Finish-A-Long Q4 – Finish Number Two

Here’s the second finish from my Q4 Finish-A-Long list.

After several years, I have finally completed what I’m now calling Lone Star Explosion, a quilt I began in a class with Kimberly Einmo at the 2014 Grand Rapids AQS show. Here are a few process photos.

Possible blocks

Layout possibilities.

Here’s another layout possibility.A possibile star.This layout?

A possible blockAnother possible block.

My final layout plan is a mixture of two of Kimberly Einmo’s suggestions. Here it is before the white borders were added.

Here it is all quilted, bound, washed and dried. The binding is a fabric from the collection (Ink Blossoms) that I found online and thought I might use as border fabric. When I tried it out, I didn’t like it, but it makes a great binding.

Here is the quilt in use for reading! It will actually probably end up on a wall somewhere, but for now…What have you been finishing?

Quilt on!


A Little Progress Already

This week I completed all the original table runner tops. I also completed the Christmas table runner.

Here is the completed table runner with the fall table runner I had previously completed.

I had previously hand quilted the fall table runner with orange embroidery floss, kind of big stitch quilting.

The Christmas table runner got machine walking foot quilting. My hope is that by the end of the weekend, the other three table runners from the original fabric batch are completed. Then I will have one Finish-A-Long item done! I do have a couple other border fabrics to make table runners, but they were not included in the original count. I’d kind of like to find fabrics to do one for each season, but so far I haven’t found that. I will keep looking though!

What are you doing this week?

Quilt on!

I’m a Winner!

This morning I received an email from Rhonda of Rhonda’s Ramblings previously known as Quilter in the Gap. She was informing me that I am a Q2 Finish-A-Long winner! Whoopee! I won a gift certificate from Sunny Day Supply. So I guess I will have to just buy something in the near future although I really don’t want to do it. 😉

The huge home reorg is on break because we have both granddogs staying with us. By tomorrow evening we will be back down to one and working like mad.

Since I don’t have any quilting pictures, here are some granddog pix:

IMG_4261 IMG_4267Yep, there is a theme there.

Quilt on!


Q3 Finish-A-Long Goals

How do I make goals for this quarter? I can’t even seem to get any time to sew or cut or… You get the picture. The big sorting, emptying, moving stuff around project is consuming our days and nights here. Sigh. At least there are only a couple of weeks left of the intense stuff. Then we will gain our two new roommates, and we will all be settling in and getting used to the new living situation. But more about that later.

I think my quilty quarter won’t actually start until mid-August after the AQS Grand Rapids Show.  That being said, I still have some goals from my Q2 list to accomplish so… Here’s the Q2 list. Completed items have been crossed out.

  1. Scrap in a Box (piece backing, layer, baste, quilt, bind)
  2. Christmas table runner (layer, baste, quilt, bind) – I’m actually hoping to complete this this weekend.
  3. 2012 FQS Designer Mystery BOM (assemble top, layer, baste, send out for quilting, bind)
  4. Heart Quilt – bind

So, basically, for this quarter I really want to finish Scrap-in-a-Box and the 2012 FQS Designer Mystery BOM. Two things. That’s all. Here’s what they each need:

  • Scrap in A Box needs the backing made, sandwiching, quilting and binding. I’m pretty sure I plan to quilt this one myself because I think I want all walking foot quilting on it.
  • 2012 FQS Designer Mystery BOM – I need to finalize my block setting ideas and complete the top, send it out to be longarmed, and then bind it.

If I actually accomplish these, I will feel very good about this quarter even though I will have spent half of it not quilting at all.

Quilt on!

Pre-Fourth Quarter Finish-A-Long Plans

Yeah, I know. I should have written this on Monday, but Rhonda isn’t doing the linky party until the 8th so I procrastinated.

Here is the list of hoped for finishes:

  1. The Second Guest Bed Quilt, now known as the Checkerboard Quilt. I should be able to finish this.
  2. There are two Christmas gifts I will need to finish, but only one of them will count because, although I have the materials, I have not yet even started cutting them. So, one of the Christmas gifts – but no photos yet. (I checked with Rhonda about the rules. I did try!)
  3. The Christmas table runner, if I can find it.
  4. And this is a reach, but I really wanted to finish it this year, The American Beauty BOM.
  5. Hopefully we will also be able to finish the church auction quilt, but I don’t think I will count that since it isn’t all my job.

