Last Batch of AQS Show Quilts

I have so many pictures of quilts from the show that I could fill several more posts. Maybe I would if my photography skills were better, but I tend to hold my iPhone at a strange angle and the quilts look wonky. So this will be the last batch.

First of all, this quilt is one that I had seen in American Quilter magazine’s coverage of the Paducah show this spring. I even told my daughter that I hoped it would be in Shipshewana so I could see it in person. It wasn’t there but I did get to see it in Grand Rapids. This is Barbara’s Quilt by Beth Nufer and Clem Buzick. Enjoy. The colors look more muted in the distance pictures than they did in person.  Next up was this interesting quilt. It is Sunrise by Cristina Arcenegui Bono. Each of the circle sections was different so I had to take pictures of each one. This next quilt is Graffiti Doodle Diamonds AKA – Negative Space My A$$ by Teresa Pino and Pat Lang. The quilting is soooo awesome. There are many more, but I really think this is enough for now. In my next couple of posts I’ll show you what I’ve been doing!

Quilt on!

AQS Show – Quilts by People I’ve Heard Of

When you go to several of the big quilt shows, you see quilts by the same people year after year. This is kind of fun because you can get used to their color choices or their quilting style. And sometimes you see quilts by people you’ve actually met. The quilts in this post are some of those.

First up, Margaret Solomon Gunn. You know I’m a fan from a previous post. And maybe this post was a clue. She had two quilts in this show. One was in the author’s section and I’ve shown it before. This one. The Jester’s Folly.

She also had a new one in the show. It is called Taking the Unmapped Road. 

Here is a closeup of her edge finishing. It is amazing.As is her quilting. Sigh. Another quilting closeup.

If I ever produce a quilt really close to perfect, I may have Margaret Solomon Gunn quilt it for me. It’s a bucket list item.This next quilt was designed, hand appliquéd and hand quilted by someone I’ve actually met. She used to work at my LQS. Her name is Teresa Yielding Rawson and this quilt is Contentment, made to celebrate her twentieth wedding anniversary.

This next one is by Tim Latimer of Tim Latimer – Quilts, etc. He has won awards for his hand quilting in the past. This one is a snow dyed (I think) wholecloth quilt that he quilted on a treadle machine! (He has videos on his site if you want to see how he does it.) It’s called Peacock Treadle. (I feel like I know Tim because of his blog.) Here is a closeup of some of the quilting.

You’ve already seen Vicki’s quilt in a previous post so here is the last person I have any personal connection to. Christa Watson’s quilt Feathered Chevrons. (By the way, if you accidentally order two copies of her book at different times, she catches it and asks if you really wanted two copies. Ask me how I know. Or don’t.)I have no personal connection to any of the rest of these, except having seen other quilts of theirs in other shows.

Here is Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry’s Lepidopteran #5.

Janet Stone was well represented. I think this is one of my favorites of her alphabet series. This one is called The A-E-I-O Ewes.

This one is from Gail Stepanek and Jan Hutchison. It’s called Cardinal Points.

And here is one that may surprise you a little. It is Standing Strong by Janet McTavish and Karen McTavish. The quilting isn’t quite what you expect.I think this is a big enough post for today. There were other quilters whose names I recognized, but I figured I can’t show you all of the quilts so…

Quilt on!


AQS Show Quilts – Picture Quilts

Since this is the kind of quilt that my friend Carolyn likes best, I’ll start with picture quilts. These are a few of the pictures I enjoyed at this show. Not all of these are realistic pictures, but they are all pictures of something.

This little bird comes from the guild challenge section. She was part of the Bodacious Birds challenge by the West Michigan Quilters Guild. This is Radiant Ruby by Susan Miller.

This was also from the guild challenge section. This is from the Bridges challenge of the Journey Through Art guild of Port St. Lucie, FL. This is The View from Her Window by Deborah Krajkowski.

Here’s a little holiday picture for your viewing pleasure. This is By the Chimney with Care by Karen Turnbull.

This one is Red Door Dream by Amy Cavaness.

Look at the texture quilted into the door.

And you can see the dream quilted into the black here.

Meet Mac Macaw by Debbie Crine. I’m pretty sure that his colors were much more vivid in person.

And here is Beatrice by Jackie Perry.

And this winner is Emma in the Looking Glass by Lenore Crawford. So amazing!This is Lily by Hiroko Miyama. Another amazing quilt.

