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Let me start with the usual affiliate disclaimer: yes, these links earn me a little bit of money if you follow them. There, now you know if you didn’t already.

It has been my plan for a couple of weeks to write a bit about Amazon Prime because I recently took advantage of a feature that I had never used before and which came in very handy. Before I get to that though, let me tell you a bit about my experience with Amazon Prime.

I have been an Amazon Prime member almost since it came into existence. In those days, the only real perk was the free shipping, but at the time that was worth it for me. (Yes, this tells you something about my shopping habits then!) Since then they have added more features, but this is still the feature I use the most. You do have to make sure these days that the items are eligible for Prime shipping because not all items sold on are shipped by Amazon, but that’s pretty easy to do. There’s a way to sort results by Prime only if you wish. On to my new to me feature.

I knew that Amazon Prime members with Kindles could borrow one book a month from the Kindle Owners Lending Library for free, but until recently I didn’t own a Kindle – just used the Kindle app on my iPad & iPhone. Then my youngest daughter upgraded her basic Kindle for a Kindle Fire and I purchased the basic from her for $25. I figured I’d read the massive A Song of Ice and Fire on it and save my neck and shoulders from having to hold those big books. I didn’t even figure the Kindle Owners Lending Library into the equation until Labor Day weekend.

If you’ve read my post Labor Day Sew-In post, you know that I read the entire Hunger Games Trilogy over that weekend. I started with a hard copy of The Hunger Games that I had picked up at Paperback Swap.  When I got to the end of it, I wanted to keep going. I went so far as to decide it was worth it to me to buy Catching Fire on my Kindle because I wanted to read that book now!!! So, I pulled out the Kindle and searched for it. When it came up, there was a button asking if I wanted to borrow that book for free and, of course, I said yes. (By the way, this was on August 30 or 31, an important thing to remember.) I finished that book on Sunday and immediately wanted to read Mockingjay. Luckily for me, the new month had started, so I had another free borrow! Yes, the timing worked in my favor. And I discovered a new feature of Amazon Prime that I can use at least once a month!

And now for the proof of my never knowing the date, I hadn’t even considered the fact that Sunday of Labor Day weekend was September 1 and I’d be eligible for a free loaner again. Yep, I’m clueless.

Yes, this has been one long testimonial for Amazon Prime and, yes, if you use either of the links on this page to sign up for a free trial I will get two whole dollars. But my earning money is not the real purpose of this message. I really want you to know that if you watch streaming video, order lots of books, or own a Kindle, you might want to do the math. Maybe $79 a year will save you some money.

Okay, so much for my testimonial. I promise some quilty posts in the near future. Really. Maybe even later today or maybe tomorrow.

Quilt on!

2 thoughts on “Yes, This Is an Advertisement!

  1. I love, love, love Amazon Prime!! I think my husband isn’t enjoying it so much because I keep ordering!! LOL.

  2. Ha, you can still teach me new things Gretchen! We switched to Amazon prime from Netflix when they raised the prices overnight without a notice. I love it and stared to watch all the Masterpiece shows for free whih I loved. But I had no idea you can borrow books for your kindle, I only knew about the nook doing it. Thank you for the plug, I’m sure it’ll open the eyes of a lot of people.

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