Q1 Finish-A-Long Wrap Up

Back in January, I posted my list for this first quarter. You can look at it, complete with pictures, here.

I was aiming high. I mentioned five possible finishes. I actually finished the first two items, the 2012 Designer Mystery BOM and the Birds in the Air, AKA My Birds Are Geese. I didn’t even touch two of the other quilts, the Disappearing Pinwheel and the Kimberly Einmo Lonestar.

I made some progress on the 2014 Designer Mystery BOM. Actually, I made a lot of progress and now have the entire center assembled. 

What’s left on this one now is the top and bottom borders which will take a while to piece.

Other things I worked on this quarter were Getting to Know Hue and Surrounded by Scraps.

Quilt on!

Second Finish of the Year!

I made it! I finished one more quilt for the Finish-A-Long just under the wire! My Birds in the Air quilt, now named My Birds Are Geese, is now a completed quilt. (Note: as far as the following pictures go, the glamour shot in the sunroom shows the colors more truly. Sorry about the indoor picture’s poor color.)

In case you are a new reader, the blocks for this quilt come from a Twitter group swap. Before deciding on this setting for the Birds in the Air blocks, I tried a couple other settings. Here’s one of them:

Eventually my birds became flying geese. I really like the focus on the blocks themselves, so I framed it in white instead of using a real border. I quilted it very simply, just stitch in all the ditches. I considered doing something a little more fancy in the large white triangles, but that is where most people signed their blocks and I didn’t want to damage or distort the signatures. I also do like a puffy looking quilt.

Quilt on!

Birds in the Air Progress

It’s been a long time since I posted anything. I have been doing some quilting though. And I took the UFOs I wanted to enter in the contest at my LQS over to get them signed up. This was one of them:

Yes, that is my completed Birds in the Air top. I think it is a weird size, but I really wanted that little bit of white between the fake flying geese and around the outside. So it’s about 4 inches longer than it is wide, but I like it just the way it is.

Now on to the backing. I think I’m piecing it from some fat quarters, which are no fun to square up, by the way. Oh well, just a few more to go.

Quilt on!

2017 Q1 Finish-Along List

Yes, I’m going to try this again this year. Last year my best quarter for finishes was the first quarter – maybe because it is also my LQS’s UFO finishing contest also, so I’m extra motivated. So this year, I’m aiming high again for the first quarter.

First of all, I am pretty sure I can finish my 2012 FQS Designer Mystery Block of the Month. After all, it is currently at the longarmer’s and then will only need binding.

I am hoping to finish my Birds in the Air quilt also. I need to decide about borders and then I think I will quilt it myself – unless I change my mind about that.

Disappearing Pinwheels is another that shouldn’t take impossibly long to finish. I have a couple more blocks to finish and then construction and quilting to think about and complete. Here’s a picture of one of the blocks.I only have three more blocks to finish in the 2014 Designer Mystery BOM and the finishing kit is all cut out, so that could be another finish. That’s kind of an outside chance, but worth the thought. Here’s are a couple of pictures to remind you of what some of the fabrics look like for that one. I also (if sewing time is abundantly available) could hope to finish the Lone Star quilt that I started at the AQS show a couple of years ago in Kimberly Einmo’s class. That’s a real longshot though! But worth the mention. And that is my plan, including some longshots! How about you?

I’m linking this to the 2017 Q1 Proposed Finishes at Rhonda’s Ramblings.

Quilt on!


This Week’s Progress

As I mentioned in the previous post, we were in full finish the quilting mode for the church quilt. Four days and one evening a week for the past couple of weeks. By last week, it became apparent that if all went well, Friday, November 11 would be the day the quilting was finished. We had to work a little later than our usual 4:00 PM, but the quilt came off the frame on Friday.

Here are some pictures:


It is still on the frame in this picture. The marking is still visible, but we did also use different colored thread in various places. For example, the feathers are purple. (And they go all around the queen-sized quilt. I am more than a bit tired of feathers – but they look sooooo cool.)img_5100

In this picture, we are looking at the center of the quilt, checking to make sure everything is done. It’s still mostly on the frame at this point.fullsizeoutput_1e5c

This is another shot of the center, but including some of the edge too. img_5102

This just gives you an overall idea of how the texture shows up. (I’m sorry that these pictures are not the most beautiful. We were in a hurry to call the quilting done!)img_5103

This is the back of the quilt. It is really much darker than this, almost black.img_5104

Yes, really, this is the back and it looks even less black. but it is. I hope to get better pictures in coming weeks.fullsizeoutput_1e5b

The next thing I worked on were these placemats. I am not very happy with them. They are not very square and the sides are really that wavy. And they don’t lay especially flat. I think I will still donate them to the church auction, but I will not be making more of this style. I really should have done the extra step that Joanna Figueroa mentions for cutting strips is in her Craftsy class Smarter Strip Quilting. (Yes that is a Craftsy affiliate link that will help pay the blog bills.) That¬† is part of the reason the placemats look a bit wonky.)


