Yep, I Have Been Sewing

And using my machine to embroider!

I mentioned the two Quinceañera pillows. I have gotten as far as getting the designs finalized and one of the fabric squares for a pillow actually embroidered.

I just have the bigger pillow to embroider and then some fancy assembly. I’m hoping to get those finished by the end of this weekend so they are ready for the party, which is a couple of weeks from now.

Now let’s rewind to last weekend. I got the center of the Lone Star quilt assembled and then put it away for awhile. I need to spend some time (that I currently don’t have) figuring out why one side is an inch longer than the other three before I put narrow white borders on it. So it is currently waiting its turn.

Then I made the blocks for Getting to Know Hue for last month since they are due this Saturday (or next Monday or Tuesday). Then I got started on my new project – the Jolly Bar Jazz Quilt. The Jolly Bar that I am using is True Blue by Zen Chic and it has some of the most beautiful fabrics. Look at them! I may need to purchase some yardage of a couple of those prints. So pretty!

On Labor Day, as I sewed, I watched some Craftsy classes during their All You Can Watch Day. One of the things that I learned doing this was that a mobile phone photography course is not a good choice for watching while sewing because you really have to look at the screen all the time to learn anything. The other major thing that I learned was that watching weaving classes is dangerous. Let me repeat all the time – I don’t need to buy any more equipment for a hobby. Seriously I don’t.

Because I just bought another sewing machine. Until Tuesday I was a one machine girl and that one machine weighs 50 pounds. Let’s just say I wasn’t taking that machine anywhere to sew days or classes! So since I was at the sewing machine dealer learning a few things about embroidery that I had apparently forgotten since I never do it, I bought a smaller machine. Maybe a little more expensive than I should have, but I had my reasons (different feed dogs and needle threader being two of them). She’s still in the box since I’ve been a little busy but I will soon get her out and then take Ella in for a cleaning.

I also purchased an upgrade kit for Ella. When I got it home and started to move in the direction of doing the upgrade I found that Brother apparently doesn’t realize there are actually homes without a Windows computer. Luckily Carolyn is willing to bring her laptop over and let me use it so I’ll get that done next week. I wanted to be sure my embroidery was done in case something went wrong.

What’s new in your neck of the woods?

Quilt on!

Books on Monday – The Sewing Machine Embroiderer’s Bible

Welcome to Books on Monday! Today we are taking a look at The Sewing Machine Embroiderer’s Bible: Get the Most from Your Machine with Embroidery Designs and Inbuilt Decorative Stitches by Liz Keegan. The link below is an Amazon Affiliate link which helps to support this blog.

Until I purchased my current machine, I did not picture myself ever doing any machine embroidery. I will admit that lace making sounded intriguing, but the embroidery was not something I ever pictured. Then I saw this machine and wanted it and decided I might enjoy a little machine embroidery. Once I started reading more about it, I felt a bit intimidated. I don’t feel that way anymore, thanks to the fact that I own this book.

With machine embroidery, there is so much new to learn – hoops, stabilizers (the things that have previously intimidated me the most), in the hoop projects, embroidery files, etc. This book covers them very thoroughly in language I can easily understand. It is very thoroughly illustrated so that even I can understand it.

Here’s my annotated Table of Contents:

  • Foreward
  • About This Book – How to use it.
  • Chapter 1: Embroidery Machines and Computers – A very thorough look at all the embroidery specific parts of the machine and their functions. Also covers designs and software.
  • Chapter 2: Tools and Materials – This covers it all – stabilizers, needles, threads, fabrics, hooping. After this section, I am less intimidated by stabilizers after reading this.
  • Chapter 3: Embroidery Designs – All different types of designs including a couple types of lace designs.
  • Chapter 4: Decorative Stitches – The built in stitches on your machine.
  • Common Problems and Their Remedies
  • Aftercare of Your Machine Embroidery
  • Index
  • Credits

If you are a machine embroiderer, especially a new one like me, I highly recommend this book.

Quilt on!

Long Overdue Blog Post

This post is long overdue. I meant to write about this last summer and somehow got sidetracked. How rude!

You may remember that last summer I purchased an awesome sewing/quilting/embroidery machine even though I’d never done any machine embroidery and I’m not 100% sure when I’ll start. My amazing and generous friend Katie (of Katie’s Quilting Corner fame) generously sent me a box filled with necessities to get me started. I’ve meant to show you pictures so you could appreciate the magnitude of this gift! Here they are!

The picture below shows plenty of stabilizers and a set of needles and two design disks.


And then there was all this thread! Some of it is brand new! I am going to have some fun with this!IMG_3889

Thank you so much, Katie! I really am going to use this stuff. Soon now. Very soon.

Quilt on!