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Oct 18

Friday Fun

Last Saturday during the Saturday football marathon, I finished piecing the Block Three of the 2011 Designer Mystery BOM (yes, I’m behind). I do like the look of this one. In case you don’t remember, my original plan (last fall, maybe) was to hand piece the 2011 and 2012 BOMs together while watching television, at …

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Oct 30

Project Progress

Before I start this, let me remind you to go check out The Blogger’s Quilt Festival if you haven’t already. As I write this, there are 432 quilts submitted and it is not too late to enter yours! Go for it. I made a little progress on a couple of projects over the weekend. First, …

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Sep 21

A Little Progress on Something

I am such a slacker lately! Grr! I need to get back to some productivity here! And some blogging! So to start with here is a short post. Remember back a ways when I changed my rules about completing the 2011 Designer Mystery BOM before even starting the 2012 because I was seduced by fabric? …

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Jul 02

A New Plan

A week or so ago, my first block of the Fat Quarter Shop’s 2012 Designer Mystery Block of the Month arrived. One look at it and I got so excited about putting it together that I began to resent my original plan to make myself finish all previous blocks of the month (American Beauty and …

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Jun 04

What I Learned on My Birthday Vacation

I’m baaaaaack! Yes, I did post a couple of times early in the vacation, but most of the time we were too busy or too exhausted for me to make a sensible post. So this post may be longish with a few pictures. But, before I get back to my regular flow of life, I …

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May 14

Yes, It Has Been Awhile

Yes, blogging was interrupted by the whole quilt sweatshop thing I had going on here for a while. Yep, 8-10 hours a day paper piecing, stopping only to eat. But I did finish the top, got it to the longarmer, and got it back in plenty of time to bind it and wrap it up …

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Jan 11

BOM Block 12 Finish

Yes, I just finished the American Beauty BOM block 12! This is the last actual block, but there is much sashing and setting triangles stuff to still be completed before the top is completed. Which brings up some questions in my mind. Questions such as: Do I use this as my hand sewing at work …

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Jan 11

A Little Progress

Yes, today was a work day. Yes, I would have expected that I could finish up Block 12 of the American Beauty BOM, but that did not happen! I had a bit of work to do. (Fancy that! At work of all places!) The work day always goes faster when there is real work to …

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