Quilt Show Eye Candy

My horrible confession is that I didn’t do very well at taking pictures of the labels with the quilts on Saturday. But I was able to figure out the information that goes with a few of the quilts, so here they are!

The quilt below is called “Compass Rose” and was made by Julie Hacala and quilted by Crystal Smythe. I wish my picture of it was better!

This (below) quilt is called “Dancing at the Cabin” and was made by Pauline Francis and quilted by Liz Bowman.

Below is “A Star for Scarlett,” made by Christa Hitchcock and quilted by Crystal Smythe. I love the off center look.

The next quilt is Ohio Stars and Roses, made and quilted by Joanne Gray. Those Ohio Star blocks are 2 1/4″ in size! Amazing!

The next quilt, although very poorly photographed, is “April Sunshine” made and quilted by Mary-Margaret Morton. It is an original design.

The quilt below is “Hummingbird Heaven” which is made and quilted by Ruth LaCoe. I like the unusual colors. I guess wish I had centered the picture better.
Below is “Critter Christmas” which was made and quilted by Gwendolyn Louis from a patten by Linda Hohag.

The quilt below is “The Road Not Taken” pieced and quilted by Cindy Geist. As is always the case (in my experience) with quilts, this picture could not possibly do it justice!

And those are all the eye candy you are going to get from me, I’m afraid. Sorry! There were many more stunning quilts – but I don’t want to put them here without being able to give credit to their makers so….
Quilt on!
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Marathon Quilting

Sorry that I haven’t been posting much lately. If it makes you feel any better, I have been quilting, about 19 hours worth just over the last two days. And at least 5 hours a day the rest of this week.

Why so much quilting? It is the season of major deadlines, most of which are church related, not personal. Maybe next year, I’ll let someone else be the project manager for the church auction quilt. After all, there are so many people dying for the job!

One of the three deadlines was a baby quilt for a shower today. It was finished on time and has been presented. It seemed to be well received. Here is a picture for you:

A Little More Explanation

When I first started quilting, I got Jinny Beyer’s book Quiltmaking by Hand because I thought I might like to try hand piecing. I started reading the book and realized that to piece by hand I would have to cut and mark all the pieces. That just sounded like a lot of work. I hate cutting. I’m not very good at it either. But I really do not enjoy cutting an entire quilt’s worth of fabric at one time and if you added marking it to the process… Well, I figured that I just didn’t have the patience to hand piece a quilt.

Then I realized that if i joined a Block of the Month I would only have to cut one month’s fabric at a time. Imagine my joy! I joined the Fat Quarter Shop’s 2009 Designer Mystery Block of the Month. Shortly after that, since I work in a sort of help desk capacity, my boss mentioned that I might want to bring something to do during the considerable down time between helping people. That’s when I decided to hand piece that Block of the Month quilt. To my surprise, I actually enjoy the hand piecing. It was a bonus when I realized that my hand pieced blocks ended up looking better than my machine pieced blocks.

Which brings me to the next project I will be starting – the 120 blocks. I’ll be starting after I finish piecing the top for the Designer Mystery BOM and after I join all the blocks and borders for our church’s Lottie Moon Auction Quilt. At that point, I should have some time to begin working on the first block.