Thoughts on Thursday

Please note that this does not say deep thoughts. I’m pretty sure none of those are going to show up.

The church quilt quilting really needs to get going. Between my MIL leaving this world, us traveling, and my surgery, we are way behind schedule on the quilting – and this is a wholecloth quilt! Arrrgh!

The heroes of my thyroid surgery are the anesthesia team! I felt nothing and, although I was nauseated enough that they kept me overnight because I couldn’t eat, I never vomited. This is a first in a very long time (as in any time I’ve ever had anesthesia!), and I am grateful.

Apparently when they use one of the new operating rooms in Mott’s Children’s Hospital, you actually stay in Mott’s children’s hospital (not that I was anywhere near any children, mind you!)

I really need to get busy on my nephew’s wedding quilt. The wedding is next month! It shouldn’t be too time consuming though. I hope. I really hope.

It is hard to get used to working even 2 days a week once you’ve been retired for a few years.

When you have surgery you get pretty flowers like these from your sister and brother-in-law:


College football starts tonight! Okay, not college in general – we saw the exciting finish of the Montana – North Dakota State game last weekend. Michigan football starts tonight! You know what that means – hand piecing between plays! Best sport for hand piecing. Baseball is a close second.

I think I’m married to the biggest Michigan fan ever. He has spent weeks studying the roster so he will know who he’s looking at during the game. Yes, he does this every year. Both of his grandfathers taught at the U of M, his father worked there, all of his mother’s degrees were from there, his brother’s B.A. is from there, his own B.A. is from there and our younger daughter’s MSW is from there.

I went to Michigan State. My father went to Michigan State. Still, since I always know more about the Michigan team, I cheer for Michigan most of the time. If they’re playing MSU, I just cheer for everyone.

Maybe after tonight’s game and tomorrow night’s MSU game, I’ll have some finished BOM blocks to show! We can only hope.

I think I’m done thinking now!

Quilt on!

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  1. I’m sorry to hear you had to have surgery. I hope you’re not stressing too much about being behind on your goals. Sometimes (and this is SO very hard for me) we need to let go of expectations.

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