until now. Let me just start the parade of posts …

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Aug 17

A Long Time Ago (AQS Post 1)

In a galaxy right here, I posted. Sigh. And I missed a Books on Monday. Double Sigh. About that Books on Monday thing, I think I will be taking a break from that for a while. I am just not feeling it at this point in time. I think there is just too much stuff …

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Sep 03

AQS Show – My Thoughts and Purchases

Just a few thoughts about the show in general. I wish that AQS had put the names of the people who made the challenge quilts and the names of the quilts instead of just naming the guild and the challenge. I really missed that this year. It seemed like the Author’s Showcase was smaller this …

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Sep 02

AQS Grand Rapids Show #6

This will be the last day of quilt pictures. Really. Honestly. This one is called Nine Lives Animal Shelter by Ann Horton of Redwood Valley, CA. It’s cute and all, but this little guy who looks so much like my granddog Benson is why I took the pictures. I may or may not have sent …

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Sep 01

AQS Grand Rapids Show #5

Here we are with post number five about the AQS Grand Rapids Show. Will it never end? Well, I guess we will see. I still have pictures but I’m not planning to use all of them. I promise. This one is pretty amazing. It is Why Not? by Angela Petrocelli of Prescott Valley, AZ. Can’t …

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Aug 31

AQS Grand Rapids Show #4

Here we are with post number four about this year’s Grand Rapids Show. Are you tired of seeing quilts yet? Me neither. Let’s see a few more! This is Gentle Times by Brenda Whitenight-Edwards of Ruskin, FL. Doesn’t it look gentle? Blue and white always makes for a calm look, in my opinion. The lovely …

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Aug 30

AQS Quilt Show – #3

I will not show any of the challenge quilts this year (although I did last year) because none of those quilts were displayed with the creator’s name. If I can’t give credit where credit is due, I will not bother. And, yes, I did comment about that in my evaluation of the show. I also …

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