Books on Monday – Simply Dynamic Sampler Quilts

Today we are looking at Simply Dynamic Sampler Quilts by Marianne L. Hatton. (Yes, the link below is an Amazon Associate link. Thank you for looking and for supporting this blog.)

 What I like about this book is that it’s a technique for creating your own sampler quilts using different sizes of blocks and sections! I love sampler quilts, and the idea of designing my own is very intriguing. She does have patterns for some blocks or block elements of various kinds, but the important part is the technique and all of the author’s suggestions and directions for designing your quilts.

So, here are the sections in this book:

  • Dedication
  • Acknowledgments
  • Forward
  • Introduction
  • The Stages of Making Your Sampler Quilt: A Visual Progression
  • Anatomy of a Quilt
  • Design Considerations and Tactics
  • The GridMaps
  • Templates and Drafting
  • Piecing Techniques
  • Lovely, Linear, Log Cabin Blocks
  • Simple Strip Piecing
  • There’s More Than One Way to Hand Appliqué
  • The Perfection of Paper Piecing
  • Perfect Curved Seams
  • The Kaleidoscope Block: No Curved Seams – Just an Illusion!
  • The GridMap Revisited
  • Filling in the Gaps: Choosing Corner Blocks and Selecting Borders
  • Patterns
  • Meet Marianne L. Hatton

Yes, there is a lot of information covered in this book. The patterns section is just the patterns for specific elements, not entire quilts. Just wanted you to know that.

And, if you are ever planning to design your own sampler quilt, I highly recommend this book.

Quilt on!

Fab Friday

Okay, I have no idea what that title means, and I don’t think you should naturally assume that this will actually be an ongoing feature, but we’ll go with it for today.

First on the agenda is a little Show and Tell. You may remember that I took part in a mug rug swap and that I forgot to take pictures of my mug rug and napkin that I sent to OzzyPip. She very kindly sent me pictures that I can now share with you. (Please note that I am not thrilled with how bowed the sides of this mug rug are! And, to be really honest – and not looking for compliments – I do think that my mug rug is the least awesome of all the finished ones I’ve seen. But it is my first, I keep telling myself. And it should brighten up OzzyPip’s upcoming winter.)

Here’s the mug rug’s front and, yes, those are 3 inch friendship star blocks:


Here is the back of the mug rug:IMG_4231

And here is the front and back of the napkin (nice folding, OzzyPip!):IMG_4233

The other thing I wanted to mention today is that the Celebrate Hand Quilting Group on Facebook had a link to this article about pre-washing or not pre-washing: Shrink Test. I must say that in my own experience, some fabric brands she didn’t test fray way more than her results. But, except for pre-cuts smaller than fat quarters, I am definitely a pre-washer. That being said, I don’t usually iron or press the fabrics until I’m ready to use them, but that may be changing since the flatter they are, the less room they take up.

The last thing for today is that I put together my first three Scrap in a Box blocks last night . They are definitely scrappy and I like them better in the pictures than I do close up. (Note to self: next time you do a scrappy mystery quilt, control the colors a little more.) Anyway, here are the pictures:



Quilt on!

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And then

Quilt on!

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Nothing Much

I don’t seem to have much get up and go these days so not much has been happening – and yet lots has. It just hasn’t had much to do with quilting – at least my quilting.

I do have pictures though!

First, my sister visited last weekend. As part of our awesome weekend, we spent time with my youngest daughter and her husband showing off their small town. In one of the second hand/antiques stores, I saw these:




Look at the top of the next picture!IMG_2633

Then, when I got home and got the mail, I had a package from Australia! It was the mug rug from my swap partner, OzzyPip, in the mug rug and potholder swap run by Sandi at Quilt Cabana Patterns. The fabric is all Australian wildflowers with gold (do you think Pip knows how much I like gold on my fabrics. Here is the back:


And here is the front! A star made of gorgeous wildflowers!IMG_2638

This was accompanied by this lovely handmade card. The card was made by Pip’s daughter. (Yep, I feel special.)IMG_2640

I have also shipped a mug rug off to Pip, but I don’t know if it got there yet. And I forgot to take pictures of it, so we’ll have to wait for hers.

Quilt on!

Books on Monday – Pineapple Stars

Today we are looking at the book Pineapple Stars: Sparkling Quilts, Perfectly Pieced by Sharon Rexroad. (Yep, that’s my Amazon Associate link below. Go! Use the Look Inside feature to see some of the pictures in the book.)

Now, if you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you probably know that I’m very fond of intricate looking quilts. This doesn’t necessarily mean I’ve actually made many, but it’s coming. Trust me. And one of the the quilts that is on my list is a Pineapple quilt. And, since I’m a big fan of stars, it may well be a Pineapple Star.

I spent considerable time drooling over looking at this book. As I read through the instructions, I understood them fairly well without getting out fabric and paper and scissors. The instructions are written very clearly. Yes, these are paper pieced. Yes, fussy cutting is involved. So is paper piecing. And the results are stunning. Yes, one of these is on my list. (Because of the many pieces in each diamond, these stars sort of resemble the star version of Paula Nadelstern’s Kaleidoscope quilts.) Sometime sooner than later, I hope.

Here’s what’s in the book:

  • Design
    • Inspiration and Innovation
    • Go With the Flow
    • Ready, Set, Border
  • Technique
    • Diamond Pineapple Block
    • Piecing the Star
    • Setting Blocks
    • Finishing
  • Projects (There are nine.)
  • About the Author
  • Index

So check this out!

Quilt on!

