We Have a Winner & an Update

Yes, folks, we have a winner in my giveaway! Emily from Pennsylvania is our winner. I hope she finds as many things to make in her copy of the magazine as I have in mine. (And let me add that I have enjoyed my first experience using Rafflecopter for my giveaway.)

Moving right along, here is the update on the wedding quilt. First, I have cut all of the light patches, except for the long border pieces which AccuQuilt Go! will cut for me very quickly.

Before that, however, I put together as much of the quilt as I could without the cutting.

IMG_1209 IMG_1208Since cutting, I have joined together lots of 1 1/2″ squares of the light and blue colors. I ran out of the lights first, and I don’t know if I cut too many blues or too few whites. Sigh. I don’t see any spaces where the pattern calls for more blue squares, so I guess time will tell. Or I’ll know when I count the pairs I’ve already sewn. I hope to have a lot more to show you next week, as I’m hoping to finish the top by March 2 so I can get it to my longarmer to have her baste it for handquilting, ASAP.

Quilt on!

Quilt Block Names

Remember how excited I was to find a quilt block with my name? Well, I spent some time looking for other quilt blocks that were a single word that was a person’s name. I found something very interesting. There were only three once I ruled out a few things.

What did I rule out?

  • Names that could have referred to flowers.
  • Names that could have referred to cities or states.
  • Nicknames.
  • Last names.
  • Names that are also stars, precious stones or constellations.
  • Recent blocks by Jinny Beyer (Galileo and Lancelot are the two I’m thinking of here.)

Why did I rule out blocks by Jinny Beyer? Well, the book I was using was The Quilter’s Album of Patchwork Patterns: 4050 Pieced Blocks for Quilterswhich contains many blocks designed by the author. Since they may or may not be well known, I decided to leave them out. This left me with three names: Gretchen, Priscilla, and Susannah. Three!

We’ve talked about Gretchen here before so I’ll just remind you with a picture:

Paper pieced block samplePriscilla is probably better known as World Without End (or Worlds Without End as it is called at Quilter’s Cache. Here is a link to the directions of making Worlds Without End aka Priscilla. You can also get a paper piecing pattern (under the name Priscilla) at Patterns from History. Sorry I haven’t made one to show you a picture of it.

Lastly, we come to Susannah. You can find some instructions for making Susannah here. Susannah on Quilter’s Cache is a little different. Patch coloration changes it a bit. The block is known as both Oh Susannah and Susannah. I think the differentiation in name has to do with the patch coloration, but I’m not sure I see a consensus as to which coloration is Oh Susannah and which is Susannah. Once again I’m sorry not to have made one to show you yet.

And those are some deep thoughts for Thursday. If you are looking for the giveaway, it is here.

Quilt on!

Happy Birthday, Abraham Lincoln. And Giveaway.

The subtitle for this post is: Sometimes I Do Stupid Things.

Some friends and I meet almost weekly at Barnes & Noble to look at the new books and magazines and drink coffee. (The fact that they serve goodies, especially Cheesecake Factory cheesecake doesn’t hurt either.) And, of course, many weeks something comes home with me.

One of the disadvantages of this is that every once in a while, the same thing comes home with me twice. Like this:

IMG_1196Yes, I bought this lovely magazine twice. I must have really liked it. Luckily, I realized it before I put sticky notes in both of them which means one of them still looks amazing! So I won’t feel the least bit guilty giving it away.

In addition to that, I have some scraps from my 12 Pound Grab Bag to give with this. Here’s a brief picture:

IMG_1194And the flannels!


I’m trying out Rafflecopter so get started. You can do this every day until 12:00 AM February 19. Good luck.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Book Rant & Since I’m Talking Books Anyway

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program to rant about authors who “franchise” (my choice of words – not a technical term as far as I know) their name to sell more books. You have been warned.

This post was inspired by Tanesha’s most recent Crafty Garden Mom podcast where she talked about some books and mentioned James Patterson’s Women’s Murder Club series. This hit a sore spot with me because I am becoming increasingly frustrated with authors who write books “with …” another author to sell more books. I first started seeing this with Tom Clancy and the Net Force and other series in the mid to late 90s. Then Robert Ludlum died, and someone else started using his name to write more Bourne books. (I don’t blame Ludlum for this, obviously. And I really think they should just let Jason Bourne be! He has been through more than enough. And don’t let me get started on the movies that killed off his wife in the second one!) And, of course, James Patterson does this all the time. I noticed it when I read the third Women’s Murder Club book, and it didn’t ring quite right with me. That’s when I quit reading the Women’s Murder Club books. (Full disclosure: I still read the Alex Cross books by Patterson because, with one exception, they really are by James Patterson – or at least they claim to be.)

