Thoughts for Sunday

Today once I’m home from church, I will be machine sewing the binding to the front of the church quilt. Monday morning we will meet to stitch it down and stitch the label and scripture label onto the back. Then we will go out to lunch to celebrate. I have not been in love with this quilt: the top was donated and the colors don’t appeal to me at all, but we’ve done some fun things with the quilting and it has grown on me. Not enough that I’ll be the one to bid on it, mind you. I’ll post some pictures after the quilt is finished and washed and has its official portrait session.

I also need to spend some serious time downstairs working on some of my own projects. I have two Christmas tree skirts that I had hoped to complete months ago! Aaaargh! Falling Charms is still hanging on the design wall. And I have three BOMs in various states of incompletion hanging around. And I need to clean and reorganize down there! I guess I need to get disciplined here.

Sorry there are no pictures in this post. This is the stressed out post. Sigh.

Quilt on!

One thought on “Thoughts for Sunday

  1. I’m sorry you’re so stressed out, Gretchen. My bet is you’ll feel some relief in finishing the church quilt this morning. 8-). Enjoy that lunch. You deserve it.

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