And don’t you love the picture smile on this little guy’s face? This is Simple Pleasures by Lea McComas. (And, yes, the more I look at this quilt, the more I realized that it is not necessarily a little boy. But that was my first impression.

Here are the Venice Carnivale Girls by Cindy Peterson. The rest of the pictures here are quilts from a special exhibit of the works of Danny Amazonas. If you want to see more, check out his Facebook page.

This first one is called Swirl.
This one is Goldfish. It is 85″ X 55″. Not a petite goldfish.

And this is a closeup of some of the fabrics in that lower right corner of the above picture. Yes, I have some of those fabrics. No, I can’t do this!So there you have a few of the picture quilts from the AQS Show. And whatever kind of work you do

Quilt on!

I Know

I know that you are waiting for eye candy from the AQS Grand Rapids show. I fully intended to post each evening I was there, but by the time I got back to my room, I had no energy left. So, you had to wait until now.

Let me just start the parade of posts with the post about everything I did and bought (and the gorgeous fabric that was waiting for me when I got home). Then we can move on tomorrow to the quilts I plan to share.

First off, I got to meet up with Nonnie from Nonnie’s Quilting Dreams blog and podcast and Vicki from My Creative Corner 3 and her mom. Here’s the photographic proof!

Nonnie and I standing in front of Christa Watson’s quilt! Can you tell that I don’t take selfies very often.
Here’s Vicki in front of the quilt she and a group of friends made and entered into the show. I don’t have the picture of the three of us so you’ll have to check it out from her!I already wrote about the New York Beauty class I took with Toby Lischko. Except that I didn’t mention what class I took or who taught it. Let me just recommend a class with Toby because all the helpful hints were worth just as much as the class itself! Yep. I said it.

On Thursday I had a class with Susan Cleveland on alternatives to free motion quilting. I also attended her evening lecture. Both were delightful and informative. Susan is a hoot!

Friday I attended Judith Baker Montano‘s lecture about her crazy life. This woman has lived one of the most interesting lives in history. If you ever get to attend one of these lectures – do it!

As I mentioned, more quilt pictures will come soon, but let me just show you pictures of my haul. I seem to have forgotten that I’m in a small space.

First off, I am apparently going to start some appliqué in a sort of big way. The pattern there is a Lori Smith pattern with both appliqué and pieced blocks. It is not a big project – those are four inch finished blocks! I picked up some Cherrywood fabrics and bias tape makers too.

Next up, thread. And other things. The top left corner are threads that Wonderful gave to people who attended classes. Then my Wonderful Invisifil sampler boxes which I purchased on Susan Cleveland’s recommendation. Next up, a 28mm Olfa rotary cutter for cutting around templates recommended by Toby Lischko. (I already had an 18mm cutter but it’s a bit small for multiple layers. Next a Klutz glove because I fear I’m just running risks all the time. And finally a binding winder that came for free with the purchase of my beautiful seam ripper and stiletto.And now the labels panel.

Then I picked up some really nice border fabrics and this pattern to make some table runners.

And the 60º triangle ruler to make them.
That’s all I purchased at the show, but before I left for the show I had made a couple of online fabric purchases, and they were waiting for me when I got home.

First, this came from Missouri Star Quilt Company. I have been trying very hard to avoid their daily deals but solid jelly rolls so frequently become sashing for me that I couldn’t resist. And the Flourish layer cake just sparkled at me. This batch came from Hancocks of Paducah, which had some amazing deals. I don’t think I paid more than $5.99 a yard for any of these and the panels were VERY reasonable.

First up, a couple of inspirational text prints.
Then some stunning batiks. And, in the best of both worlds department, batiks with metallic stars or snowflakes stamped on them. I’m not sure what drew me to these irises, but I think they were looking like part of a bag of some kind. Or borders. This panel is called “Back to School” and I just thought it was cute. And, last but not least, I bought seven of these panels to make a One Block Wonder sometime in the near future. All my favorite colors and metallic too!

And that is the end of the conspicuous consumption section. Next up, quilts!

Quilt on!

A Long Time Ago (AQS Post 1)

In a galaxy right here, I posted. Sigh. And I missed a Books on Monday. Double Sigh.

