Wedding Quilt Update & Other Stuff

Before I get to the promised wedding quilt update, I think I’ll bring you up to date on a few other quilty things.

First, I got a new round of books from the C&T Publishing spring sale. They look like this:


Yes, there is a star book. Yes, I love stars! What else is new?

Well, I had a Missouri Star Quilt Co. buying spree. I ended up purchasing the deal of the day (and in some cases a bit extra) on three out of four days last weekend and earlier this week. (And, in case you wondered, they do not combine shipments when you order on consecutive days.) First up, the Kona Roll-up.


Then the Venezia layer cake and a couple of Color Me Happy charm packs.


I’m expecting shipment number three on Monday.

Now, on to the Wedding Quilt Update. There are nine 27 inch super blocks with the star center and then the square spirals surrounding them. I have finally finished quilting all of those. When I first started the quilting, I sort of divided it into three parts in my head – the super blocks, the large spaces between them, and the borders.

Now that I’ve finished the super blocks, I need to decide what to do with the large sections. So, the quilt moved to the counter for some experimentation to help with the decision.


I had purchased this stencil at the Grand Rapids show with the thought that I’d use it for this purpose, but It seems to be a bit too large. (Does it look familiar, Nonnie?)


This is the stencil I used in the borders of my eldest daughter’s quilt, so I have a rhythm for quilting them, but I’m kind of sick of them. (And at I don’t really like the way it looks in this quilt anyway.


This one is too small and fussy looking, I think.


This doesn’t look too bad, but it is a little small. I’m not really into dense quilting, but I would like to kind of fill up the space a little more than this.


This is a bit too small also. I’m also not sure that I like so many curves in this very angular quilt.


This one is bigger, but like I mentioned above, it looks a little too curvy for this quilt.


I love these feathers, but I’m not sure how I would make them go horizontally and vertically to make more even quilting.


I like this one, but it is too small. I am still playing with trying to fit four of them in the space, but I’m not sure it will work out.


I’m only throwing this one in because I like it – but not for this quilt.


This one doesn’t really work either, but it is interesting.


This is the same one from farther off so you can see how it fits into the space.


So what I’m really thinking about at this point is just kind of echo quilting the super blocks and keeping the square spirally look. I’ll look at it more before deciding anything for sure though.


Anyone else have any ideas?

Quilt on!

3 thoughts on “Wedding Quilt Update & Other Stuff

  1. YES… I remember time spent at the STENCIL booth … running around looking for the quilt that inspired me to make a quilt for my niece… that fabric stares and me every day… Looking forward to this AUGUST …. NONNIE

  2. Can you draw the first stencil without the middle detail in a little smaller size? I think that looks really nice! And raspberries to Missouri SQC for not combining shipping. It smells like they make money on that instead of the product they sell…

  3. Perhaps you could draw the ones you like on paper, then enlarge on a photocopier to the right size.Then you can transfer it to your quilt using Saral paper? I wrote about it on my blog. Or go buy new stencils. 😉

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