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Nov 10

A Little Progress

I have made some quilting progress in the last few weeks, but I just haven’t posted about it. So here goes. Not necessarily in chronological order. First and foremost, we have been in finish-the-church-quilt mode and we are currently on track to finish the quilting tomorrow. I can’t wait! My first Rosette 2 is still …

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Dec 31

2014 In Review

One of the best things about blogging is that you can start a post and save it as a draft and add to it before actually posting it. I started this post, in note form, on January 2, 2014. I have added to it over the course of the year so that I have a …

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Jun 08

Sunday Stuff

I have a finish for Very Lazy Daisy‘s 2014 Finish Along after all! Just in the nick of time! I have made my first potholder. Yes, a whole potholder. I grabbed the Berkeley Block which I made in September, 2010 – making it a UFO for sure! Yes, I sort of threw it together ( …

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Jun 03

Catching Up

I’m afraid I’ve been slacking as a blogger and been more absent than usual from social media lately. So what have I been doing? Well, the biggest time commitment has been putting together the church auction quilt. Our goal this year was to make a more modern looking quilt that includes enough different colors so …

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Dec 04

End of the Line with the Wovens

Quilt in blue, green, gray, and purple shades

In an earlier post found here, I mentioned the fact that three of the quilt patterns I used/completed this year had the word “woven” in them. Those patterns were named Woven Star, Woven Double Wedding Ring and Woven Links. The first two were completed last spring. Janni’s Woven Star Megan’s & Madison’s Woven Double Wedding …

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Nov 29

Deep Thoughts About Quilts & Quilting

Today we will sew the binding and label on the church quilt! By November 1, I did not think we were going to make it in time for the auction. Here we are a week and a day early! We rock! (I’ll post pictures after it is washed.) Did you ever notice how much better …

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Nov 26

Easy Street

The fabric choices that are not batiks

I guess I’m going to be attempting to have to catch up to Easy Street. This week is crunch time on the church quilt – it needs to be completed by next Sunday – or at least only need the binding by then. I prefer completed, including washing, so we can show it in church …

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Nov 15

A Picture

Finally, we have reached the end of the quilt for our church auction! It begins to look like we actually will get it finished before the auction! Yay!

Nov 13


Quilters hand quilting the church quilt

I know, I know! I moved my blog to a new address and then quit posting. I’m sorry. I’ve been back in quilt sweatshop mode. This is caused by The church quilt deadline is rapidly approaching. Two Christmas presents are in progress. I have been trying to finish the second guest room quilt, AKA Rail …

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Aug 16

Church Quilting Time

Today I got the church quilt onto the frame so we can start quilting any day now. Yes, I am enjoying it a bit more than I did previously, but I am glad that it is assembled. And that is over for another year.

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