Wedding Quilt Progress

This one is good news – bad news.

First the good news:

IMG_1252Five completed superblocks. Four more to complete (and they are they are more than half completed.

The bad news: I need to put together more of those blocks that make the swirls. I need 14 to finish the blocks and then 60 more for the borders. That will take a while.

Yesterday I took the church quilt to drop off for the longarmer to baste for us. It will probably be back sometime next week and then the quilting will begin. Well, maybe some marking too. (Why did I not mark it before basting? I usually use chalk and it rubs off easily. Might as well wait until just before it goes onto the frame.)

Here are a couple of very bad pictures of the quilt top (or parts of it). I couldn’t get a good angle on it as it was on the floor and the colors look brighter than in reality. I’ll try to get better pictures once we finish it! 🙂IMG_1137 IMG_1138Quilt on!

One thought on “Wedding Quilt Progress

  1. Your wedding quilt makes me happy. Maybe because it’s mostly blue and white… Church quilt looks really pretty! I see you went with the burgundy border, yay! 🙂

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