Weekend Update

Yes, I do sound like a Saturday Night Live sketch. But it does describe this post pretty well, so…

Saturday was football sewing day. I am including the first picture because it shows very well the color of the star points. I know that they look black in many of the other pictures, but they are, in fact, dark purple.


Below is how far I got during the game. Three more stars to add before stitching this wreath to the center. That will complete rosette one.img_4996

And, yes, I do think that sewing the Y seams is probably more difficult than paper piecing, but I still want to do it this way!

After the game, I also got into the sewing room to cut triangles for the 2012 Designer Mystery BOM blocks. And Sunday evening I sewed these to stripes to them. They are unpressed in this picture so you are looking at the wrong side of the stripey fabric. Hopefully I will get them pressed tonight and start sewing them to the blocks.img_4997

I have also been going through old magazines, tearing out pages and putting them into notebooks. I am saving special editions of some magazines, but for the most part I am not keeping whole magazines. So far I have gone through all my American Quilter, Quilter’s Newsletter, McCall’s Quilting, Fons and Porter, Easy Quilts, and American Patchwork and Quilting magazines. Yes, this does mean that I’m in the home stretch now!

What have you been up to?

Quilt on!

2 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. Nice progress! I did the same thing with the magazines, I have 2 or 3 binders with patterns attached. I will go through those also as I’m cleaning out the sewing room once again. We are decluttering the house, I got rid of 90% of my magazines, only kept the ones I haven’t read and are no more than 6 months old. Also got rid of about half of my books, except my quilting books which still have to be purged. I will take them to a library where they happily take them in and will resell them.

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