Month’s End March-A-Long

Another short week, but very productive.

Sunday evening I basted my Birds in the Air quilt.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I worked on quilting it. Wednesday I also sewed the binding to the front.

Wednesday and Thursday, I worked on Clue 3 of the Surrounded by Scraps Mystery. Here’s the first part. This year I’m using lots and lots of bright colors.

I also used some time Wednesday and Thursday hand sewing the binding for the Birds in the Air quilt which is now named My Birds Are Geese. Then Friday (AKA today) I washed it and photographed it. You can see more about it in the previous post.

As soon as I finish this post, I’m headed to my sewing room to work some more on Clue 3.

How was your March-A-Long?

Quilt on!

March-A-Long Week 3

My third week of March-A-Long didn’t fare much better than last week. I’m still sicker than I’d like to be so, although I have read several quilting books. I also managed to do a little bit of quilting.

On Sunday, I started assembling the rows for the 2014 Designer Mystery BOM. I got the first four put together and sewed the 3rd and 4th rows together.

Monday through Thursday were mostly reading days. I kept meaning to write and schedule some book review posts for the books I read, but somehow that took too much energy.

Friday night I got a little bit of sewing done, though. I sewed together the first and second rows and then sewed them to the third and fourth rows. That means that more than half the center of the quilt top was done when I got finished Friday night.

Then on Saturday, I was able to put together the rest of the center top. Now it looks like this:

The center needs trimming and squaring up but that will have to wait. I’m hoping to baste, quilt and bind the Birds in the Air quilt by Friday so that I have another first quarter finish.

How are you doing at marching-a-long?

March-A-Long Week 2

I did not get anywhere near as much accomplished as I had hoped before the week started. I think the midweek power outage threw off my plans, as did many basketball games. But I averaged way more than 15 minutes a day.

Sunday, March 5 – I started work on a test block for Katie, at Katie’s Quilting Corner. Since it is paper pieced, I got to try out the fancy drawer in my sewing machine cabinet for trimming. Note: It is not the best way to trim up the pieces at the end of the session.

This is how far I got on Sunday.

  • Monday, March 6 – I finished that block. Since it is a test block, I am not adding a picture of the finished block here.
  • Tuesday, March 7 – I went through some books for future Books on Monday features.
  • Wednesday, March 8 – The plan for the day was that I would spend the afternoon cutting Block 12 of the 2014 Designer Mystery BOM and the evening sewing it together. That got derailed by a power outage that lasted until mid-afternoon on Thursday. (We were among the very lucky ones!) I had to settle for getting caught up on blog post reading.
  • Thursday, March 9 – I did read a few quilty blogs, but that was about it for the day. Did probably total at least 15 minutes though.
  • Friday, March 10 – I gathered together everything I needed for today’s pilgrimage to pick up the Saturday Sampler.
  • Saturday, March 11 – I picked up the Saturday Sampler materials. In addition to the Sampler blocks, I picked up a pattern that Carolyn saw and wants me to make for the church auction:

I don’t foresee much time available this evening for quilting but I could be surprised. Oh, and I wrote a couple of blog posts and plan to work on a couple more this evening.

How about you?

Quilt on!

March-A-Long Week One

Okay, it’s really only half a week, but here are my March-A-Long stats (completely illustrated):

  • Wednesday, March 1 – Cut out block 11 for the 2014 Designer Mystery BOM (about an hour)
  • Thursday, March 2 – Assembled block 11 (about two or three hours), finished quite late in the evening. This is how it looked when I went to bed: 
  • Friday, March 3 – A very helpful quilting friend (or two) pointed out the mistake in the center. (This is not sarcasm – I am VERY glad for the help.) So, the first part of Friday’s sewing was to rip a little and repair. I got part of it fixed butAnd, luckily, the same friend (and even more others) pointed out the mistake before I got farther than this. So, a little more ripping and re-sewing and this happened.So much better! It took me an hour or so to to fix this block. Then I cut the teal fabric I needed to recut for Getting to Know Hue and started assembling units for the two blocks. That took about another hour.
  • Saturday, March 4 – I finished assembling the two teal blocks for Getting to Know Hue. This means that I’m ready for Saturday Sampler next week.

Thank you to the Scientific Quilter for starting and carrying on this whole March-A-Long thing!

Quilt on!

March-A-Long Week 4

It’s that time of the week again! Time to talk about last Sunday to yesterday (AKA Saturday) and my March-A-Long results. Here goes.