As I was clearing off the top of the cutting table to trim up the church quilt, I had to move the Birds in the Air blocks. I put them back up on the design wall. I’m not sure if I will keep this arrangement, but I’m contemplating it. I’d need to make a couple more blocks, which wouldn’t be a problem. It was a fun idea to make it look like a flock of birds flying, but I’m not sure I’m really feeling it. I will have to do some more playing with the arrangement before I decide for sure. I’ve seen some very fun settings from the other members of the exchange so…

I had originally thought that I’d spend most of this afternoon and evening sewing, but inertia overtook me after I got home from church and nothing got done. Sigh. Hopefully tomorrow I can get the church quilt trimmed up, the binding made and attached to the front. We are having the binding party to whip stitch it to the back on Thursday morning, so I do have until then to get done, but I’d rather not wait until the last minute.

I’d also like to get the borders on the 2012 Designer Mystery BOM. I know I’ve said that before. I also have a few more small items to make for the auction, so it should be a very sewy couple of weeks.

Quilt on!

Minor Life Update

Remember this picture?

IMG_4197Well, this area now looks like this (for a day or two, at least):


Here’s the rest of the room:


Of course, the living room currently looks pretty bad:

IMG_4301But that is temporary. Of course, I’m still waiting for the sewing machine table and cutting table that should be shipping soon. I can’t do much more than I’ve already done until they get here.

Last week, I put together one set of Closetmaid closet shelves. (DD put together the other for me.)

Then I put together two sets of bookshelves. (I really missed DD for that one. I’m older than I used to be and my hands were pretty sore by the time that job was done.)

All of those were for fabric storage. Here’s the yardage storage:

IMG_4292That’s all my yardage except for panels and batiks. Note the bottom shelf on each side is full of Fairy Frost of various colors. And the stack of solids on the top right is quite a bit taller than I would have expected it to be. I don’t make quilts of all solid fabrics. Hanging from the hangers are un-ironed wide backing fabrics.

Here is the batiks bookshelf with fat quarters on the top shelf:

IMG_4290I was surprised at how many neutralish batiks I have. I think I need to buy some brighter ones!

Below in the cube on the left are my precuts and some patterns and some other stuff. On the right are all my fat quarters that are not batiks. The containers on the top have some fat quarter collections that I want to keep together and not mix in with the others. The bottom shelf has a container of yardages from collections that I want to keep together.

This area is actually the foyer. I overflowed! My original plan was that the bookcase on the right would be my larger bookcase for books and magazines. Unfortunately, I measured poorly and that case didn’t really fit there. So it has moved into the room itself. Pictures of that will have to come later.

IMG_4296I also got my design wall hung and immediately put up my Birds in the Air blocks from the Twilter swap. The first shot is just me putting them up on point. The second picture comes after I did a little fiddling with it. It’s still a work in progress.

IMG_4287 IMG_4295And that is what I’ve been up to over the last several days (well, weeks really). I hope you’ve been getting more sewing done.

Quilt on!

Memorial Day Sew-In Success

I thought there was a chance that I might not even get to join in on the Memorial Day Sew-In on Twitter due to a hectic week or two of travel and visitors, but, not only did I get to sew on Memorial Day itself, but I also got a very good start on putting together my Birds in the Air blocks for the Twilter block exchange (and I finished the last few tonight).

For the blocks I used a white solid (I’m pretty sure it’s a Bella solid) and varying scraps for the colors. I can tell you what project each of the fabrics I used came from. As a matter of fact, I’m about to do just that. First up, the ones I made on Memorial Day.


The top two blocks are made with fabric from the 2009 FQS Designer Mystery BOM which has lingered in my quilting frame downstairs waiting for me to not have anything more important to hand quilt. I got it onto the frame a month or so before my daughter became engaged to her now husband and the wedding quilt took over the hand quilting mojo. Since then, most of the hand quilting time has gone to the church quilt which is a wholecloth quilt and requires a lot of quilting! Here’s what the top looks like:102_3033The one on the lower left is the border fabric from my eldest daughter’s quilt (Janni’s Woven Star). Here’s a reminder of what that one looks like:IMG_0544 IMG_0545 IMG_0554And here’s a closeup of the border fabric with chalk marking on it:IMG_0532Then the fabric on the bottom right is from the backing fabric for my youngest daughter’s wedding (AKA, Spotts’ Sea of Love) quilt and Hearts of Flowers. Here are the blocks I finished tonight:IMG_4022The top fabric here is the border fabric of the first church quilt for which I was the project manager. This one:100_0662And last, but not least, the fabric on the bottom is from Philippa’s Mug Rug from last year’s swap. Here it is:IMG_4230