What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

One day recently my eldest daughter asked if I were making her a quilted Christmas tree shirt for Christmas this year. The real answer at the time was no, but since that was her way of saying she wanted a Christmas tree skirt, I decided to follow up on it and see what she had in mind. Red and gold and apparently this:


Yes, that’s a Judy Niemeyer pattern. No, I have never made one before. Yes, it looks terrifying. And, yes, I am terrified. Just reading the directions terrifies me. This is a lot more organized than I ever am! Yep, let the good times roll. At least, as soon as I get my package from The Fat Quarter Shop with the sparkly gold fabric gets here.

Just so you know, I purchased the tree skirt fabric from Jackie at Canton Village Quilt Works. And I wish I lived closer so I could run over and ask her for help. I have a sneaking suspicion I’m going to need it.

Quilt on!

6 thoughts on “What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

  1. Great Mum! I am sure you will do fine. JN patterns are WELL written. Read through it first. Her instructions about organizing are very helpful but only if you do it right. This will be great!!!

  2. Wow! You are a great mom! Do you know how to foundation piece? Does she want it for use during the 2013 Christmas season or as her gift for this year? You realize that your other children will want something similar, right?

    we are here to help you and I am sure Jackie will Skype with you.

  3. Um, good luck to you Gretchen! 🙂 I know how much you L.O.V.E Judy’s work so I think you’ll be fine. And after tackling this one you’ll be one proud Mama and nothing will scare you anymore! *wink*

  4. AWWWWW! My mama loooooooooooooves me! This post makes it that much more special! MUAH!

  5. Of course you said yes! I really want to do one of Judy’s patterns too I was even thinking about making the trek to Jackie’s studio to take classes at some point. Good luck – I will enjoy your posts on the making of this tree skirt!

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