Help, Please!

Many of you may remember that I am half finished making twin bed quilts for our guest room. This is the first one:

I am in the process of putting together the second quilt. I have the same fabrics in the strip sets, but I was thinking of just cutting the strip sets into 6 1/2 ” blocks instead of making 9 patch blocks. The first reason, of course, is just that it would go faster. The second reason is to have to quilts that aren’t quite so much alike. 
Today I cut one block from each strip set and used the new design wall to see if this would work or if it looks too dark. I’m a little concerned.

Help! What do you think? Will this work or should I go back to 9 patch blocks?

Bloggers’ Quilt Festival

Amy's Creative Side

I have never done this before, but I suppose there needs to be a first time for entering this quilt festival. The biggest problem I had is choosing which quilt to show. My first thought was that I would choose Megan’s & Madison’s Woven Double Wedding Ring because it is my most recent finish – but it was also my most recent blog post, so that seemed a tad redundant! So, instead, I decided to present my Nine Patch Lattice which was adapted from this pattern by Elizabeth Hartman at Oh! Fransson! I say adapted because I was lazy and wanted to use jelly roll strips instead of cutting 3 1/2″ strips for the blocks. And I wanted to make a larger quilt. So math was the order of the day.

First, sewed the strips together.

Then I sliced them like this:

Then I made some Nine Patch Blocks.

Next, I laid out a top, alternating with some of my beloved Fairy Frost fabric!

Here is the completed top on the railing protecting my basement stairs – one of my favorite quilt hanging spots.

And here it is in its natural habitat, which is our oldest daughter’s room/guest room.

Decision Time

You may remember that I am making another quilt for the guest bedroom. You may also remember that I am considering making the batik blocks as Split Rail Fence blocks in order to make it go more quickly.

Now I’m having doubts. I am piecing the strips somewhat randomly, trying to keep a light, medium and dark (not necessarily in that order) in each strip set. As I have been sewing these together, I am beginning to wonder if I really should be making Nine Patch Blocks as I did with the first one. I am wondering if maybe the smaller amounts of the batiks really looked better. Maybe the Split Rail Fence puts too much of each fabric in each block. And maybe some of the color combinations in the strip sets aren’t very pretty but look fine as 1/3 of a Nine Patch block.

Here are some pictures. What do you think? Nine Patch or Split Rail?

A Finish!

I only have a minute to post this so I will just mention here that I finished the first guest room quilt! Yay! Of course, I still have one to go (more about that later, after the pictures) and neither of these was in my Quilty Resolutions list – but when I made that, I didn’t know that I’d have a guest room of my own, so that is understandable.

On to the pictures. First, the quilt hanging over the railing overnight to be sure it is really dry.

Next, in its natural habitat. Yes, maybe I should have made it a little longer. (What can I say, I was winging it.)

Now, about the next quilt. Do I do exactly the same thing or do I use Split Rail instead of Nine Patch blocks? Any opinions out there? Split Rail would be much faster, but I’m not sure if I would want such big strips of the very different fabrics next to each other. It might be a bit much even with the Snow Fairy Frost there. Sigh. At least they start out the same way, so I can work at it even while I make up my mind. With your help, I hope.
Quilt on!

American Beauty BOM 7 Finished

I am happy to report that today at work I had plenty of time to complete Block 7 of the American Beauty BOM. Only 5 more blocks to go. Then there is sashing and lots of other goodies to work with. My experiences taking pictures of this block really show how much bigger a 12 inch block is than a 9 inch block. (The blocks for the 120 Blocks project are 9 inch, in case you were unaware of that little piece of information.) So here we go.

There were actually four of the following shapes, but there was just no room on my laptop case for all four.

This barely fit on the laptop case!

And I had to move the completed block to a black chair to make it work. Remember, it is not yet pressed.

The next thing on the agenda is the decision whether to make an identical twin bed Nine Patch Lattice Quilt or make one that I am calling Split Rail Lattice out of all the same fabrics. Somehow the idea of making another quilt just like the other one is not especially appealing. Anyone have any great ideas?
Quilt on!
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Back in the Saddle Again

Yes, I have been doing some sewing today! I did steps one and two of the Darting Minnows block. Remember, these have been finger pressed only, so they don’t look perfectly flat.

If I am spending time at the sewing tomorrow, I should finish this block in about an hour, maybe less. But look at the points! They aren’t going to be cut off by anything!!!!
So, I got a phone call that my machine is ready. I may not get to pick it up today, though. Just too busy a day today. 
I have been rethinking the other twin bed quilt! I think maybe instead of the Nine Patch blocks, I’ll just sew three strips together and cut them into 6 1/2 inch blocks (Split Rail Fence). Then I could sew them in the lattice formation, and it would look similar but not exactly like the Nine Patch Lattice. And it would be done a lot more quickly. I’m thinking about it. I did really like the way the Nine Patch looks, but do I really want to make another quilt exactly like that? I’m thinking no. But I could be wrong.
Another thing I have been rethinking is the Blue Star quilt. I purchased white on white star fabric for the white parts, but the amount of glitz or oomph that the white Fairy Frost fabric gave the Nine Patch Lattice quilt is making me rethink that. (This is what I love about Fairy Frost.) I guess it wouldn’t hurt to purchase some more white Fairy Frost just in case…..