About that Books on Monday thing, I think I will be taking a break from that for a while. I am just not feeling it at this point in time. I think there is just too much stuff going on in my life. So maybe I’ll take the rest of the year off. Maybe longer, but for now we will say the rest of the year.

Now on to the good stuff. Yesterday was the first day of the Grand Rapids AQS Show. I arrived in time to visit with Nonnie for a bit before my afternoon class with Toby Lischko. We managed to look at a few quilts too. We started at the Winners’ Circle.

Here’s the quilt that I most would like to sit down with the quiltmaker and ask what the entire story of the quilt is. It is also best of show. It is Family Reunion by Barbara Ann McCraw. I want to take more closeups of parts of this quilt.

Barbara Ann McCraw had a second quilt in the show also – Out of Africa.

Other quilts from the Winners’ Circle:

This is Chemical Attraction by Swan Sheridan: This is Fleur de Glace by Colette Dumont:
This is Just Ruffling Some Feathers by Gina Boone:This is Suwong Hwaseong by Mikyung Jang. For techniques listed, it says hand dyeing and free motion quilting which, I think, means this is a whole cloth quilt in all actuality. 
You’ve seen a picture of this before because I saw it at Shipshewana, but here is Fractal by Claudia Pfeil. Remember, this is the one with 30,000 crystals.
This is a whole cloth hand quilted quilt, Ruby by Andrea Stracke:

I had to do a closeup of this incredible hand quilting:After hanging out with Nonnie for awhile, I headed off to my class where I produced this:

I’m sure more quilt show pictures will be forthcoming.

Quilt on!






AQS Show – My Thoughts and Purchases

Just a few thoughts about the show in general.

  1. I wish that AQS had put the names of the people who made the challenge quilts and the names of the quilts instead of just naming the guild and the challenge. I really missed that this year.
  2. It seemed like the Author’s Showcase was smaller this year, and that there may have been fewer vendors.
  3. The space for eating was definitely smaller and there was no dessert stall. I missed that whole dessert thing.
  4. The doughnuts were still awesome for breakfast.
  5. It seemed to be well-attended but not overly crowded.

And here are some great insights I had at various points throughout the show.

  1. Cindy Needham is an awesome teacher.
  2. My machine quilting apparently looks better the next day. I could not understand what Cindy Needham meant when she said it looked like I was doing well and finding a rhythm. To me, it looked like a mishmash. When I looked again the next day, I did see what she meant. IMG_4934
  3. I love to look at all the intricate quilting in the show quilts. I love taking pictures of it. I love looking at the pictures once I’m home. All that being said, I don’t think I would enjoy doing it and don’t see myself headed in that direction. I like soft cuddly quilts. Most of those heavily quilted quilts look stiff. Also, let’s be real. I’m pretty sure I don’t have the patience to do any of that heavy quilting. Or the practice that comes with them.
  4. Oh, I’m not good at quilting curves or loops. It all has points when I do it.
  5. I love getting together with my Twilter friends. Best part of the show!
  6. I forgot to show you the storage on the back of my sewing table! IMG_4941 IMG_4942Now, for the purchases. Don’t get too excited. There wasn’t much. After all, I just purchased sewing furniture.

IMG_4940I bought Cindy Needham’s Ultimate Stencil collection. I actually ordered them and her husband mailed them so they were here a day or two after I got home.

IMG_4950I picked up the Edyta Sitar Specialty Set of Accuquilt Go! dies. I have wanted it since it was announced but this was the lowest price I had yet seen. It is never discounted.

Both of those items were fairly pricey so that was it. Honestly!

Quilt on!

AQS Grand Rapids Show #6

This will be the last day of quilt pictures. Really. Honestly. IMG_4707This one is called Nine Lives Animal Shelter by Ann Horton of Redwood Valley, CA. It’s cute and all, but

IMG_4708this little guy who looks so much like my granddog Benson is why I took the pictures. I may or may not have sent them to my DD and DSIL with the caption “Benson on a quilt!”

IMG_4758This stunner is Afternoon Delight by Kathy J. Havelka of Louisburg, KS. This is another one definitely a Sue Garman pattern, a block of the month. And, yes, I really want to make this one. Cost is holding me back for a while, but I wouldn’t be surprised….

IMG_4791Another stunning blue and white quilt! This one is Sarah’s Revival in Blue by Gail H. Smith and Karen C. McTavish of North Barrington, IL. Where are the closeups?

