Welcome to My New Quilting Studio

IMG_4901Yep, this feels like it has been a long time coming, but it is finally mostly organized and everything is put away. Come on in.

IMG_4902We have walked into the room and made a left. The design wall was really the only thing I could put here, because the French doors open in. (Of course, the cutting table will be in the way for pictures, but it is a small room.) I also have a lamp here to light the cutting table (and the rest of the room because the overhead light isn’t very bright). IMG_4891I forgot to take a picture of the cutting table this afternoon, so here is one from right after I wheeled it over to its spot. You can’t see the back storage for mats in this picture, but here is one from when I put it together.

IMG_4418Yes, I was not holding the camera very straight when I took this picture. But you can see the slot that holds my mats. What you can’t see, is the pegboard on the back. I have my largest rulers hanging on a couple of pegs. Here’s a look at some of the other storage in this cutting table.

IMG_4921This is the top of the four drawers in the cutting table. It has cutters and blades and needles and pins, including safety pins for basting.

IMG_4922Drawer number two. Marking utensils, glue sticks and glue. Oh, and bias makers.

IMG_4923Drawer Three. Templates and rulers.

IMG_4924And here is the bottom drawer. All the handy bags and papers that you might need.

IMG_4925I didn’t get a shot of both of the shelves in the cutting table, but the top one has rolls of various stabilizers and the bottom shelf has my Go! cutter and other adhesives like Steam a Seam.

IMG_4903Moving around the room, we have the window. The shade is down because it was late afternoon and the window faces west. Then we come to the bookshelf. It will soon have many fewer magazines because I’m weeding them out. The shelves also have books, DVDs, and my smaller Go! dies. There are a couple of storage cubes, one with fabrics and one with orphan blocks.

IMG_4904We have moved to the north wall and my huge (74″ by 40″) sewing table. It’s huge and the storage is amazing. Want to see?

IMG_4910This is the narrow cabinet to the right of my machine space. It holds my embroidery attachment and hoops.

IMG_4912This is the left side. The bottom shelf behind that door rolls out. IMG_4913The wood pieces on the top shelf are dividers that I didn’t use in all the drawers of the sewing or cutting tables.

IMG_4914Isn’t this the most amazing drawer ever?! To make it even more perfect, it has a cover that slides out over it and has a cutting mat. I love this drawer. But there are three more!

IMG_4915Drawer two with sewing machine accessories and needles and big feet.

IMG_4916Feet and other necessities like seam rippers in drawer three.

IMG_4917Scissors and clippers in drawer four.

IMG_4918And drawer five is kind of the catch all drawer. Lots of thimbles in there.

IMG_4911And here is the super duper hydraulic lift.

The sewing and cutting tables come from Eddycrest Furniture, a Canadian company. If you look on their website, you may notice that none of the sewing tables there look quite like mine. That’s because I’m special. Well, it’s because my machine is a sewing and embroidery machine with a wide harp space and doesn’t really fit the originally designed tables. So they made mine a little different. Apparently they are coming out with a line of embroidery machine tables in the near future.

I first saw these this furniture in Grand Rapids two years ago. Adam Eddy was there with samples of the furniture, I looked at it for quite a while, aided by his mother who he originally designed it for. It is wonderful furniture. I put the cutting table together the day before I headed to this year’s AQS show, planning to do the sewing table after I got home. John from Eddycrest had emailed me the instructions for putting it together because he wanted to make sure I had the correct directions. (There had been some changes, and, as we know, my table is a little different anyway.) I didn’t mention that to my husband because I know he is not mechanically inclined (think musician). What I didn’t know is that he had arranged for our friends to put it together to surprise me when I got home. So poor Gregg, Michele, and Alex put it together without the correct directions and did an amazing job! As you can see.

Back to the tour.

IMG_4906Handquilting thread and Aurifloss. (What? You thought all my thread was in that drawer?)

IMG_4905Machine embroidery thread, most provided by Katie of Katie’s Quilting Corner.

IMG_4292This is the closet where my fabric yardage is stored. The hanging fabric is wide backing fabric. There is batting on the shelf above the hanging rod.

IMG_4920This is the batik shelf. The container on top holds various fabric panels.

IMG_4296And, once again, here is the overflow of precuts and fat quarters in the foyer.

There you have it. Now I get to use it. But before that I’ll get some quilt show posts done.

Quilt on!

8 thoughts on “Welcome to My New Quilting Studio

  1. WOW! I love that Eddycrest furniture even more! I don’t remember looking very specifically at the storage when I looked at the furniture, but am convinced that I buy at least a sewing table, if not a cutting table as well after I get a new machine.

    Thanks, also, for the tour. I know your new space isn’t as large (I didn’t see a size – is the room 10×10 or…???) but you seem to have organized it very well. I know it was a lot of work, but I think you will start churning out some projects.

    I think you have a very modest amount of fabric! If you lived nearby, I’d come and fill up some of your space with my fabric. 😉

    Nice work! Now get sewing!

    • You do remember that I gave away bags and boxes of fabric, right?
      I am loving the Eddycrest furniture also. The storage is amazing! I am a fan.

    • The pegboard on the back isn’t too bad either, except that with the small room, I really can’t use it as well as I could if it weren’t against a wall.

  2. Wow! I’m completely jealous, your space looks so inviting and wonderful. I can imagine how excited you must be to have such a great space to create in!

    • I am pretty excited. I’m not sure when I would have gotten around to organizing the larger room if I hadn’t been forced by the whole relocation thing.

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