Wedding Quilt Update

IMG_1264These are the last 60 spiral blocks for the famous wedding quilt. These will make the main border. There are also two narrow borders, which I have yet to cut, but that will be quick and easy with my die cutter.

So next up will be some assembly. First I’ll use these blocks to make the borders. Then I’ll sew together the nine Grand Blocks:

IMG_1252Then I’ll add the first narrow border to the nine sewn together Grand Blocks and then the spiral border. Finally I’ll top it off with the last narrow border. Can I get that all done by Monday? I hope so!

A couple of weeks ago, I asked The Bride which of two Stonehenge backings she liked best for the back of her quilt. Last weekend, I asked The Groom. No marriage counseling necessary on that question.

Here were their options (note: the colors look a bit more intense here than in real life):

IMG_1270And the unanimous choice was the fabric on the left. Both are wide backing fabrics so I won’t have to quilt through any backing seams.

And that is the Wedding Quilt Update!

Quilt on!

5 thoughts on “Wedding Quilt Update

  1. Yes, you can get it done by Monday! I was wondering if you were going to use wide backing. Question answered.

  2. Wow, it feels like it went so quickly Gretchen! You’re making a really good progress, can’t wait to see the quilt top! (I’m a visual person) :))

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