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Jan 28

Wedding Quilt Update

triangle squares

My goal going into the weekend was to sew together all of the triangle pairs for the wedding quilt and to finish cutting the blue fabric. One of those things happened. Yes, with the pressing help of Amazing Amy (who voluntarily came over on Saturday afternoon to be my indentured ironer), the triangle pairs all …

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Jan 14

Some Discipline!

Patches for star blocks

Yes, last evening I did a little better. First, I cut the patches for the nine star blocks in the wedding quilt. Just so you know, the colors are totally off. Those dark patches are various purples and the yellow is not nearly as deep a yellow as it looks in this picture. Then I …

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Jan 07

Care to Join Me?

Last evening, my daughter and her fiance chose the pattern for their wedding quilt. It is from the book,  (Yes, that is an Amazon Associates link. Yes, I will earn a tiny bit of money to support this self-hosted blog if you purchase from that link. End of disclaimer.) I purchased this book shortly after …

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Feb 29

Making a Group Quilt, Part 3 – Cutting

Once those first major decisions have been made, it is time to move on to cutting. On the first quilt, I did all the cutting. If you read this blog regularly, you may realize what a bad idea that was. I do not feel like I am good at cutting, and I do not enjoy …

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Oct 31

We Should’ve Seen This Coming

Yes, in celebration of my not really a birthday (the real one was five months ago) I went out and bought a new sewing machine. You knew that was coming didn’t you? Of course you did! Here’s my machine messing up all over the place, and I did see that one machine earlier that I …

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Feb 03

Once You Cut It Correctly….

You can get back to piecing it! I missed taking a picture of the step where I sewed the above piece to the two joined squares that I pieced Tuesday! Just picture it once you look at this next picture! And, below, the finished Clay’s Choice block. The illustration in the book actually used two …

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Feb 03

Groundhog Day

No, our blizzard wasn’t quite what I expected to see. Although most schools (and some universities) closed today, the snow total at our house is nowhere near the 10″ to 15″ predicted. We even made it out to breakfast this morning. (Well, it was really this afternoon or darn close to it by the time …

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