Yes, I Have Been Doing Some Sewing

In the midst of the strangeness that is currently my life, I have actually been doing some sewing.

For example, La Passacaglia Rosette 2 (the second one) now looks like this (note that it won’t be pressed until it is completed):

Also, I got one of the projects from a class with Kimberly Einmo at Grand Rapids a couple of years ago and have started working on it again. Here’s what I have so far:

Each quarter star is its own block and should measure about 10 1/2″ according to the directions. Mine aren’t very close to that. Mine (even the one that I started in Grand Rapids) all measure about 9 3/4″. I can’t even imagine how scant Kimberly’s quarter-inch seams are!

I also got Clue 2 of Layer Cake Explosion completed:

The next clue is pretty quick, so maybe I’ll work on that this week also. (This quilt got its own official project box this week. The one vacated by Surrounded by Happy Scraps.) And, of course, in the next week or so I’ll need to make my Saturday Sampler block for Getting to Know Hue. It’s another one of the blue corner blocks, so it is definitely something I’ve done before. It shouldn’t take so very long to do. I was also able to pick up the kit for the center of the quilt which involves some appliqué and one of three star choices. I’m going to do the one called Improv Star because I really like the look of that much better than the big Lone Star .

I just realized the other day that my husband’s t-shirt quilt is the most improv thing I’ve ever done. And the fabrics were the most directional fabrics I’ve ever worked with. And I like it much better now that it is done! Which is usually the case with my quilts. But that doesn’t mean I will ever again make one of those!

What have you been working on?

Quilt on!



2 thoughts on “Yes, I Have Been Doing Some Sewing

  1. You are making good progress. Your La Pass is coming right along. I love the 8 pointed stars.If all of your blocks are 9 3/4, then you should be good.

    • Squaring these blocks up is a real pain. I have moments when I’ve seriously considered just doing a couple more and then finishing it some other way. But so far that is not happening.

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