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Jan 09

Major Mistakes I Have Made

The quilt I made in my first class which has a major mistake in it.

I just thought I’d share a couple of projects I have worked on that have major mistakes that, for whatever reason, I didn’t notice until the project was too far along to want to take it apart and repair it. Here’s the first one! I’m not sure you can see it very easily since there …

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Jan 07

Care to Join Me?

Last evening, my daughter and her fiance chose the pattern for their wedding quilt. It is from the book,  (Yes, that is an Amazon Associates link. Yes, I will earn a tiny bit of money to support this self-hosted blog if you purchase from that link. End of disclaimer.) I purchased this book shortly after …

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Nov 02

It Just Keeps Coming

Over the last week or so, fabric keeps arriving at my home! Look! What is the excuse for all this? I keep having ideas. Not a good excuse and I must stop, but… In the first picture, the blue batiks are all there because they were on sale and I collect them. Some day soon …

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May 14

Yes, It Has Been Awhile

Yes, blogging was interrupted by the whole quilt sweatshop thing I had going on here for a while. Yep, 8-10 hours a day paper piecing, stopping only to eat. But I did finish the top, got it to the longarmer, and got it back in plenty of time to bind it and wrap it up …

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Mar 03

Making a Group Quilt, Part 4 – Assembling Block Kits & Distributing Them

I probably mentioned before that very few of the people who work on this quilt are quilters other than for this. Part of the original plan when this fell to us was to involve as many people as possible. We wanted more of the church to feel ownership for the quilts, especially since the person …

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Feb 27

Making a Group Quilt, Part 2 – Beginning Choices

When we started that first quilt, we wanted to make sure that people understood that the quilt that year was under new management. We wanted people to know that we weren’t the experienced quilters who had previously made those beautiful quilts. I was probably the most experience and I’d only been quilting for a couple …

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Jan 14

Next December’s Auction Quilt

As readers of this blog may remember, I am sort of the quilt project manager for our church’s annual Lottie Moon Auction Quilt. This involves getting started about now in order to have it pieced and hand quilted by the first Friday in December. (Well, I really prefer to have it completed by the Sunday …

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Dec 14

I Take It All Back

Well, I don’t exactly take it all back, but allow me to update you on my FabShop Hop prize. Tonight I got the following email: Gretchen,First of all, I am sorry that your experience has not been what we would want it to be.  For some reason I was under the impression that the shop …

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Jul 20


I am a horrible blogger slacker! It’s just that when I have no exciting pictures to post, I don’t want to post. On the quilting front, the MOPS quilt is now assembled. As soon as I assemble the backing, it can go to the longarmer. Yes, it does seem kind of strange to machine quilt …

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Jun 21

What I’ve Been Up To

I can’t believe how long it has been since I updated this blog! Shocking! Whatever have I been doing? Shopping for furniture and paint and television. Okay, I confess the last two pictures are only there to show you the tables. The chairs are ancient.  I also started a new project to turn what used …

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