IMG_4793Stunning quilting!IMG_4794More stunning quilting. And just so you know, this is another Sue Garman design. Her version is in red. Apparently I really am a Sue Garman fan.

IMG_4806This one is Odyssey by Julia Wood of Alexander City, AL.  IMG_4808Here’s a bit of a closeup.

IMG_4637Here is Discontinued Pretties by Birgit Schueller of Riegelsberg, Germany. Stunning as hers usually are.IMG_4638A little closeup of her quilting.

IMG_4614Here’s your dose of humor for the day – A Slice of Pi by Connie Kincius Griner of Burlington, NC. The digits of pi are quilted into the borders.

IMG_4874And, finally, here is Technicolor Deco by Shirley Gisi of Colorado Springs, CO. So bright!IMG_4875Some of the quilting up close and personal.IMG_4876More up close and personal.

So that is it for the quilts from my pictures from this show. Believe it or not, these are not all of my pictures!

In the next post, I will discuss some of the things I learned at the show and my purchases. (Don’t hold your breath for those, there are not many. Nothing like last year!)

Quilt on!

AQS Grand Rapids Show #5

Here we are with post number five about the AQS Grand Rapids Show. Will it never end? Well, I guess we will see. I still have pictures but I’m not planning to use all of them. I promise.

IMG_4724This one is pretty amazing. It is Why Not? by Angela Petrocelli of Prescott Valley, AZ. Can’t you just picture her naming it for all the people who asked her, “Why are you working with all those tiny pieces?” So gorgeous and so tempting. (Yes, I really mean that!) I am sorry that the black kind of overshadows some of her gorgeous colors. The picture does not do these colors justice.

IMG_4726This is Father Christmas by Debra Ramsey of Lexington, OH. Not the colors I usually think of when I think of Father Christmas, but a lovely quilt. I believe the Father Christmas blocks look like a Sue Garman design Classic Santas, at least they sure look like it to me. I love the star blocks!

IMG_4688This one is Bewitched by Elizabeth Bauman from Lakewood, OH. I love her use of a Ghastlies pane. for the portraits. And the innovative shape. IMG_4690The Whole Is Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts by Cassandra Ireland Beaver of Urbana, OH. I am not a modern quilter myself, but I adore this.  IMG_4692I don’t think I’d have the patience to do this quilting!IMG_4693And, yes, this is La Passacaglia. This one was made by Lori Buhler of Battle Creek, Michigan. I always like to see versions of quilts I might want to make. This is definitely on my list! IMG_4695And the closeup!

IMG_4718This quilt had me fascinated. This is Birds Fly… by Barbara E. Lies of Wheaton, IL. Those ribbon things are amazing. Here are some closeups.IMG_4723Note the black here. That is the curtain behind the quilt. I’m still trying to figure out how she did that. The more I look at it the more I wonder if the quilt wasn’t quilted in sections and then joined with these pieces. But I still don’t know how she made these pieces.IMG_4722Here is another view. The quilting is pretty awesome also.

IMG_4767I think this one might be the most personal quilt in the show. It is The Road to Jerusalem by Michelle J. Jackson of Winfield, IL. As you can see it is a huge maze. IMG_4768As far as I can tell, this is where you enter the maze.IMG_4769Here is the center of the maze.IMG_4770 Each corner had a word. This one was Seek. The other three are Refuge, Renewal, and Joy (moving clockwise around the quilt.IMG_4774It’s hard to see here, but verses from the Psalms were printed onto the black lines. A very personal quilt. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it.

IMG_4741This is Dotty Daffodil by Sandy Clark of Fresno, CA. There was one of her quilts in yesterday’s post also.IMG_4742

I love the appliqué and the quilting is gorgeous!IMG_4743

More lovely quilting.


Here’s a bright star quilt called Star Burst by Angela Mason of Morganton, NC. We all know I love stars and bright colors! IMG_4781I’m also a fan of the quilting in this white space! (And, apparently, I can’t help but hold my iPhone at an angle when I’m taking pictures so this looks a bit off.)

IMG_4809It occurs to me that I haven’t shown many appliqué quilts. Here is Quintal Vases by Becky Brown of Montpelier, VA. I’m pretty sure this is hand done, at least the quilting most certainly is. IMG_4812Look at that quilting!IMG_4811And the quilting in this border.    IMG_4853This is Spring in February by Inger Blood of Camino, CA. Once I got past the laughter at the idea that spring happens in February (I do live in Michigan, after all), I really fell in love with the springness (what do you mean that’s not a word?) of this quilt. I wouldn’t mind looking at this in February when spring feels so far away here.

