Wedding Quilt Update

My goal going into the weekend was to sew together all of the triangle pairs for the wedding quilt and to finish cutting the blue fabric. One of those things happened.

triangle squaresYes, with the pressing help of Amazing Amy (who voluntarily came over on Saturday afternoon to be my indentured ironer), the triangle pairs all got sewed together and pressed. She also pressed all of my neutral fabrics so they are ready to cut.

Cutting, that’s the bad news. I still have one section of blues to cut, but I hope to finish that today. Also on tap for today is joining the pairs of triangles together to make hourglass blocks. If I’m really on a roll, maybe I can get all of the star blocks completed for the wedding quilt.

Sometime this week I also want to get my January Lucky Stars block pieced so I don’t get behind. Also this week, I need to cut some fabric for the church quilt.

It looks like I have a busy week here. How about you?

Quilt on!

Some Discipline!

Yes, last evening I did a little better. First, I cut the patches for the nine star blocks in the wedding quilt. Patches for star blocksJust so you know, the colors are totally off. Those dark patches are various purples and the yellow is not nearly as deep a yellow as it looks in this picture.

Then I did a little hand quilting, followed by a little hand piecing while I watched the Golden Globe Awards. All in all, a satisfyingly quilty evening!

Next I need to start cutting the rest of the quilt, since I can’t start sewing until I get my machine back – probably not until next week. I figure if I cut a little each day I can have it cut out or mostly cut out by the time my machine comes home. The next few sections will go somewhat quicker because there are only strips, squares, and rectangles to cut. And most of the strips are a size that I can cut using my AccuQuilt Go!

Now if only Hancock’s of Paducah would ship my order of mostly background fabrics!

Quilt on!

Care to Join Me?

Last evening, my daughter and her fiance chose the pattern for their wedding quilt. It is from the book,  (Yes, that is an Amazon Associates link. Yes, I will earn a tiny bit of money to support this self-hosted blog if you purchase from that link. End of disclaimer.) I purchased this book shortly after it came out because I fell in love with all the quilts in it. They are all gorgeous. They are rotary cut. They look very difficult. There are great tips in this book for making them easier. Before now, though, I didn’t have an opportunity to make one. Now I have an excuse.


The one they chose is called “Aegean Sea,” and it is on page 86. Maybe it looks a little complicated, but as I looked at the directions, I think it may be one of the easiest in the book. For a queen-sized quilt, you make 6 Ohio Star blocks. Those are the only bias seams in the entire quilt! The rest of the blocks are versions of Log Cabin blocks or blank blocks. Yes, I am now excited. Not only that, with the colors they want, I can use lots of my batik stash!

So, here is my question for today, does anyone want to join me? I won’t be posting directions for the blocks or the quilt because that would be a violation of Judy Martin’s copyright, but I will post pictures of my progress each Monday and add a linky in case you want to show pictures of your progress. The pattern in the book is written for Queen, Twin and Wall sizes, so you can make whichever you like. If you are joining me, please comment here and let me know that. My goal for next week will be to get all the cutting done. (My AccuQuilt Go! will be very helpful with this part! Strips are why I bought this thing in the first place! And I have 1 1/2″ and 2″ strip dies!)

So leave a comment and join me in this adventure!

Making a Group Quilt, Part 3 – Cutting

Once those first major decisions have been made, it is time to move on to cutting. On the first quilt, I did all the cutting. If you read this blog regularly, you may realize what a bad idea that was. I do not feel like I am good at cutting, and I do not enjoy cutting. (Just wondering, does anybody?) I think we made many more blocks for that quilt than we might have had to because of my poor cutting skills. (That particular quilt called for many 2 1/2″ strips which I could now do with my Accuquilt Go! cutter and be much more accurate!)

The second quilt was much more accurately cut by the person known as Supercutter Stephanie. (Why do I call her that? When she was cutting the fabric for the second quilt, she realized that one of her rulers was off by 1/32 of an inch. Whose eyes are that good? I am forever in awe of her.)