Wedding Dress Deconstruction Details

I got married in 1977. My wedding gown was made mostly of a new fabric, Qiana, as far as I could tell with some lace and netting and other fabrics. I knew it was the gown for me because I took one look at my mom and she was crying. Don’t we look young?

At the reception, someone spilled coffee on my skirt so cleaning would have been a very good idea, but it never seemed like the right time to spend $100+ for that so it was never cleaned. So it hung in various closets for many years.

Fast forward to 2013 when our youngest daughter was getting married. She had seen something on Pinterest about using lace from your mother’s wedding gown in your bouquet and wanted some lace. I took some from the sleeve so it could be wrapped around the stems and she could hold it. It is the big piece on the right.


After that, I decided I’d just take all the lace off of my dress and throw out the rest of the dress. (Notice that the Qiana did not yellow like the lace and netting did!) No one was going to ever wear this dress again, so downsizing and keeping the lace made a lot of sense to me.

It was just more difficult than I had imagined. Those pieces of lace were sewn in quite tightly! My hands would get very tired working on it, so there were a lot of breaks in the deconstruction. However, I made it a goal for this year to finish the deconstruction and I finally did!

Here are the lovely pieces of lace now have:



I don’t know what I will do with them, but they are much easier to store than that big old dress. Now to figure out what to do with the veil!

Quilt on!

Books on Monday – Teach Me to Appliqué

Today we are looking at another appliqué with Pat Sloan’s most recent book – Pat Sloan’s Teach Me to Appliqué: Fusible Applique That’s Soft and Simple. Yes, I do know that someday I need to actually do some appliqué instead of just reading about it and watching video. And, as usual, yes the link below is my Amazon Associate link and if you use it, you help to support this blog.

Let me start out by saying that if I actually decide to do fusible appliqué someday (and that day is getting closer), I will reach for this book first. I think that Pat Sloan’s method is very similar to Sue Nickels’s and Pat Holly’s, but I love Pat Sloan’s directions. Not only were they very clear, but I found them inspiring. Yeah, I know that sounds a little hokey, but I did. Pat also includes some practice patterns, which I may try any day now. Anyway, this book is a two thumbs up.

Here are the contents:

  • Come Stitch with Me
  • Fusible Appliqué (This covers everything I can ever imagine needing to know about this process.)
  • Let’s Go Sew (8 projects – I confess that I will probably never make any of the veggie projects.)
  • Binding by Machine
  • Meet Pat (Are there people who have not heard of Pat?)
  • Acknowledgments

And there you have it. Another appliqué book review.

Quilt on!

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So learn something new!

And quilt on!

Books on Monday – Appliqué Mastery

Apparently I’m looking at some appliqué books for a few weeks. Don’t ask me why. It’s just how it is. And don’t count on any organization by degree of difficulty either. There’s no rhyme or reason to this. It’s just coming.

Today we are looking at Appliqué Mastery: Create Your Own Quilt Masterpiece: Processes, Possibilities, and Pattern by Philippa Naylor. And, yes, that is the Amazon Associate link that helps support the podcast there!

This book is more a process than a project book, although Ms. Naylor does include the patterns to make the cover quilt. The first half of the book describes various forms of appliqué in great (and easy to follow) detail. The second half of the book describes how to make the quilt, Bird by Bird, broken down by months like a block of the month quilt. There are also, as you may imagine looking at the cover of the book, many templates for the quilt pattern included.

The techniques covered in this book are turned edge appliqué, satin stitch appliqué, blanket stitch appliqué, free motion appliqué, bias strip appliqué, and quilt edge finishes. These are all described as machine techniques, not hand techniques, just in case you were wondering.

Now, as you know, I keep saying I’m going to try appliqué, but I also keep avoiding it like the plague so we’ll see how much of this sinks in! But the quilt is gorgeous. Maybe someday!

Quilt on!


Some Finishing!

I finished 2 of my quilty resolution goals this week!!!

First, I completed Goal #1 – Completing the American Beauty BOM. It came back from the longarmer on Tuesday. I trimmed and made the binding and sewed it onto the front on Wednesday. There was a bit of concern about the original stripe fabric that was meant to be used. I would have liked it better if I’d had enough to make it a bias stripe. Then I remembered that extra pink floral I had to purchase after I made a mistake a few weeks ago. I had purchased way more than I needed, so I had enough to do the binding with it. I asked my Twilter friends for help with this decision.

IMG_2608Here’s a closer picture in case that helps more:


I was kind of leaning toward the pink, as were all of the Twilters who responded. Great minds think alike.

Thursday, Amazing Amy (whose favorite part of quilting is hand sewing the binding) and Careful Carolyn met me at church to hand sew the binding. Carolyn brought along a friend who was very cute but not very helpful.


There is a big table to rest the quilt on in the Sunday School classroom we used for this. You can’t really see the quilting here, but it’s a light green in a swirls and leafy looking things pantograph.


I took a close-up of one block hoping you could see the quilting, but not so much! Sorry.


After we completed the hand binding, I rushed home and through it in the washing machine and then the dryer. And here are the pictures of the finished quilt.


From another angle:IMG_2615

Hanging on the railing to make sure it is dry:IMG_2616

My other quilty resolution finish is #5 – I finished deconstruction my wedding gown. All of the lace is now off of the dress and currently soaking in Woolite. Do I know what I will do with it? Oh, heck no! But I have all that lovely lace, except the part that went around my daughter’s wedding bouquet. No pictures though.

So, this week feels very productive.

How was your week?

Quit on!