First 3rd Quarter Finish

Along with all of the holiday hoopla last week, I finally finished the other guest room quilt, AKA Checkerboard Rail Fence or Rail Fence Checkerboard. Tuesday it came back from the longarmer. I got the binding sewed to the front on Wednesday and did the hand sewing on Thursday and Friday, finishing and washing on Friday.

Due to the holiday, I had some handy quilt holders to hold it up. I’m sorry the lighting isn’t very good. It was night and I just wanted to get a picture.

The second guest room quilt, all finished.And another picture:

Another picture of the finished quiltI’d like to thank all of the people who helped with the block setting decisions! I appreciate the help.

Quilt on!

Update on the Update

First, the confession: I started an hour later than originally planned. (Who didn’t see that coming?) First, my husband left later than planned by about 20 minutes. (I repeat, who didn’t see that coming?) Then I remembered that I had forgotten to allow for a shower, so…I left later than planned to run errands.

Once I started, I cut out the remaining fabrics for the Christmas Gift. I even cut out some extra fabrics so that I can play with it until I’m happy with it. No pictures though, because it is a Christmas gift.

Since I started late and pressing was involved a bit, that’s as far as I got by my planned break time. Sigh.

After the break I assembled two more rows of the Guest Bed Quilt and attached the first four rows together. And, yes, I have a picture!

Note that what you see is the width of the quilt going up (or down, depending on where you are standing, I guess) the stairs. There will be a total of 13 rows when it is completed.
Apparently I quilt much more slowly than I thought, because that is all I got done in my allotted quilting time. (I keep telling myself that it is because of the pressing that I forgot to plan for, but I don’t really believe it.) No hand quilting got done, but that’s okay because today is a church quilting day and there will be plenty of hand quilting happening. Just not on my quilt.
Yesterday’s moment of triumph: Before sewing the first long seam, I decided to check the bobbin because I thought it might be getting low. There was about three inches (maybe even less) on the bobbin.

Pre-Fourth Quarter Finish-A-Long Plans

Yeah, I know. I should have written this on Monday, but Rhonda isn’t doing the linky party until the 8th so I procrastinated.

Here is the list of hoped for finishes:

  1. The Second Guest Bed Quilt, now known as the Checkerboard Quilt. I should be able to finish this.
  2. There are two Christmas gifts I will need to finish, but only one of them will count because, although I have the materials, I have not yet even started cutting them. So, one of the Christmas gifts – but no photos yet. (I checked with Rhonda about the rules. I did try!)
  3. The Christmas table runner, if I can find it.
  4. And this is a reach, but I really wanted to finish it this year, The American Beauty BOM.
  5. Hopefully we will also be able to finish the church auction quilt, but I don’t think I will count that since it isn’t all my job.

No Finishes This Quarter!

Sigh. My original plan had been three finishes for this quarter. (You can find my post on this subject here.)

One of those was the second guest bedroom quilt, which we have discussed here already. Obviously that will not be finished by the first of October, which happens to be tomorrow.

The second of those was also a bed sized quilt – the American Beauty BOM. I have made no progress on that. Maybe I’m just not motivated at all. Sigh.

The third one should really be done. It was small and all it needed was layering, quilting, and binding.

This table runner is made from three of the blocks from the 120 Block project. 
The table runner is currently missing. I was sure I knew exactly where it was. Thursday, thinking I could probably get this done fairly quickly and have at least one finish, I went downstairs to find it and get it layered to quilt on Friday or Saturday. It wasn’t where I’ve thought it was for months! I looked around and still haven’t found it. I can’t even imagine where it could be that I haven’t looked. Sigh. 
So no finishes this time.

Thanks for the Help!

Just to keep you up to date, it has been almost unanimous on Twitter, Threadbias, and this blog that the checkerboard setting looks like it will go better with the original Nine Patch Lattice quilt. So, that is what I’ll go with.

Thank you, all of you who sent me suggestions and shared your opinion.

Now I am just waiting for my Fat Quarter Shop order to be sure I have enough fairy frost for the new setting.

One of the things I like about this setting is that I can maybe eliminate some of the strip sets that are a little darker since I need fewer of those blocks. I will be looking forward to assembling this soon and maybe even machine quilting it myself, although my original plan was to have it done by a longarmer. I guess we’ll see what I decide once it is assembled!

Anyway, thanks for all the help!

Help, Please!

Many of you may remember that I am half finished making twin bed quilts for our guest room. This is the first one:

I am in the process of putting together the second quilt. I have the same fabrics in the strip sets, but I was thinking of just cutting the strip sets into 6 1/2 ” blocks instead of making 9 patch blocks. The first reason, of course, is just that it would go faster. The second reason is to have to quilts that aren’t quite so much alike. 
Today I cut one block from each strip set and used the new design wall to see if this would work or if it looks too dark. I’m a little concerned.

Help! What do you think? Will this work or should I go back to 9 patch blocks?