Wedding Quilt and Squirrel Progress

Okay, I must admit that all I’ve gotten done on the wedding quilt is that I finished cutting the blue pieces. All of them. This was made more difficult by the fact that the fluorescent lights over my cutting table managed to go very dim. This makes it difficult to cut at night. Yes, I need to purchase more tubes for the light fixture, but it is cold and snowy outside.

dim cutting tableI did, however, manage to complete the Squirrel top.

jelly roll race quiltYep, it’s a jelly roll race quilt with borders. Yes, I took the picture under less than stellar indoor conditions. The fabrics are all Deb Strain’s Spa line. I only cut 10 inches off the beginning of the strip once I had all the strips sewn into one long strip. It does seem to make some difference. The other thing I did was move duplicate strips to the bottom of the pile while sewing the strips together. That may have been a mistake.

And here is why it may be a bad move to use fabrics from the same line as borders for a jelly roll race:

border close upThere are places where you can hardly tell where the inner border begins because it is the same fabric as the edge of the top’s center. It’s kind of growing on me though. (Yes, the lighting is yellowish. Sorry.)

And, yes, I did square up the fabric before cutting the outside borders, but it sure doesn’t look like it:

crooked looking borderI am not fond of the look of a jelly roll race quilt, when all is said and done. I’m not sure I would make another one unless I’m doing it to make fabric for another project, kind of like a large version of string blocks. I do, however, like the colors in this quilt, and it will go well in my living room, where I need another couch quilt. I would have taken it to the longarmer today except (did I mention this already?) it was very cold and snowy.

It’s good to be retired on days like this one.

Quilt on!

2 thoughts on “Wedding Quilt and Squirrel Progress

  1. Thank you for the jrr tips. I haven’t done one yet, and I’ll keep those in mind. It’s lovely how it shows off her line of fabrics. Take care and stay warm today. I wouldn’t be venturing out either, not in your cold and snow!

  2. I do like these fabrics, and I think yours turned out fine. I’m not a jrr fan, and don’t see myself making one, unless perhaps I chose the fabrics and cut the strips myself. I have stayed home and quilted for days now, because it’s cold and snowy outside!

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