Wedding Quilt Update

Monday I got the call I’d been waiting for – I could pick up the wedding quilt! Yay!

I have two queen-sized frames in the basement, I mean quilt studio, but the wedding quilt was not destined for either of those. My no-baste frame is occupied by the Fat Quarter Shop 2009 Designer Mystery BOM. The other quilt frame is the church frame and is holding the church quilt so…


The wedding quilt is in my large hoop on a stand in the living room. This way I can have the TV on as I quilt, which I’ve done for the last two evenings.


I completed the stitching in the ditch on the star the first evening (plus a small spiral section. Then I moved on to the nearby spirals.


This is the section I will start tomorrow. Lots more spirals!


Do you know what all this quilt hanging over the side and dragging on the floor means? Yep, I have a lot of quilt in my lap as I quilt so I can put my left hand under the quilt while I’m quilting. And, yes, the last couple of days have been around 90 degrees outside. Luckily I have air conditioning. And, oh, yes, the batting is wool. Yep, it’s warm. And I like the way it puffs up! (This is the first time I’ve used wool batting. It’s a bit expensive but I do like the way it needles and looks once I have done some stitching.)

I don’t know how often I’ll be updating you on the progress now. It will pretty much all look the same and for now is all stitch in the ditch. Once I get past that part, I may post again to show you what else I’m doing with it.

And, on the wedding note, I just heard the first mix of the wedding song. It’s a good one.

Quilt on!

2 thoughts on “Wedding Quilt Update

  1. That seems like a good place to quilt the wedding quilt, if not good weather. It must feel good to be moving forward. It will be perfect for their 1st anniversary. 😎

  2. I finally made some progress on our wedding quilt. Instead of a guestbook, we had our guests sign squares of fabric to be sewn together. While I am still very happy with this idea (I’d much rather have a quilt than a guestbook) it probably would have helped if I’d ever made a quilt before. Ever.

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