  • Sunday – Blog writing day. This included the Books on Monday post from last week.
  • Monday – Blog reading day #1. Somehow I had tons of days to catch up on so I did some reading – most of it quilty!
  • Tuesday – Blog reading day #2. Almost got caught up. I also did some hand quilting.
  • Wednesday – Barnes & Noble day. Yes, there was some serious quilty magazine investigation happening. And I talked Amazing Amy into signing up for the 2014 Fat Quarter Shop Designer Mystery BOM with me! And I did some hand quilting.
  • Thursday – This is the day I finally got caught up on my blog reading! (And then, of course, more people blogged. Hand quilting also happened. And my new quilt frame/hoop (explained below with illustrations) showed up.
  • Friday – Finished assembling my new quilt frame/hoop and then got some hand quilting time in.
  • Saturday – Hand quilting between seeing and spending time with lots of friends.

The New Quilting Frame/Hoop

Last week one day I realized that the hoop I was using to quilt the wedding quilt was splintering and splitting.



At first I thought maybe I could make it last (it was a little flimsy for such a large quilt which I’ve been concerned about from the beginning), but then I became concerned that it could damage the quilt so I got online and looked for sturdier hoops with floor stands. I decided to pay the big bucks for a Grace hoop with floor stand.


The hoop itself is only 14″ square, but that just means I get to tell myself that I’m making faster progress because I have to move the quilt more often.

So what have you been up to?

Quilt on!


March-A-Long Week 3

This has been a week of fits and starts! Some days it was all I could do to look at magazines! But here is my week:

  • Sunday – wrote blog posts and book reviews
  • Monday – worked on church quilt with Amazing Amy and Careful Carolyn
  • Tuesday – played Quilt Mentor to one of the young women from the MOPS meeting the previous week. She is making her first quilt and she’s very excited about it.
  • Wednesday – checked out my new McCall’s Quilting magazine over my coffee plus several more magazines during a Barnes & Noble afternoon
  • Thursday – Began writing the directions for putting together more church quilt blocks.
  • Friday – I had gotten a book from First to Read that totally sucked me in from late Thursday afternoon until I finished it on Saturday so that’s all that happened this day.
  • Saturday – After I finished the book, much quilty stuff happened. I sewed together two Disappearing Pinwheel blocks




I also sewed two rows of Falling Charms together and onto the other six rows. Two more to go. And then I wrote up the directions for sewing together this block for the church quilt:


And that was my Week Three. How was yours? I’m linking up with Darla at The Scientific Quilter for March-A-Long Week Three.

Quilt on!

March-A-Long Week 2

Week Two of March-A-Long is finished. Here is how my week went:

  • Sunday – I spent a couple of hours paper piecing curved flying geese for the Judy Niemeyer tree skirt. It was fun to get back to this. I have two more geese on each section to do now.
  • Monday – I spent the day prepping blocks for the church quilt to be hand pieced by members of our church’s MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) program during Tuesday’s meeting.
  • Tuesday – I started the day with the aforementioned MOPS ladies. Careful Carolyn and I walked them through the block assembly step by step. Here’s what the finished product should look like (colors vary on the blocks):



  • Wednesday – I caught up on quilty blog reading. We spent nearly 24 hours without power from about 1:30 Tuesday afternoon through 12:30 Wednesday afternoon. The rest of Wednesday was spent warming up and catching up. I also did a little hand quilting in the evening.
  • Thursday – Hand quilting in the evening is about the extent of my quilting for the day.
  • Friday – Another day when only a little hand quilting (and a little magazine inspection) were the extent of my quilting enjoyment.
  • Saturday – Yes, it was Quilting Day but, other than watching a Craftsy lesson while I rode the recumbent cycle, no quilting happened here. We also got the pleasure of the arrival of the kids to celebrate our youngest daughter’s birthday.

And there you have the March-A-Long recap for this week. You can find more at Scientific Quilter. As for the upcoming week,


Quilt on!


March-A-Long Week One

This being the first week of March, it was the first week of The Scientific Quilter’s March-A-Long. This is a 15 minute of quilty goodness a day thing. “How did I do?” you ask. Very well, if you ask me. Which you obviously did.

