This Week’s Progress

As I mentioned in the previous post, we were in full finish the quilting mode for the church quilt. Four days and one evening a week for the past couple of weeks. By last week, it became apparent that if all went well, Friday, November 11 would be the day the quilting was finished. We had to work a little later than our usual 4:00 PM, but the quilt came off the frame on Friday.

Here are some pictures:


It is still on the frame in this picture. The marking is still visible, but we did also use different colored thread in various places. For example, the feathers are purple. (And they go all around the queen-sized quilt. I am more than a bit tired of feathers – but they look sooooo cool.)img_5100

In this picture, we are looking at the center of the quilt, checking to make sure everything is done. It’s still mostly on the frame at this point.fullsizeoutput_1e5c

This is another shot of the center, but including some of the edge too. img_5102

This just gives you an overall idea of how the texture shows up. (I’m sorry that these pictures are not the most beautiful. We were in a hurry to call the quilting done!)img_5103

This is the back of the quilt. It is really much darker than this, almost black.img_5104

Yes, really, this is the back and it looks even less black. but it is. I hope to get better pictures in coming weeks.fullsizeoutput_1e5b

The next thing I worked on were these placemats. I am not very happy with them. They are not very square and the sides are really that wavy. And they don’t lay especially flat. I think I will still donate them to the church auction, but I will not be making more of this style. I really should have done the extra step that Joanna Figueroa mentions for cutting strips is in her Craftsy class Smarter Strip Quilting. (Yes that is a Craftsy affiliate link that will help pay the blog bills.) That  is part of the reason the placemats look a bit wonky.)


As I was clearing off the top of the cutting table to trim up the church quilt, I had to move the Birds in the Air blocks. I put them back up on the design wall. I’m not sure if I will keep this arrangement, but I’m contemplating it. I’d need to make a couple more blocks, which wouldn’t be a problem. It was a fun idea to make it look like a flock of birds flying, but I’m not sure I’m really feeling it. I will have to do some more playing with the arrangement before I decide for sure. I’ve seen some very fun settings from the other members of the exchange so…

I had originally thought that I’d spend most of this afternoon and evening sewing, but inertia overtook me after I got home from church and nothing got done. Sigh. Hopefully tomorrow I can get the church quilt trimmed up, the binding made and attached to the front. We are having the binding party to whip stitch it to the back on Thursday morning, so I do have until then to get done, but I’d rather not wait until the last minute.

I’d also like to get the borders on the 2012 Designer Mystery BOM. I know I’ve said that before. I also have a few more small items to make for the auction, so it should be a very sewy couple of weeks.

Quilt on!

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  1. The church quilt is gorgeous. The quilting designs are sooooo amazing. Who does the marking and designing of the quilting design? It looks like a whole cloth quilt with colored thread? Is that right?

    • Benartex has a line of wholecloth printed tops that are designed by Holice Turnbow. This is one of those. Now I’m just hoping that the marks wash out.

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