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Apr 10

A Big Ta Da!

The Big UFO in the basement is no more. The Big WIP in the basement is no more. Instead, Janni’s Woven Stars is now a finished quilt. Here it is on our bed. It is huge (88 1/2″ X 106″ or thereabouts), so I had some problems figuring out how to photograph it. And, no, …

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Apr 05


So this is just a brief post to catch you up on what I’ve been doing lately. Mostly at home I’ve been working on finishing the quilting on this: I am actually on the last border row so it looks more like I will be done with the hand quilting by tomorrow! Yay! I have …

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Feb 16

Today’s Accomplishments

Well, another day of work. We had staff meeting today, so that took up a bit of my time. And I still had more people to catch up with so… I still didn’t get a whole lot of sewing done. But I did get eight of these done:   Of course, I still have forty …

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Jan 08

Name Change

Where are my brains? I have been calling the quilt I’m handquilting the big UFO in the basement. When I took more than a year off from working on it, that was an apt name for it, but since I’ve been working on it pretty steadily, it is obviously a WIP. Now I will adjust …

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Dec 31

End of 2011 and Random Thoughts

Since this is the end of 2011, it is time to evaluate my 2011 Quilty Resolutions.  So, here goes! Finish the Big UFO in my basement. Good news: There has been significant progress made. Bad news: It is not done yet and becomes 2012 Quilty Resolutions #1. Finish the photo quilt – Completed last February! …

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Dec 21

All’s Well That Ends Well!

Look what came yesterday! Yes that is my package from Heirloom Quilting with what I purchased with my $100 gift certificate! And the picture below shows exactly what I purchased. Lots of pre-cuts, a yard each of blue and lilac (which I will probably use as if they are neutrals) and lots of batik fat …

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Sep 08

This Is Why

One should never take three years to quilt a quilt.   I know that if I were piecing this quilt today there would be real corners here. I have gotten so much better. But I pieced it (in somewhat of a hurry) more than three years ago. Then I started quilting it. Then I took …

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