Some Black Friday Sew-In Results

Here’s what I’ve been up to for the holiday weekend. Not pictured is my very anemic start to Bonnie Hunter’s On Ringo Lake Mystery Quilt. Hopefully there will be something to look at from that soon.

First up, this is a mat to go under the jewelry tree I purchased for the church auction. The fabric is from the Hoffman Challenge fabrics this year. Yep, that center hexagon is jewels.

I was attempting to take a picture of this table runner, but someone seems to think it is meant just for him.

Finally! I got a quick chance to take a picture of this table runner. It is also for Friday’s auction.

During some football Saturday, I got a healthy percentage of the next round of La Passacaglia Rosette 2 completed and sewed into place. The piece currently has a couple more of the pairs sewn on, but then my eyes gave out and said, “That’s enough of that!”

Not as productive as I would have liked, but something got accomplished.

How was your weekend?

Quilt on!


Project Update

I finished the wall hanging for the church auction. I am happy with the way it turned out and hope it does well at the auction. I am fairly certain that I am not a big fan of fusible appliqué, although I admit it was quick. I don’t think I will do it on Getting to Know Hue. I’m pretty sure that one will be hand appliqué.

Here’s the finished wall hanging.

I have also been working a bit on the third Rosette 2 for La Passacaglia. It is going to brighten up a bit in the next couple of rounds.

And I decided I was no longer feeling the look of the Kimberly Einmo Spinning Stars quilt I started at the same time as I started Lone Star Explosion. The first star block I made didn’t have enough contrast and I’m not really fond of the other block. 

I still like the fabrics so I will repurpose those. I haven’t gained a project box with this move though, because that one is broken and will have to go away. Sigh. But there is one less project to worry about.

Quilt on!





Catching Up

It has been a busy couple of weeks around here – at least in the sewing room. And on the couch while watching football games. Want to see some pictures?

First, the second Rosette 2 of La Passacaglia is done and pressed. The center started out with cool colors and then it heated up on the way out to the outer rings.

And I finished some three dimensional sewing with embroidery! (Embroidery is kind of fun. I could get used to this.) Yes, pillows are about as three dimensional as I get! The blue is more of a royal blue than it looks here.

I completed the quilt top for the blog hop quilt. And today I pressed the backing

I did run into a small problem when trying to baste the quilt.But I did get it done, so quilting will start tomorrow. Unless I decide to make the binding first, that is.

Yesterday was Sew With a Jelly Roll Day, so after I finished the quilt top, I got out this jelly roll.

I guess technically it’s something other than a jelly roll since it is not a Mode Fabric. It is Oasis from Robert Kauffman.

My first plan was to make a Missouri Star Quilt Company pattern called Stack and Flip so I started sewing strips together for that. I didn’t like the way it was looking so I took it apart. Before I did though, I noticed that these two strips had matched amazingly. I couldn’t do that if I tried.

So next I decided to just go easy and make a jelly roll race quilt. Only for me it did not go easy! First, I got the strips sewn together with no problem thanks to my lovely laser on my machine. Then it all went downhill from there.

I started the first long seam and got to the end of the first strip (or two depending on how you look at it) and realized that I had forgotten to cut off a few inches. Yes, I could have left it like that, but I don’t really like the look of all the seams lining up, so unsewing happened there.

Then I re-started joining the ends and got about four (or eight) strips in and realized I was sewing the wrong side of one strip to the right side of the other. More unsewing. But eventually I got the first seam finished just in time for bed.

Today I sewed the second seam, but today’s real goal was to get the quilt layered and basted. I will probably finish the next three seams tomorrow before I start quilting just to call it a done center.

What have you been doing?

Quilt on!

Still Plugging Along

I know that I haven’t been doing any blogging, but I have been sewing and quilting. Nothing too exciting, but something.

For example:

  1. Another round on the second Rosette 2 for La Passacaglia is now complete. 
  2. And I made this month’s Saturday Sampler block – it is the third of the blue corner blocks.
  3. I also cut the framing strips for the blocks and attached them to the 11 blocks I had completed. Then all the blocks had to be squared and trimmed to 15 1/4″. Once I had done that, I realized that the 8 completed blocks that were not the corners are actually the side borders for center medallion so I put them together. (Someday I may rant about what I think of the way this designer’s patterns are written, but I won’t waste time on that now.)
  4. And I have been working on the next few Lone Star block pieces. 
  5. Last, but not least, I have been doing some hand quilting. This is the block I’m currently working on.

What have you been working on?

Quilt on!

Yes, I Have Been Doing Some Sewing

In the midst of the strangeness that is currently my life, I have actually been doing some sewing.

For example, La Passacaglia Rosette 2 (the second one) now looks like this (note that it won’t be pressed until it is completed):

Also, I got one of the projects from a class with Kimberly Einmo at Grand Rapids a couple of years ago and have started working on it again. Here’s what I have so far:

Each quarter star is its own block and should measure about 10 1/2″ according to the directions. Mine aren’t very close to that. Mine (even the one that I started in Grand Rapids) all measure about 9 3/4″. I can’t even imagine how scant Kimberly’s quarter-inch seams are!

I also got Clue 2 of Layer Cake Explosion completed:

The next clue is pretty quick, so maybe I’ll work on that this week also. (This quilt got its own official project box this week. The one vacated by Surrounded by Happy Scraps.) And, of course, in the next week or so I’ll need to make my Saturday Sampler block for Getting to Know Hue. It’s another one of the blue corner blocks, so it is definitely something I’ve done before. It shouldn’t take so very long to do. I was also able to pick up the kit for the center of the quilt which involves some appliqué and one of three star choices. I’m going to do the one called Improv Star because I really like the look of that much better than the big Lone Star .

