Trying New Things

I am not sure what exactly is behind this but in addition to lace knitting, I have apparently decided it is time to do some free motion sewing. Or maybe attempt free motion sewing is a better term.

Monday I decided I really needed to make some Valentine’s placemats. Eight to be exact, well, seven but I rounded up. For the daughters and son-in-law and granddogs. I had a Jolly Bar (half a layer cake, a precut exclusive to The Fat Quarter Shop, in case you didn’t know) of the First Crush line which I purchased a few years ago to get the pattern that I used to make my Hearts of Flowers quilt. I used every bit of that Jolly Bar and a scrap of one extra fabric to do the tops of the placemats.

I have often thought that placemats are the perfect free motion practice pieces so I set up my machine for free motion quilting, practiced for a while on a practice piece 

And then I moved on to the placemats. I did learn a few things about me and free motion quilting.

  1. I do much better when I’m not trying to quilt densely. This is okay with me because I’m not a fan of stiff quilts.
  2. I do much better when I’m trying to fill a rectangle with motifs in straight lines. Also okay with me, but not always the shapes I have!
  3. I need lots more practice.
  4. Ditch stitching seems easier free motion quilting. Hmmmm!

Below are the pictures of the best three placemats, back and front. Not perfect, but a good start. I still have four more to bind – so much for having them for Valentine’s Day this year. Binding is today’s plan!

I ran out of diagonal red and white binding fabric after completing the first four placemats so I had to head to my most local LQS for something else. I found something and also this adorable fabric. I purchased half a yard and half a yard with a black background and half a yard of the matching floral. Just because I loved it. I may have to go back for more. And some of the glorious pansy fabric they had!

Quilt on!

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