Books on Monday – Cotton Way Classics & Craftsy Sale

I am sorry if you missed some Craftsy sale days because I slacked over the weekend. Today and tomorrow (December 11 and 12) are the last two days of the Craftsy 12 Days of Christmas Sale! You have until 11:59 pm MT on December 12, 2017, so go check it out. And if you do purchase through that link, thank you very much for supporting this blog.

Now, on to the Books on Monday post! Today we are looking at Cotton Way Classics: Fresh Quilts for a Charming Home by Bonnie Olaveson, aka Bonnie of Bonnie and Camille. The first link below is to the paperback edition; the second is to the Kindle edition. (Of course, if you purchase using either of those two links, this also helps to support this blog.)

This is a book of patterns, beautiful patterns made up in Bonnie & Camille fabrics. Eye candy for sure! And lots of little pieces in fresh clear colors! All my favorites. There is only one quilt in the book that I can’t see myself making and it is a double wedding ring that looks more square than I like my DWR quilts to look. (I like really round. Remember, I don’t do wonky stars. Round DWRs are a thing for me.) There is even a basket quilt that I can see myself making – and I’m not a big fan of basket quilts either. (For the record, I am most likely to make the cover quilt as my first project from this book. Crown of Thorns blocks! Lots of little pieces!!)

Let me get back on topic here. One of the things I like about this book is that the instructions are clearly written and easily followed, as far as I can tell from reading them and walking myself through them mentally.  If something can be accomplished with certain precuts, that shows up in the directions. There are a couple that actually show you the cutting diagrams for layer cakes, so that’s a big plus in my opinion.

Most of the quilts use traditional blocks. I like traditional blocks. There’s a reason they are still around. That being said, there are some fresh takes and some modern colors here. (How many more ways can I say this?) As a pattern book, this one is a win if you like even a couple of the quilts. Seriously.

Quilt on!

Merry Christmas in July Sale!


Yes, this is another Craftsy Sale Extraordinaire! Starting today and ending at 11;59 PM MDT, on Sunday, it’s Christmas in July! (Yep, this is one of THOSE posts. If you click on the preceding link, you will help me support this blog.)

Here’s Craftsy’s version: It’s Christmas in July already! And that means it’s time to start thinking about all the incredible handmade gifts you’re going to give come December. So to make things a little easier, we’re giving you up to 60% off kits and supplies. Get everything you need to make something that’s for the holidays and from the heart. christmas-in-july

I just stuck the second picture in because I could! And I couldn’t make up my mind about which to use. And, yes, that kit that I am really fighting purchasing is on sale right now. 40% off. The fight continues.

Quilt on!

On Sale – Craftsy Classes!!!

It is true that I am not dong much except slaving away here, but that doesn’t mean you have to! Guess what! There’s a Craftsy Class Sale. 50% off top classes from now through Sunday, July 10th at 11:59 PM MDT.  (Yes, if you follow that link, you will be helping to support this blog.)


Okay, I now have to get back to my regularly scheduled torture.

Quilt on! (I wish I could!)

A Quick Craftsy Sale Update

I know! I know! I’m not doing much blogging these days, and I’ll explain in the next post. Honest. Which I will probably get out this weekend because I’m kind of too tired to do much else and plan to take most of the weekend off from all this craziness. At least, I hope to.


But on to the topic of this post – Craftsy’s Summer Supplies Sale!  Yes, that is my Craftsy Affiliate link! And yes, that picture is the center of the quilt I mentioned in this post.  And, yes, it is currently on sale for 45% off. And, no, I do not need more fabric as I’m attempting to downsize a bit (more on that in the next post, I promise). But I’m still really close to pulling the trigger on this one because, honestly, I am totally in love with it.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand!

You can save up to 60% on kits & supplies with the sweetest sale you’ll see all summer on Craftsy! What’s on sale?  All the kits and supplies you want for less. Top designers, bestsellers and new picks –– they’re all fair game and waiting for you, and, I’m afraid, me!

This sale lasts until 11:59 PM MDT on Tuesday, June 28, but I recommend that you check it out as soon as possible so that you get first chance at the goodies you want. I’m still wrestling with myself about this, but it will not surprise me if I cave by the end of today. Yeah, I want that quilt on my bed that much!

Thanks for supporting my blog and, even more important, for visiting it!

Quilt on!


First on today’s agenda is a brief advertisement about Craftsy’s one day sale!

#ad Craftsy is really thankful for you, and they want to show you just how much! For 24 hours only, shop their most popular online classes for just $14.99. Check them out! Just click on the link below!


And along with that sentiment, let me use this space to update you on my Learning About Walking Foot Quilting project. I know, you didn’t know I had one of those but after last week’s book review, I decided to see what else I could do to learn about quilting with a walking foot. Strangely enough I already had Creative Quilting With Your Walking Foot taught by Jacquie Gering in my Craftsy class collection, so I have been watching that during my exercise bike riding stints. I also recently purchased Next Steps With Your Walking Foot also with Jacquie Gering and I’m looking forward to going through that one once I have completed my current class.

I also recently watched Garden of Quilted Possibilities (w/ Edyta Sitar) and really wanted to make that kit ASAP, but I definitely need to finish some things first. End of #ad.

Although no actual quilting happened this past Saturday, I see that I have not updated with progress from the previous Saturday, so here it is:


Yep, that’s all there was. Four of them. They are part of the 2012 Designer Mystery BOM. Of course, I did have to make all those HSTs before I could assemble the block.