I understand that there is sort of a precedent historically for many writers writing under one name. Franklin W. Dixon and Carolyn Keene (The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew mysteries respectively) never existed as a real person, as far as I know. Those books were ghost written for those names. And for some reason I have a less negative reaction to that than I do to an established writer who sells or lends his name in order to sell more books per year! And as to the authors who write “with” the established authors – create your own characters, for Pete’s sake!

I could also rant about the whole series idea in the first place, except that I understand the feeling of finishing a book and wanting to know what else happened to the characters. It used to bother me that best selling authors kept writing over and over about the same characters, but I guess I have gotten used to it. Which brings me to…

Tanesha also mentioned the Camel Club series by David Baldacci, a favorite series of mine. The only thing I want to mention about that is that when the first one was written, before it was a series, as I read that book I pictured Clint Eastwood in the role of Oliver Stone. As a matter of fact, I wondered at the time if it was written that way to entice Clint to play that role in the movie, if such were ever made. Now that I’ve mentioned that, if you read the series you will only be able to picture Clint as Oliver when/if you read the books.

Okay, I mentioned nothing here about quilting, but that’s okay because I am about to go downstairs and complete the paper piecing on my niece’s quilt! Yay! I am so sick of paper piecing. Then I just have to complete the top, get it to the longarmer, and bind it. And…

Quilt on!

We Have a Winner!

Congratulations to Denise in PA who is now the owner of a free copy of My Memories Suite digital scrapbooking software! Enjoy it in good health, Denise!

For anyone else wishing to order a copy of the software or any of the kits, here is a code you can use to get $20 worth of product for $10: STMMMS17074

I am headed downstairs to cut out the Double Dutch block for work tomorrow.

Quilt on!

Brief informational post

With my mother-in-law’s move, I am afraid I have neglected this blog this week. But I’m back here just long enough to say – Deb is the winner of the magazine mentioned in my last post thanks to random.org! Deb, I am afraid that I misplaced your address so if you could message me on Facebook or email me your address, I will get it in the mail to you as soon as I can get to the post office.

Thanks to all who left comments, and I hope to get back to quilting and blogging very soon.

Quiet Saturday

It is Saturday. We had kind of a laid back Saturday around here.

I did do a couple of quilty things. First, my sister and went to Barnes & Noble, and I looked through the latest round of quilting magazines. I exercised great self control and did not buy anything other than a cup of tea. If I am being truthful, however, I must admit that there was one that I may still purchase sometime in the near future.

I also did the chain stitching around the basket handle of the last of the basket sections of the American Beauty Block of the Month block #6. That means I should be able to complete that block with just a few more minutes at the sewing machine and iron!

How I Spent My Christmas Vacation

As you can tell, I haven’t been posting often. And the block project is waiting for me to go back to work on Tuesday. But I did complete a quilt top. After redesigning it several times! (Yes, it looks very simple but I second guessed myself on every step of the way. Really. Log cabin blocks or something else? Frame the photos in rectangles? Then how do I arrange the blocks when some of the photos are horizontal and some vertical? Sashing or no sashing? Borders or no borders? Which of the beach and summery fabrics to use? Which 20 of the 23 pictures to use? Then, of course, once I made any decision I second guessed it.

But now I have the top completed! And here it is:

Yes, these are floor pictures, so the perspective doesn’t work. Yes the fabric choices and block placement look a bit random. But the cornerstones match up very well and I am quite proud of them.

And, yes, I did say in a previous post that I didn’t feel comfortable posting someone else’s pictures, but you can’t really see the photos well so…..
So I opted to turn the photos into 10 inch square blocks. (The photos were 4 X 6 inch photos when I printed them.) So this is a throw sized quilt top. I also opted out of borders because I didn’t want to take much of the focus away from the photos. 
Once I got the top happily finished, my sewing machine decided to act funky. I had changed the thread to sew the backing together, and it tangled repeatedly. Frustrating. But it also reinforced to me that at this point I should have someone else quilt this quilt. So it heads out tomorrow or the next day. 
So, happy as I am with the corner matching, I am not at all thrilled with the sewing machine right now. It may have to head to the doctor’s for a tune up soon. After all, I will still have to put on the binding. GRRRRRR! Machines! (No, I am not really a Luddite, honest.)