Working on a Huge Monkey

This is just a brief post to show you what I’ve been working on over the last few hours. Hopefully I will get this post finished before the arrival of the women to hand quilt the church quilt.

I have been working on some (okay 2) Disappearing Pinwheel blocks and adding setting triangles to the American Beauty Block of the Month (AKA Quilting Monkey #1) blocks.

Here’s the first pink houndstooth DPW with its corresponding BOM friends:


And the second pink houndstooth DPW with its friends:IMG_2364

Because I had to step farther away to get the pictures of the whole gang, they are much darker. Maybe I need to light the design wall better.  Here’s the best of them.


And here’s a sad truth. There should be one red houndstooth DPW but when making the next to last cut, I veered off into space. Sigh.

Get used to seeing pink, black and green on this blog. I am determined to finish the American Beauty BOM by the end of the year or die trying!

Quilt on!

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