Why Did I Do That?

I have just completed machine quilting one of the two Christmas gifts. Sigh. There are some awful places (and it was mostly stitch in the ditch with some other walking foot straight lines!), and my neck and shoulders hurt. Whine, whine, whine! (If you’ve read many other posts on this blog, you know I strongly prefer hand quilting because I find it relaxing whereas machine quilting makes me tense.) I’ll show the awful pictures later. Yes, it really is stuff I should rip out and do over, but I just don’t have time for that. These gifts aren’t for quilt critics. (Pictures next week.)

But that’s not what I want this post is about. Nope. This post is about an even huger mistake I made. I tried Aurifil thread to quilt this quilt! Yep, I’ve been avoiding this for years. And now I’ve made the mistake and tried it out. Sigh.

What’s wrong with the thread? Nothing. My machine loved it! It is so totally not the thread’s fault that my machine quilting is icky. My machine ran very smoothly, the tension was amazing! No complaints there. The color is beautiful. I still have some left. I’m looking forward to using the other color on the other Christmas present that I will be machine quilting later today or tomorrow. (Yep, I’m cutting it close!)

So, what’s the problem? All the other thread that I have left to use up before I can buy more Aurifil! Sigh. Not that the other threads I have are giving me any trouble, mind you. They just aren’t somehow quite the same. Oh well! I guess I’ll just have to make lots and lots of quilts over the next few months to use up that old thread.

One thought on “Why Did I Do That?

  1. Haha! I just bought a set of 8 threads of beautiful colors from Connecting Threads before I tried Aurifil. I will still use them because there’s no way I’m throwing the perfectly good thread out, but at this point I really wish I haven’t bought them! So I totally feel your pain! I have to say I still use Aurifil for piecing because I just can’t stay away from it until all the other ones are gone.

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