#LDSI Results

This weekend being a long weekend with a Monday national holiday here in the US, there was a Twilter Labor Day Sew-In. And this time, I got to participate a bit. I started on Friday and here are the results by day.

Friday afternoon Christmas tree skirt paper piecing:


That was all the sewing that happened on Friday.  Then came Saturday. Football games are perfect for hand piecing because you can listen to everything being said and then look up for the individual plays or replays. So, I worked on the 2011 Designer Mystery BOM Block Five. Here’s one of the sections (I should finish this block tomorrow evening when I drive DH to his rehearsal and wait for him there):


Saturday evening I finished paper piecing these sections of the Christmas tree skirt and started to take out the paper:


Sunday was a pretty busy day so all I accomplished was tearing out the rest of the papers.

Monday I had more time. I had unrealistic visions of quickly putting together all of the paper pieced sections and finishing the Christmas tree skirt. Yeah, right. First I had to put these together (and I confess that I had to unsew at least half of them at least once to get the one seam that had to match up correctly matched):


Then I took a break for dinner and came back (after a quick ride on the stationary cycle) to put the next sections on. Now I have eight of these:


Now that #LDSI is over, this week will be full of the usual plus some hand quilting on the church quilt, hand piecing while waiting for DH, and eventually back to the Christmas tree skirt and some curved piecing as I add the flying geese.

How about you?

Quilt on!

Books on Monday – The Quilter’s Album of Patchwork Patterns

I think I will just do a brief post instead of taking Labor Day off. So, here is an oldie (Amazon.com tells me I purchased this in September of 2009), but, to me, and essential book: The Quilter’s Album of Patchwork Patterns: 4050 Pieced Blocks for Quilters by Jinny Beyer. And here is the Amazon Associate link:

This book is a valuable resource that I have used many times to learn about specific blocks and their histories and their alternate names. I use the various indexes all the time to learn about the different blocks (although I will admit that I don’t use them quite as much now as I did back when I was working my way through Marsha McCloskey’s Block Party: A Quilter’s Extravaganza of 120 Rotary-Cut Block Patterns. I do love learning about the history of the blocks and their names!

Rather than babble on (or whatever the written equivalent is) about this book, let me tell you what is included by listing the different sections here.

  1. Introduction
  2. Part 1: A Primer on Pieced Blocks
  3. Part 2: Square Blocks
  4. Part 3: Hexagon Blocks
  5. Part 4: Continuous Pattern Blocks
  6. Part 5: One Patch Blocks
  7. Part 6: Miscellaneous Patterns
  8. Bibliography
  9. Appendices (Where you find out lots of historic info!)
  10. Index

Each section of blocks contains many, many different blocks based on their grids.

This book was sort of out of my league pricewise when I originally purchased it, listing at $35 then, but it has gotten even pricier since then. Sorry to recommend such an expensive book – but for me it really was a worthy expenditure.

Quilt on!


Saturday Stuff – Quilt Show Wrap-Up

I will not be posting lots of pictures of quilts from the show. If you want to see some, Teresa of Fabric Therapy has several posts with lovely pictures if you are interested.  She didn’t spend a lot of time on modern quilts, but she did post lots of pictures.

The first thing I would like to say about the AQS Grand Rapids Quilt Show is for all the Twilters (quilters on Twitter) out there: We Michigan & Illinois twilters don’t just meet-up, we hang! Yep, many lovely hours were spent with Carole & Nonnie. Unfortunately, Nonnie had to work so only got to be there for a couple of days. And one of those was Saturday when I had hit my limit. (I think this photo of us was my first selfie ever, but don’t tell anyone! We are in front of Quilted Magnolia’s quilt Corgi Fairy Tale.)


Now, let me tell you a couple of things I learned this time around.

  1. Don’t take four classes that all start at 8:30 AM! First, don’t take four classes. That is kind of tiring to start with. Second, 8:30 is way too early four days in a row! I am no longer used to that early to bed thing!
  2. Quilt shows are more fun with friends!
  3. If you decide to not spend money on fabric because your basement is full of is already full, you really don’t save any money because you feel entitled to shoot your budget on a Laga bag.
  4. Quilt shows are more fun when you are looking at quilts by people you know.
  5. If you ever press seams open, you need The Stick.
  6. If you are going to take a class with Kimberly Einmo, buy the rulers and tools and books from her directly. She gives great deals.
  7. Take a class with Kimberly Einmo.

So here is some of my quilt show swag. (Not pictured: an electric massager – it works basically like a stim machine with different pulse settings.)I was searching for hand quilting needles, so the top three items (I’m not sure why these pictures are rotated incorrectly) are different types of hand quilting needles. Below the rotary cutter is a thimble called a tortoise. I haven’t tried any of these yet. There is my Laga bag also.


This is one end of said Laga bag.IMG_2268And this is the bottom of the Laga bag. I didn’t even notice this until yesterday!

Below is what I bought at my Kimberly Einmo class.


