Weekend Marching

I continue to March-along here.

Saturday saw some magazine perusal (quilty of course), another crazy quilt block quilted with fancy machine stitches, and I hand pieced two sets of four each flying geese. The only picture I took was of the flying geese.


Sunday’s quilting time consisted of watching the first two lessons of Pepper Cory’s Craftsy class Scrap Quilting Class. (Yes, that is Craftsy Affiliate link and clicking on it will help support this site.)

Sunday did see me trying loaf number two in the new bread machine. I used my favorite white bread machine recipe instead of the one that came with the new machine. I did make a 2 pound loaf since I wanted to make sure this machine could really do that, but in future I will most likely make 1 1/2 pound loaves. I eat too much bread when I bake these big loaves!

I’m happy with the way this loaf came out. It looks very pretty, the crust is nice and flaky, and it tastes awesome!IMG_3834

There is one spot on the top that is a little lighter than the rest of the top because it got pretty close to the machine window which had some condensation on it, but it was thoroughly baked, just not as brown as the rest. IMG_3835Next on the bread making agenda is a loaf of chocolate walnut bread. I’m still debating whether to make the 1 1/2 pound or 2 pound size. I’ll probably go with the 2 pound size just to see if this machine does better than the last one with that size.

Quilt on!

4 thoughts on “Weekend Marching

  1. Wow, that’s a lot of bread! 🙂 I had to bake jam filled “pockets” yesterday by request, and already ate 4 out of the 18. Baking is a dangerous vocation.

  2. I think you need to post the recipe for the chocolate walnut bread. it could be an incentive for me to get out my bread machine.

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