Jan 28


I don’t know how I forgot to mention that I won something yet again from the 2016 Finish Along! I only finished one of my Fourth Quarter Goals, Scrap-in-a-Box, but my name got chosen. I won a $20 gift certificate from Sew Me a Song. I used it to purchase a gorgeous bundle of text fabric.

I’ve also been working on cutting fabrics for Charlotte’s Mystery Quilt, Surrounded by Scraps. My goal was to get all the 1 1/2″ squares cut so that I could get the four-patches and nine-patches done by the end of the month. Then I could finish cutting the pieces before the next clue came out.

I made some progress today! I finished cutting the squares and sewed 200 two patches. I have 200 more to sew to get a start on sewing the four-patches and the beginnings of the nine-patches. Here is what it looked like after the first one hundred. And here is what it looked like after two hundred. What have you been up to?

Quilt on!



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  1. Kati R.

    Nice haul, congratulations Gretchen! And woot for all that cutting!
    I I’m thinking about scanning my Grandparents’ old letters to me and print them out on Spoonflower.

    1. Gretchen

      Kati, that sounds like a fun project!

  2. Jaye

    What a lot of work! Good for you. I love the text fabric as well. What am I doing? I just updated my 26 projects list and will post it in the next few days. Sigh. I might be back up to 26 Projects.

    1. Gretchen

      Jaye, 26 isn’t bad, is it? I’d be more worried if you were down to zero!

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