Random Thoughts on a Saturday Evening or Thinking, Not Quilting

Yep. Here I sit with time when no one is expecting me to do anything else and I’m not quilting. Why? Well, I’ve been reading Quilters Newsletter (August/September issue) and thinking. The Hortense Beck article made me think about appliqué and how I really need to do some so I learn some new skills. But the article that made me really think is the article on Modern Quilting.

Am I a Modern Quilter? I’m pretty sure I’m not. First, I may be too old. 59 just sounds old to me – but not nearly as old as my next birthday sounds! So, age may disqualify me.

But what I think really disqualifies me is my love of making traditional block types of patterns. Don’t get me wrong! I love looking at the clean lines of a modern quilt, but I can’t imagine myself making one. Or, at least, that is how my thinking was going. Then I remembered this:

I think this probably qualifies as a modern quilt, unless it is too scrappy. Certainly, it ought to since it is a modified version of Elizabeth Hartman’s Nine Patch Lattice pattern. So, I guess I’m making one modern quilt. Well, two really because I plan to make two of these for the guest room beds. But I really don’t think that two quilts a modern quilter makes.
I have to admit, I like the simplicity and negative space of modern quilts. I love to look at them. Even the brightest of them have a peaceful quality. I really appreciate all the negative space. (I think that says peacefulness to me.)
But for me part of the fun (okay, most of it) is trying stuff way beyond my skill level (unless, apparently, it is appliqué) and fretting over it for years at a time. (I am cringing as I work on handquilting the big UFO in the basement because of all the corners that are cut off or don’t match.) I really like handwork. Really like it! (Yep, I know, appliqué is calling.) And I also like the look of really intricate patterns. 
Yep, this one is about my style. One of those blocks looks way beyond my comfort zone. (I wonder if the sashing should be wider. A little more negative space. And the blocks would be easier to make if I made them 16 inches instead of 12. Hmmmmm!) I’ll probably have to hand piece it to have any hope of the points looking halfway decent! Once I finish those bright cheerful guest room quilts, this is up next. Oh, wait, I think there are a couple of blocks of the month calling me! And….
Note: I did not in any way mean to disparage Modern Quilts or modern quilters in this post. I did not say anything intending to hint that…you know. I did not mean any of this to cause any kind of a controversy. Never mind. Just suffice it to say that I did not post this as anything other than my own random thoughts on a Saturday night. Please don’t take it as anything else.

What Progress I’ve Made

I got all 101 Nine Patch blocks finished for one of the Nine Patch Lattice bed quilts and all of the Fairy Frost squares cut for both of the quilts. I think I will assemble quilt number one before making the Nine Patch blocks for quilt number 2. But I will hold off sending them to the longarmer until both are done.

So, when I put these on the beds of the “Barely Pink” guest room, will it look less girly? I sure hope so.

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Some Progress

These are the first 21 scrappy Nine Patch blocks for my version of the Nine Patch Lattice Quilt from Oh, Fransson! only 80 more to go! Maybe I can get more done tomorrow because I don’t think I have any out of the house errands tomorrow. What are the odds that this will be done by the time we have company Fourth of July weekend? I’m thinking not too good, especially given the amount of other work that has to get done before that date too. Sigh.
Tomorrow I need to make sure the new shade for our bedroom can use the current mounting brackets – they look so much sturdier than the ones that shipped with the new shade. I also have more stuff to put together and…. Why does housework and redecorating never end? I could spend so much more time quilting if the housework and redecorating weren’t necessary!

What I’ve Been Up To

I can’t believe how long it has been since I updated this blog! Shocking! Whatever have I been doing?

Shopping for furniture and paint and television.

Okay, I confess the last two pictures are only there to show you the tables. The chairs are ancient. 
I also started a new project to turn what used to be our bedroom into a guest room, or Janni’s room, depending on who you are. 😉 As I started that, I realized it would need some sort of covering for the beds so….. I started a new project.

I am making two quilts based on the Nine Patch Lattice pattern from Oh, Franson! Since I wanted to use up some 2 1/2 inch batik strips (mostly Bali Pops, but a few others too….), I had to do math. I also had to do math because I am making two twin sized quilts. Thank goodness for Quilt Pro! The blank blocks will be some of my favorite Fairy Frost by Michael Miller fabrics, of course.
And now you are updated.