No Finishes This Quarter!

Sigh. My original plan had been three finishes for this quarter. (You can find my post on this subject here.)

One of those was the second guest bedroom quilt, which we have discussed here already. Obviously that will not be finished by the first of October, which happens to be tomorrow.

The second of those was also a bed sized quilt – the American Beauty BOM. I have made no progress on that. Maybe I’m just not motivated at all. Sigh.

The third one should really be done. It was small and all it needed was layering, quilting, and binding.

This table runner is made from three of the blocks from the 120 Block project. 
The table runner is currently missing. I was sure I knew exactly where it was. Thursday, thinking I could probably get this done fairly quickly and have at least one finish, I went downstairs to find it and get it layered to quilt on Friday or Saturday. It wasn’t where I’ve thought it was for months! I looked around and still haven’t found it. I can’t even imagine where it could be that I haven’t looked. Sigh. 
So no finishes this time.

Two in a Row

Just thought I’d mention that it isn’t looking good for the Finish-a-long goals for this quarter. It is like I did Quilt Sweatshop in March, April, and May and suddenly went into Quilt Catatonia for the next few months. (Well, the church quilt work didn’t help any!)

I am positive I won’t complete the American Beauty BOM. Maybe I can get the top finished for the second guest room quilt. Theoretically, I could get the table runner completed if I get cracking! Maybe I should!

And don’t faint about the two days in a row posts. I’m not sure when it will happen again!

Q3 Finish-A-Long Goals

It ‘s time to make the goals for the third quarter. I hope to finish a queen-sized quilt, a twin sized quilt and a table runner this quarter.

First, the queen-sized quilt. I am planning to finally complete the American Beauty BOM. I have all twelve blocks made. I only need to make the sashing, sew setting triangles on the block and sew the sashing and blocks together and put the borders on. Then there is the shipping it off to the longarm quilter to quilt it for me. And, of course, the binding.

The twin-sized quilt is the other quilt for our guest room. I’m sort of calling it Split Rail Lattice, but I don’t know how accurate that is. I need to cut the strips into 6 1/2″ blocks, sew those to the Fairy Frost blocks, get it quilted and bound. 

The last planned finish is a table runner I made using blocks from the 120 Blocks Project (remember that?). It needs to be quilted and bound. I think it may be my first attempt at free motion quilting.  Here is a reminder of how it looks:

I think those three goals are doable. I guess we will find out.

The Other Finish

My second finish of the quarter caused me to be a quilt sweatshop for 3 or 4 weeks. (It had taken longer to finish the first quilt than I had expected and the second quilt had a strict deadline.) But all’s well that ends well, so this story has a happy ending.

The second finish of the quarter was Megan’s & Madison’s Woven Double Wedding Ring. Here is the original post after it was finished: Megan’s & Madison’s Woven Double Wedding Ring. And here are some other pictures:

And here is the post announcing it as one of my goals for the Q2 Finish-A-Long: Q2 Finish-along Goals.

2 Out of 3 Ain’t Bad

Yes, that is an old song title. What I’m referring to, of course, is my number of finishes in the 2012 Finish-A-Long hosted by Rhonda at Quilter in The Gap.

Here is the post with my original goals: Finish-A-Long. I had three goals, only two of which were quilts. The third, which really isn’t a quilt, was to get the family room transformed into a neat and organized quilt studio. Yeah, I made some progress, but that didn’t happen. But one corner does look pretty cool:

But that is the unfinished job.

The first finish was over 4 years in the making, Janni’s Woven Star. Here is the post with the finishing announcement: A Big Ta Da! And here is a repeat picture of the lovely quilt in its new home:

I will be posting another blog post with my other finish in just a few minutes. Sorry, but that is what I need to do for Rhonda’s contest, and I’m afraid that if I don’t post and link right away, I’ll forget. (Getting older sucks that way!)