Wasting? the Day

Yes, I am at work today, but I am not doing any sewing. I brought stuff and may do a little shortly, but mostly I have been responding to emails and troubleshooting computer problems for others (which is sort of, like, my job). Probably all the sewing I will get done is marking the lines for the piecing, but that is really okay. After all, they pay me to be available to help people.

Have I ever explained how I came to start hand piecing at work? Looking back, I do see that in my second post I mentioned the basics – but I left out a very important part. Really. You see, when I began this job, I was told by my boss that I should bring some kind of hobby or craft to work on since I would have a lot of down time waiting for people to come ask for help. I mentioned that in my second post. What I left out of that post was how I knew that I should hand piece quilt blocks at work. You see, my boss at the time had the last name of … wait for it… Quilter. No lie! Obviously a sign from God!

Now you know the real story. 😉

Quilt on!

One thought on “Wasting? the Day

  1. Quilter? That is so funny! In my last job (and that was over 25 years ago), we had lots of downtime and that’s when my office friend and I took up cross-stitch – my first craft. Now, I can only get a few stitches in at lunchtime – sometimes.


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