Why I’m Whining

If we are friends or in the Twilters together on social media, you may have noticed me whining about my lack of sewing and quilting time of late. Or maybe you just noticed it in my Q3 Finish-A-Long plans post. Anyway, just a little update of why I don’t have time to do any of my favorite things.

We are gaining some beloved roommates in a few days. Our eldest daughter has decided she has spent too much of her life living away from family. Her current job allows her to work remotely, so she plans to come live with us for a bit. The finished part of our basement consists of a huge family room (formerly known as my quilt studio), a bedroom and a full bath. We are currently readying that room but it has been a bit of a challenge.

I got some help from friends who came to iron some fabric for me so that it will fit in a smaller space. (New quilt studio is less than 1/4 the size of the family room so downsizing must happen. This is the day that Amy and Angela helped. Carolyn came another day, and Andrea a third day. If you look carefully at the picture, you can see that fabric has pretty much taken over the basement. You can also see that I have two  queen-sized quilt frames in that room. Sigh. And the room is a mess.

IMG_4197What you can’t see is that the room my quilt studio is moving to, was packed with my MIL’s stuff that we had not yet dispersed since her passing last spring. All of this needs to change quickly. DD gave her landlord 60 days notice in June so that a new tenant could possibly be found at the busiest time of year. Such a tenant was found so DD will be moving out of her current place about 30 days after giving the notice. The timetable suddenly became very short.

This whole process has been blessed. Our next door neighbor’s son is moving into his first apartment and it is unfurnished. He took quite a bit of MIL’s furniture, lamps and a couple of fans. Salvation Army came for quite a bit of it. We’ve made many trips to Goodwill and various recycling places. I have taken three big bags and three big boxes of fabric to my LQS for donation. Today 1800GotJunk came and hauled away the rear projection TV and lots of other junk. Now the basement looks more like this:

IMG_4228Stlll got a ways to go! Especially when you look here:IMG_4229 Clearly I need a better way to store fabric. I’m working on that. I will probably have to get rid of more fabric.IMG_4230

We moved my personal quilt frame up to the living room because the new studio will not have room for a queen-sized quilt frame! (The church frame will remain in the basement until this quilt is completed. Then it will leave. I’m not sure that anyone else will pick up the torch and do the church quilt, but unfortunately my time is up after this year.) As you can see in the picture below. IMG_4231We are nowhere near done, but at least we are ready for the new carpet to arrive on Saturday for this room and the room that will be my DH’s study.

While I’m waiting, I’m taking fabric storage suggestions and consolidating two linen closets into one. And working at VBS this week and attending two parties on Saturday and another on Sunday.

Yes, this is not the life of an introvert.

In the meantime, does anyone have awesome fabric storage suggestions.

Quilt on!

4 thoughts on “Why I’m Whining

  1. Do you have wall space? My sewing area has no closet so I installed a closet system on my wall. I’ll send you a picture. I’ve not had any problems with fading even though it’s exposed.

    • I have some wall space. Unfortunately the room has French doors, so that loses me a whole wall except for just enough space for my design wall.

  2. Oh wow, you have a lot going on. I’m sure it will be nice for you to have your daughter home! Good luck with the moving!

  3. I guess sew faster wouldn’t be appreciated as a suggestion? I am sorry you are losing this large and lovely quilt studio, though I am sure having your daughter closer will be wonderful. I am happy to live near my mom and be able to see her regularly.

    Is this a temporary situation or do you plan to stay in the new quilt studio forever?

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