Here is the summary of the week:

  • March 1st – 3 – 4 hours sewing together Disappearing Pinwheel blocks and assembling Falling Charms with a brief stop to put together the first block for the church quilt and write up the assembly directions for that block. An hour hand quilting the wedding quilt.
  • March 2nd – wrote a book review for Books on Monday & hand quilted. I’m afraid I didn’t keep track of the time, but it was well over 15 minutes.
  • March 3rd – read quilting blogs and cut a bit for the second church quilt blocks.
  • March 4th – wrote another post for the Books on Monday.
  • March 5th – spent time obsessing over how we will do the border for the church quilt. I even wrote a blog post about it.
  • March 6th – cut most of the pieces for Block 4 of the 2011 Designer Mystery BOM. Took it with me as hand work while my husband rehearsed for this week’s service.
  • March 7th – cut more pieces for second block of church quilt.
  • March 8th – spent a couple of hours paper piecing my eldest daughter’s Christmas tree skirt. Hand quilted for a few minutes. Cut more pieces for the second block of the church quilt.

And that is the first 8 days for me!

Quilt on!


Marchalong Week 4 (to the 31st)

Saturday, March 23 Sewed checkerboard borders on church quilt.

Sunday, March 24 – Sewed a bit on wedding quilt, no good pics yet.

Monday, March 25 – Met friend at local quilt shop to choose outer border fabric for church quilt. Purchased and washed said fabric.

Tuesday, March 26 – Avoided quilting, probably because I made myself the rule that I couldn’t do anything until I had completed the church quilt top and I’m not a fan of those colors.

 Wednesday, March 27 – The quilting for this day consisted mostly of looking at magazines and books at Barnes & Noble while I visited with friends.

Thursday, March 28 – I got a text from Amazing Amy asking if I had some ironing (or pressing) that she could do on Friday since she didn’t have to work. This was the kick in the pants I needed to force me to get the last borders on the church quilt. I got the side borders on and the top and bottom borders cut.

Friday, March 29 – I got the top and bottom borders on the church quilt and got it pressed. It seemed to have more loose threads than I have ever seen on a quilt before. I wonder if that is because the fabric quality was different than I am used to or if it was because it sat in someone’s basement for several years. I also got the backing trimmed (with help from Amazing Amy) and she pressed it. Both the top and backing are neatly folded and ready to take to the longarmer to baste for hand quilting.

Saturday, March 30 – The only quilting I got in today was reading the latest issue of The American Quilter and marking the quilts I might want to make in Linda Hahn’s new book. (Blog post review coming on that soon.) Oh, and I put the top and backing for the church quilt into a bag to take to the longarmer. The rest of the day we visited with our charming daughter and future son-in-law. Love that family time!

Sunday, March 31 – Happy Easter! This is just a prediction based on my other Sundays since I’m writing it on Saturday night, but I’m guessing that I will spend two or three hours working on the wedding quilt and maybe some hand quilting. That’s how I usually spend my Sunday evenings! I hope you get a chance to do the same!

Quilt on!

Marchalong Week 3

Somehow, this year I’m not doing so well at this Marchalong thing. Last year I was a quilt sweatshop trying to finish (successfully, I might add) two major projects by early May. This year I have some deadlines but life keeps getting lived also!

Saturday, March 16 – No quilting. My sister had arrived on Friday. Then we met up with eldest daughter, youngest daughter and her fiance, and mother-in-law and husband for youngest’s birthday celebration. Came back here for more celebration. Had the houseful overnight.

Sunday, March 17 – Got ready for youngest daughter’s bridal shower, attended said lovely bridal shower, visited with lingering guests. Visited with eldest daughter and sister after everyone else left.

Monday, March 18 – Took sister to the airport very early. Visited with lovely eldest daughter off and on during the morning and afternoon. Planned to quilt after she left. Eventually realized that I was too tired to be safe around machines, rotary cutters and other sharp objects.

Tuesday, March 19 – Woke up to no heat. Sigh. Luckily know an amazing heating and cooling company. While they were working on the furnace, I trimmed up the Spa Squirrel so that it could be bound. (Guess what reminded me that I wanted it finished to use in the living room while watching TV!) Later sewed the binding on the front and carted it upstairs to sew the binding on the back sometime soon.

Wednesday, March 20 – Felt a little like I was coming down with a cold, so thought it was the perfect time to sit/lounge on the couch covered in Spa Squirrel stitching the binding to the back and watching many DVRed shows. And it was, except that my index finger decided that it would have arthritis and make it painful so I had to quit after only 2/3 of the binding. Sigh.

Thursday, March 21 – Completed the binding on Spa Squirrel.

Friday, March 22 – Washed, dried and photographed Spa Squirrel. Also spent about an hour working on the borders for the church quilt. The top was donated and this was the first time that I noticed it was hand pieced. Good thing we’re going to hand quilt it!

Quilt on!