I have also almost completed the Diamond Dash quilt for our church auction. I debated putting some pinwheels made from the waste HSTs into the outside sashing but have decided to stick with the plain white sashing. I also do not plan to use an outer border at this point. I’m planning to finish the top today and, hopefully get it basted so I can walking foot quilt it and get it done! Here are some pictures from the construction and pinwheel debating stages.





 One of my friends who is also a reader here suggested that I have guest book reviewers for Books on Monday over the next few weeks. That would be lots of fun so if you would like to contribute a quilty book review, please email it to and I will happily add it to the site to go live during one of my hiatus weeks.

I guess that’s it for today so…

Quilt on!

Update Before Football Sewing – and a Craftsy Sale

First, I’ll update you on my quilting progress. Then I’ll tell you about the Craftsy sale, which makes the last part of this post and advertisement. Now you’ve been warned.

I did get the wedding quilt top finished in time to get it to the quilt shop by Tuesday when the longarmers pick up the quilts for quilting. Of course, I had to stay up until about 2:00 AM to accomplish that. Unfortunately, I did not get a picture because I couldn’t find a spot to lay it out (all 90″ of it!) and get a picture. Imagine the image below with lots more white space.


Needless to say, after that late night I was not good for much for the next couple of days. Well, I did finish the book that I needed to return to the library. Other than that, only the hand quilting on the church quilt as far as sewing and fabric. (Unless you count doing laundry as dealing with fabric, that is!)

Last night I made a secret project block. Today I made another. No pictures because….SECRET.

During football sewing today I plan to finish the block I’ve been working on for the last two weeks. Once that is done, I’ll start block 10 of the 2012 Designer Mystery BOM.

Future machine sewing plans include catching up with the Jinny Beyer BOM and finishing the 2014 Designer Mystery BOM. I only have three blocks of the 2014 to cut and sew. I already cut the finishing kit for that one. The Jinny Beyer, AKA 2015 Craftsy BOM, looks intimidating but only because of the appliqué. I’ll get over it.

I also need to finish Scrap in a Box. I think I’m two borders away from completing that top.

I also want to start working my way through the lessons in the Anita Goodesign book to learn more about machine embroidery. I am determined to learn to use my machine for that.

Okay, I do remember that I haven’t shown all the goodies that Katie sent me. I will, I promise. I just need to do some major cleaning in my sewing area. (AKA, the entire family room.) Especially since I have somehow misplaced one of the 2011 Designer Mystery BOM. I haven’t actually figured out which one yet, but whenever I count, I’m one short. I assume it is somewhere in the family room so it’s not a crisis, but it does require family room cleaning and organization. Sigh.


Now a reminder (because I am assuming you may have heard about it elsewhere) that Craftsy is having a ‘Pre-Holiday Stock Up Sale‘ with up to 70% off all supplies! (If you use the link, my Craftsy Affiliate account will get the credit for the sale and you will be helping fund this blog. Now you’ve been warned.) This includes project kits, yarn, fabric, art supplies, cake decorating / baking supplies and paper craft supplies. The sale runs from now through 10/13 @11:59pm MT. I’m still fighting the urge. I have my eye on the Christmas Checkers quilt kit using the Winter’s Grandeur fabric line. I shouldn’t but I do.

As for you,

Quilt on!


Fab Friday Again

Warning: This is a partially sponsored post. I do benefit from your click throughs – they help me to pay for the hosting for this site.


First things first – There is a Craftsy sale happening from now through Monday, May 11 at 11:59 MT. If you haven’t already tried a Craftsy class I recommend them highly. I’m currently watching Stunning Circle Quilt: Step by Step. I haven’t actually started the actual quilt yet, but hopefully someday after…

Now that the business is out of the way, let me just mention a couple of quilty things going on lately.

First, I’ve been working on a couple of hush hush projects so I’ll just have to tell you about them later. I finished the first top (which really stressed my design abilities) and sent it off to the very special quilter. Hopefully, we’ll get to see it all finished soon.

The second hush hush project is still in the design and assembly stages. This one should be a little less stretching for me, but you never know.

I spent some time hand quilting for the first time in a while. I had forgotten how much I miss it!

I did do a bit of shopping at the Hancock’s of Paducah batik sale. Here’s the haul:IMG_2674

The original plan was to layer and baste the church quilt today, but plans changed. However, I had already totally cleared my cutting tableIMG_2677

Since it looked so lonely I decided to work on cutting the finishing kit for the 2014 Designer Mystery BOM from the Fat Quarter Shop. After all, the last block arrives sometime in the next week. I am one or two blocks behind also (one of which I can’t find which is a little scary). I got about half of it done, so I need to head downstairs shortly to finish that up.

Here’s a non-quilty bit of information. Yesterday was the weekly coffee at Barnes & Noble. Three quilting magazines forced me to purchase them, and I was delighted to see that Barnes & Noble has very cool booky bags again. This time there are quotes from classics. One side of mine is Romeo and Juliet,and the other is Wizard of Oz. This is (obviously) the Romeo and Juliet side.


Yep, this is kind of a boring Fab Friday. Sorry about that. Someday soon I’ll be able to show you a couple of other things. I hope.

Quilt on!

Craftsy’s Halloween Flash Sale


(sponsored post)

Take advantage of Craftsy’s Halloween Flash Sale happening now! Enjoy scary-good savings on select fabric, yarn and kits that are vanishing quickly. Hurry, this limited-time offer expires Friday October 24, 2014 at 11:59 PM MT. Shop Craftsy’s Hallowen Flash Sale fast while supplies last!