The Great Bacon Experiment

Sigh! It occurs to me that I failed to take pictures during this experiment, but you all know what bacon looks like anyway. Use your imagination.

Today I was making bacon for breakfast and decided to make it in the oven. This is not something I normally do, so I did an internet search for some tips. There were lots of conflicting tips, but one that seemed to be agreed upon was that if you want crispy bacon, you need to use a rack. This was a little counter intuitive to me because in my experience the grease helps to get the bacon to my DH’s preferred crispiness level (which is totally crunchy – so crunchy that if you dropped it, it would shatter). So I used two different methods.

I put half a pound on parchment paper in the bottom section of a broiler pan. I put the other half on a broiler pan so the grease could drip into the bottom of the pan. I put both pans in the unheated oven on separate racks – one the middle the other the top rack. I set the oven to 400. After 10 minutes I rotated the placement of the broiler pans.

At first it looked like the full broiler pan treatment might really be the way to go. It looked like the bacon was getting crisper. It certainly cooked a couple of minutes faster. But really, it started to burn before it was DH’s kind of crisp. It was more like a chewy crisp than a shatter crisp. Still delicious mind you. At least for me.

But the truth is, the parchment covered pan really did the job better for my DH’s taste. So next time…

I also might pre-heat the oven next time. It took forever for my oven to hit 400 with the bacon already there. Maybe the pre-heated version will still cook the bacon and cook it a little faster. I guess we will see next time.

Back to quilting, I hope.

Quilt on!


2 thoughts on “The Great Bacon Experiment

  1. I heard it many times that oven baked bacon is the best, but I never made it that way. I agree with DH, bacon is best when is shatter-crisp! I usually cook it on the stove, medium heat, scraping off the salt deposit as I go so it doesn’t burn. Mmm, I need me some bacon! Thanks for the experiment, now we know what we need to know about crispy bacon! 😁

  2. Yup, we’re agreed with your DH and Kati. We like our bacon über crisp, or burnt, as our Texans say. So I’m going to try your way. Parchment paper on bottom of broiler pan, preheat oven to 400 degrees. Does the bacon splatter so you have to wipe down the oven? Goodness, I really want a BLT right now. Thanks for sharing this, Gretchen.

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