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Jun 15


Yep, I’ve been missing in action for a while now. I wish I could say that I’ve been quilting so much that I didn’t have time for anything else. But no, that is not what it was. My lovely, sweet mother-in-law passed away almost two weeks ago, at the ripe old age of ninety-one. Dementia …

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Apr 02

Making a Group Quilt, Part 8 – Finishing

Now that we’ve not bled on the quilt and we’ve done various happy dances of celebration, we are ready to finish this quilt. And, of course, we start with the binding. Usually, by this point, we have had a day or two when there was less space to work at the quilt than people there …

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Mar 31

Making a Group Quilt, Part 7 addendum

I forgot to tell you some of the fun parts of quilting together, so I thought I would add them here. The first rule of quilting is, “Don’t bleed on the quilt.” We repeat this often, especially to new quilters! Then we have some special celebration moves, like the dance of joy we do whenever …

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Mar 22

Making a Group Quilt, Part 7: The Fun Part

After the basting, we are ready to really have some fun. There is only one step in the way – getting the quilt onto the frame. Here is the church’s frame: Yep, two sawhorses (or something made very like saw horses) and two very long pieces of wood with cloth leaders attached. There are also …

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Mar 18

Making a Group Quilt, Part 6 – Marking, Layering and Basting

Once the quilt top is totally assembled, we are getting closer to the fun part. At least the part that makes a group quilt the most fun for me, that is. But before we get to the actual quilting, we have to do this last step. (Yes, I know it looks like three steps but …

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Mar 12

Making a Group Quilt, Part 5 – Assembling the Quilt Top

Once most or all of the blocks* have been collected, it is, of course, time to assemble the quilt top. Most years this has been done by me just because it is easier that way. One year someone else took pity on me and assembled it because I was frantically trying to complete the quilt …

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Mar 03

Making a Group Quilt, Part 4 – Assembling Block Kits & Distributing Them

I probably mentioned before that very few of the people who work on this quilt are quilters other than for this. Part of the original plan when this fell to us was to involve as many people as possible. We wanted more of the church to feel ownership for the quilts, especially since the person …

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Feb 29

Making a Group Quilt, Part 3 – Cutting

Once those first major decisions have been made, it is time to move on to cutting. On the first quilt, I did all the cutting. If you read this blog regularly, you may realize what a bad idea that was. I do not feel like I am good at cutting, and I do not enjoy …

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Feb 26

Making a Group Quilt, Part 1 – History

I thought I would give you a brief history of our church auction quilts before starting to give you some of the wisdom I have gained about making a group quilt with people who are not quilters. I will split it up into a couple different posts, so maybe it won’t be so boring as …

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Feb 17

Post Number 200 – A Giveaway

Welcome to my 200th post! Yes, it is a Friday, maybe not so much a usual posting day, but I do want to get this announcement to you. And, yes, that is all this post is about! I have a 6 month subscription to The Quilt Show to give away to some lucky person. I …

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