On the third quilt, the Log Cabin, Supercutter Stephanie and I split the cutting. Since most of it was 1 1/2″ strips, this would be another Accuquilt Go! cut quilt today. She and I also split the cutting of the fourth quilt and the current quilt.

Cutting goes faster when done by more than one person! I’m just saying! (It also goes much faster when done with a die cutter, but I think most of you could figure that part out.)

I haven’t known when to mention this, so it is going here. The pattern for this year’s block choice had some shapes that would have had to be cut with a template. I do not like cutting with templates. I like it even less than just cutting! Also, as I looked at the directions for piecing the block together, I realized that they were a bit complicated for beginning piecers. Fortunately, I realized after a few hours of staring at it (I am a little slow) that the pieces that needed templates could be done as half square triangles and still look the same from a distance. This was very good news, especially since I was able to purchase a die for the HSTs.

Above is the before HSTs block design. Below is the block made with HSTs. Yes, that is the actual block, fabric and all.

This made the cutting faster and the piecing easier for all. I appreciate the cutting speed part, and the person who purchases the quilt will appreciate the fact that the piecing is more accurate so the quilt is more beautiful. The extra seams might be a little bit of a pain when we are hand quilting it, but we will live with that.
Quilt on!

We Should’ve Seen This Coming

Yes, in celebration of my not really a birthday (the real one was five months ago) I went out and bought a new sewing machine. You knew that was coming didn’t you? Of course you did! Here’s my machine messing up all over the place, and I did see that one machine earlier that I fell madly in love with! Yep, this was coming.

Cooler heads prevailed, and I did not buy that particular (very expensive) machine. Yes, I bought a Brother machine; I bought a new Innov-is, but I did not buy the original model, but rather the 800. Yes she’s a beautiful machine; she is the Laura Ashley model. She has little bit of pink on her. But what she has that I really adore is automatic tension. Now we will just have to see what kind of sewing she can do. I have not spent a lot of time with her yet, but plan to in the very near future! I have quilts to make!

After purchasing my lovely machine, when my husband and I arrived home we found two large boxes containing 8 place settings of Pfaltzgraff stoneware on the front porch. This is where the real birthday thing comes in because, frankly, this is my birthday present from five months ago from my sister. The machine is my Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthday, Sweetest Day and anniversary gift from my husband for this year. So now I feel completely celebrated for the year! Yay!

And I should quit blogging and get downstairs and sew and cut (so that I have something to sew at work tomorrow)!

Quilt on!

Once You Cut It Correctly….

You can get back to piecing it!
I missed taking a picture of the step where I sewed the above piece to the two joined squares that I pieced Tuesday! Just picture it once you look at this next picture!

And, below, the finished Clay’s Choice block. The illustration in the book actually used two different light fabrics, one for the squares and one for the triangles. It changes the look a bit. I kind of like it this way better.

And there it was! I guess this means I need to cut more tonight. Sigh. I don’t like cutting. But if I don’t cut, I can’t piece. So cutting I will do tonight. I’ll reward myself with some hand quilting time too. If I’m really disciplined, I can make myself cut the next American Beauty BOM block. And then I could…. No, I guess time will not stop for me this evening so that I can do everything I want to do. Or ought to do.
Quilt on!

Groundhog Day

No, our blizzard wasn’t quite what I expected to see. Although most schools (and some universities) closed today, the snow total at our house is nowhere near the 10″ to 15″ predicted. We even made it out to breakfast this morning. (Well, it was really this afternoon or darn close to it by the time we got there.) Of course we still celebrated the snow day with cookies and laziness. And a showing of the appropriate movie for the day – Groundhog Day.

I did make it downstairs this evening to do some cutting (remember the pieces I needed to recut?) and some hand quilting. That was enjoyable, and now I am all set to hand piece at work tomorrow if I get the chance. I do want to go through some of the help documents and update them, so that may keep me busy enough that I don’t do much piecing.

And what about you?

Quilt on!