Wedding Quilt Progress Report

During the past week, I’ve done some heavy cutting for this quilt. (Not much to show there.) I got enough of the light fabrics cut to make a few of the small blocks for around the stars. I made 20 of the 72 needed. You can see them in this photo with the stars:

IMG_1195Some of the blue blocks are so light that they don’t show up well to make the J sort of shape, but they are looking interesting. I used all of my light 1 1/2″ squares so I had to do more cutting before I could make any more.

Then Sunday evening I did more cutting. Once my back decided cutting was not its favorite thing to do, I was able to start 48 more of the small blocks. I still have two more strips to add to each block before they are finished.

IMG_1197 IMG_1198And once I’ve finished those 48, I only have four more of the little blocks to make. Of course, then I have a lot of the big blocks to make, but it is always fun to check something off the list!

Check back here tomorrow for the giveaway.

Quilt on!

3 thoughts on “Wedding Quilt Progress Report

  1. I gather you were able to replace the bulbs over your cutting table. You are making headway. It’s fun to watch more progress.

  2. I was wondering about the J if it was intentional. I think they show perfectly! It’s coming together really well, love the stars!

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