IMG_4855And look at that quilting! Sigh.

This has gotten to be quite a long post, and I still have some quilts to show so I guess there is at least one more eye candy post coming.

Quilt on!

AQS Grand Rapids Show #4

Here we are with post number four about this year’s Grand Rapids Show. Are you tired of seeing quilts yet? Me neither. Let’s see a few more!

IMG_4623This is Gentle Times by Brenda Whitenight-Edwards of Ruskin, FL. Doesn’t it look gentle?IMG_4624

Blue and white always makes for a calm look, in my opinion. The lovely embroidery helps the gentle feel. And the quilting….

IMG_4625Another look at a little more of this quilt.IMG_4674Here is something a little less calm looking – Pop Art Floral by Deborah Lord Treiber of Granby, CO.  IMG_4665This is Tribute to Antonio Bencivenni by Sandi Cannarella of Beaumont, CA.


This is Kiku by Sandy Clark of Fresno, CA.

IMG_4664Aren’t the borders an interesting shape? I like the colors too.

IMG_4662And the quilting!    IMG_4648

This one is Y Me? Persian Star by Jeanne Jager and Susan Hoffman of Whitehall, MI. Do you suppose the y seams had anything to do with the name?IMG_4641

This is another gorgeous wholecloth quilt by Bethany Nemesh. It is called The Paisley Peacock. Her quilting is always stunning.  IMG_4636

I think this is my favorite patriotic quilt ever! It is Grand Old Flag by Barbara Sehring of Dunlap, IL.


Another gorgeous wholecloth quilt by Laurie Tigner of Rapid City, SD. This one is called Cameo Rose. IMG_4632

Look at all that lovely quilting! IMG_4631 And the stunning center!


This is the last wholecloth I’ll show since they are so much better in person. This one is hand quilted by Elsie Campbell of Ponca City, OK and is named Elegance.  IMG_4816

Look at that hand quilting!IMG_4817

I cannot even imagine how I’d do something like this. I don’t think I can quilt small enough!IMG_4818Yeah, really! By hand!!!!!!!

That’s it for today’s quilts. Come back soon for another round and in the meantime

Quilt on!

AQS Quilt Show – #3

I will not show any of the challenge quilts this year (although I did last year) because none of those quilts were displayed with the creator’s name. If I can’t give credit where credit is due, I will not bother. And, yes, I did comment about that in my evaluation of the show.

I also wish I could show you the quilts from the Lion King Cherrywood Challenge (which, in my opinion was far more varied and interesting than the Wicked Challenge quilts we saw), but according to the program that was a no photo zone (although there were no signs posted to that effect. Same with the Joanie Zeier Poole exhibit and the AQS authors exhibit.

But never fear, the main show had plenty of quilts to drool over!

IMG_4464We will start with Christa Watson‘s quilt Fractured Puzzle. Christa is a fellow Twilter. If you ever need to take an EQ7 class, she is an awesome teacher. She also had a wholecloth quilt in the show, but my picture came out so blurry that I deleted it. Sorry!IMG_4571

This is Stars and Sparks by Judy Mercer Tescher.

IMG_4570Here’s a closeup of some of the sparks and their awesome quilting. IMG_4575

This one is Shadow Boxing by Rebecca Smith of Rapid City, SD. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you exactly what award she won.IMG_4580

There is some awesome quilting here in the individual boxes, which is why there are lots of pictures of it!IMG_4579 IMG_4578 IMG_4577IMG_4611This is Momma Loves You Baby by Monica Hancock and Debbie Stanton of Pine, AZ, winner of my Ahhhhhhh! award!

IMG_4613Here is some of the adorable quilting! IMG_4602This is Macintosh Rose by Tim Latimer of Lansing, Michigan. I was delighted to see this in person because I follow his blog and had watched this take shape. It is hand quilted.  IMG_4621When Amy (AKA Amazing Amy) saw this picture, she said, “That looks like a roundabout.” Sure enough, this is Urban planning by Shelley Brooks of Virginia Beach, VA.

More coming soon!

Quilt on!