I just realized the other day that my husband’s t-shirt quilt is the most improv thing I’ve ever done. And the fabrics were the most directional fabrics I’ve ever worked with. And I like it much better now that it is done! Which is usually the case with my quilts. But that doesn’t mean I will ever again make one of those!

What have you been working on?

Quilt on!



Sunday Evening Catch Up

If you missed the Craftsy supplies sale because I failed to post about it, I am so very sorry. It’s been a weird week.

But over the last couple weeks, I have done some quilting, other than the Surrounded by Scraps finish. For example:

I did a little bit on La Passacaglia during the knitting group get together almost two weeks ago now.

And I got some quilty mail this week. I really want to make this quilt, not that I know what I’ll do with it once it’s made.

And I did some work on the borders for the 2014 Designer Mystery BOM. (In the picture I somehow thought these were much smaller pieces. 

I have high hopes that that 2014 Designer Mystery BOM will be a finished top by the end of the day tomorrow. I would like to have it completed and ready to gift by two weeks from today if possible.

What have you been up to?

Quilt on!

Some Sewing and Quilting

I’m still working on getting the Surrounded by Scraps top together and have no new pictures, but that’s not the only progress I’ve been making here. La Passacaglia got a little bit of love today.

Some friends from church get together on Tuesdays to knit. Today I joined them and worked on La Passacaglia, because knitting is not going to happen! Seriously not going to happen.

First I picked the colors for the next round. Here were my options:

I ruled out the upper right pretty quickly, The one on the left was a nice look but a little too blendy for my taste. I chose the bottom right because it provided more contrast and was a more relaxing fabric.

Once I got that round sewed onto the star, it was time to choose the next round. Here are the choices for that round:

At first I thought the upper left was my choice. I still think it looks pretty nice. The upper right also looks fine, but I chose the more relaxing option on the bottom. I have that wreath made, but I haven’t yet attached it to the star section.

Last night I also sat down at my quilting frame and did a little handquilting while listening to The Voice. It felt good to do some of that again. It has been a while! Maybe now I will make some progress on that quilt.

What have you been working on this week?

Quilt on!

It’s Monday!

Just thought I’d drop by to update on my weekend progress. Nothing terribly exciting, but some progress nonetheless.

First up, since the BTN provided us with some spring football (and we all know that football is the best time for hand piecing), La Passacaglia got a little love. I completed the first of three Rosette 2s.

Then I put the Rosette 1 next to it (randomly, mind you) just to see how they fit together.  I think I’m going to like this.

Yesterday, I finished the top and bottom sections for the Surrounded by Scraps blocks. The plan for today (as soon as I post this) is to assemble those blocks. (I think I’m going to end up calling this Surrounded by Happy Scraps).

It does not help anything that I seem to be coming down with a cold again. Didn’t I just do that? And didn’t it hang around forever? Grrrrrr!

What did you do this weekend?

Quilt on!

Saturday Stuff

First and foremost, if you are reading this before 11:59 pm EDT on Saturday, April 15, you still have time to enter the giveaway. Just click here, follow the directions and use the Rafflecopter widgets.

Now, I just thought I’d update you on a little bit.

  1. DD seems to be feeling better although certainly not well. But better is good!
  2. I’ve made a little progress on the Surrounded by Scraps. See:
  3. I opened up the layer cake that didn’t make it into the giveaway. I can’t wait to use this. 2 more weeks!
  4. I’m three for three in meeting daily goals:
    • Thursday – taxes done and submitted
    • Friday – dining room table sorted and springified
    • Saturday – filing caught up and reorganized
  5. There may be a little La Passacaglia progress since there is spring football this afternoon. Somehow football season seems to be the time I do the most hand piecing.
  6. Last post was my 800th post. I saw that and thought, “I need to have a giveaway!” Then I realized that I already had a couple layer cake giveaways going on. 😄
  7. I can’t wait to write the post announcing the giveaway winners. Tomorrow! Happy Easter!

How’s your weekend going?

Quilt on!

Sewing This Weekend So Far

This is a nice long holiday weekend here in the States, but I haven’t done as much sewing as I might have liked. Thursday was Thanksgiving, a quiet one here, but somehow I managed not to sew much. I did blog, in case you hadn’t notice. (And I did start that giveaway. Go here to enter.)

Friday was Black Friday and included a #bfsi (Black Friday Sew-in), but that was our big family day. We all gathered to binge watch the new Netflix Gilmore Girls episodes. It was a Gilmore Girls themed day. We had given our eldest daughter a book called Eat Like a Gilmore: The Unofficial Cookbook for Fans of the Gilmore Girls for her October birthday so she made food and beverages from there. I can tell you that the apple tarts are worth the price of the book! The other recipes were pretty good too!

Four 1.5 hour episodes, discussion of said episodes and two meals pretty much ate up the day, so there was no sewing there, either.

But today (Saturday) was football watching day, which usually includes hand piecing. I spent some of the morning cutting fabric for the hand piecing session. Because this rosette is getting so large, It took me slightly longer than the length of the game (I stop stitching to look up at the plays, so I am really watching) to complete the round, but here is the rosette at this point:

fullsizeoutput_1e61All that is left to complete this Rosette 2 is a partial wreath of the purple stars with different centers. I may get to work on that some tomorrow, although I do have some sewing left to do for the church auction which is next Friday night, December 2. I guess it will depend on whether I am driving my husband to church and waiting for him there or staying home.

What have you been up to this weekend?

Quilt on!