Weird Life Update

First and foremost: don’t forget the Craftsy sale!!! I’m still up in the air about the quilt I want, and, in worse news, I found another quilt kit I adore! Also a Monique Dillard. Sigh.

And why am I not buying these two kits that I adore so much? I’m having to downsize the studio from most of our huge family room to a much smaller room. DH and I are measuring these rooms later today, I think, so I will give you size updates shortly.

And why am I downsizing? We may be gaining two adorable roommates in the near future, giving them the basement bedroom, full bath and the family room. More on that at a later date!

Two weeks ago we really got busy going through my MIL’s stuff. After all, it has been more than a year since she went to heaven, so it was about time. I had made a little effort, but kept getting frozen by the idea that one of the grandchildren might want something & I wasn’t sure what. My eldest daughter (Loki’s mom, if that helps) was here, and she was ruthless. As the eldest grandchild, she was pretty sure she knew what people wouldn’t want. So much progress was made that weekend on the room in which we had been storing lots of MIL’s stuff. (There’s still lots more in the unfinished part of the basement, but we will get to that.

Then last weekend we interred MIL’s & her second husband’s remains in the memorial garden at their church. Since BIL & SIL and both of our daughters (and our SIL, who really didn’t take part except to be the muscle) were here, we went through the rest of the boxes that were not paperwork in that room. Stuff left with daughters and BIL, & I think we have done four major Goodwill trips. That room is down to furniture, all of which must go! I wish I had before and after pictures, but I don’t!

On Thursday, Carolyn and I went to Shipshewana to the quilt show there. It was smaller than I had pictured, but there were many amazing quilts there! I will post some pictures soon.

Yesterday, Amy and Angela came to help iron fabric so that it’s flatter and fits more easily into the smaller room. (A girl can dream.) This shot might give you an idea of what I’m up against.

IMG_4197Neither of the quilt frames has to fit into my tiny room. One of them belongs to the church and will go elsewhere as soon as this quilt is finished. The other will be in the living room. The bookcase with the quilting books and magazines will probably go to our bedroom. I’m downsizing those also. Selling some of the books on Amazon. Only keeping full magazines if they have LOTS of patterns I want to make.

My life is going to be full of this kind of stuff for several weeks here. Then, maybe, I will be able to do some actual sewing and quilting – which is the best way to move the fabric.

What are you up to this summer?

Quilt on!