Yes, that is the book that I reviewed Monday. Yes, there are two fat eighths of fabric given us by Kimberly Einmo. And we have Kimberly’s EZ Jelly Roll and EZ Flying Geese rulers. (I may never make flying geese any other way again.) And at the top is The Stick.IMG_2264

Above are the blocks I made in the two Kimberly Einmo class.

Below is my swag from the game of Quilt-O. The pink FQ really is Carole’s swag but she passed it along to me. Also pictured a blingy “May Your Bobbins Always Be Full” iron on, a scissors buddy, a bookmark, a deck of cards & the bag holding a hotfix crystal kit. Some of this stuff may show up in a giveaway sometime soon. You never know.IMG_2257

Below is what came in the bag. This is different from my other hotfix tool so I may try both of them and do a comparative post sometime soon.IMG_2267And that is my quilt show info. Although I may throw other bits and pieces at you in future posts.

Quilt on!

Books on Monday – Modern Quilts & More

Thanks to the AQS Grand Rapids Quilt Week, I have a brand new book to cover. Well, brand new to me, that is. Today we are looking at Modern Quilts & More by Kimberly Einmo. And, yes, that is an Amazon Affiliate link below.

First, let’s talk about the quilts in this book. Yes, they are all very modern looking. Yes, I marked every one of them. Will I make any just like in the book? Probably not, although Orange Zest, Modern T’s, and Saturated Color Play are tempting. Will I keep this book? Oh, yeah! The inspiration level is very high here. Also, there is a lot of great information here, even if you aren’t making any of the quilts. (I’m so sorry that Amazon doesn’t allow you to look inside this one!)

I purchased this during my first Kimberly Einmo class last week, and fellow Twilter Carole and I looked at it while awaiting the arrival of our dinner. One of the things we liked best about this book was the comments from the quilters of each quilt describing how and why they chose the quilting for the quilt. Also, you get a lot of description from Kimberly, with top tips and other very useful information (like how to add a good hanging sleeve) in addition to the excellently written directions.

Here is how the book is laid out:

  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction: Modern Quilts at a Glance
  • Get Ready – Before You Begin!
  • Get Set
  • Sew Modern Quilts (16 of them)
  • Resource Guide
  • About the Author

Some of the resources mentioned in the Resource Guide will be showing up in a future post about my time at the show so stay tuned, and

Quilt on!

Books on Monday – Machine Quilting

Today we are looking at an oldie but a goodie: Machine Quilting: A Primer of Techniques by Sue Nickels. Amazon Associate link follows.

Yep, this one has been in my collection for awhile now. I just haven’t used it. I pulled it out to look at it again because I am taking a quickie (half day) class on this subject from Sue Nickels Saturday at the AQS Quilt Week in Grand Rapids. I am planning to start doing some free motion quilting. Really. (Yeah, don’t ask about the appliqué. It’s coming soon. Honest. I just need to finish a bit more stuff first.)

First, this was published in 2003. Now, that doesn’t seem to matter to the techniques, but maybe a little of the written information sounds a bit dated. Or maybe not and it is just me knowing how old the book is.

Book Sections

  1. Introduction
  2. Machine Quilting History
  3. Long-Arm Machine Quilting (by Helen Smith Stone)
  4. Section One: Supplies (includes a very helpful description of the different types of machine needles)
  5. Section Two: Techniques (includes many designs to trace and practice, all of which I plan to do)
  6. Section Three: The Actual Quilt (how to choose quilt designs for a quilt, etc.)
  7. Section Four: Projects (four of them – accent on the quilting)
  8. Bibliography
  9. Products
  10. About the Author

Despite the publication date, this book is going to be very helpful to me. And, yes, I plan to use it. And, yes, I recommend it highly.

Quilt on!


Something on Sunday Update

I got the permission from Amazing Amy to show you how she looked for her son’s wedding so here she is!


Yes, there is less embroidery on Amy’s version of the hat and sweater than the original pattern. Amy felt that for the person she is, that much embroidery was too much. (It’s a good thing because I would not have gotten it done in time if she had wanted the embroidery down the front of the sweater and on the brim of the hat too.)

Quilt on!

Something on Sunday

Just a little update on what has been going on around here this past week. I told you what I accomplished last Monday in Tuesday’s blog post.After that, what went on here until late Thursday night (or more accurately, early Friday morning) was a lot of embroidering on Amazing Amy’s sweater. During this time, I remembered why I didn’t like crewel embroidery (embroidering with yarn is a pain!). Here are a couple of shots of the sweater in progress. (I hope to be able to share a picture of Amy in her entire wedding regalia, but I’m waiting for permission from her before I go ahead.)



Once Amazing Amy picked up her sweater on Friday morning (and we went out for a bite and coffee at one of the local cafés), I got back to the paper piecing and finished these pieces of my daughter’s Christmas tree skirt (8 of each). I really want to keep going on this, but preparing for the quilt show calls to me today.


What’s calling your name?

Quilt on!

Quilting Fun

I have been getting  in some sewing while the getting is good. Carolyn was planning to finish and block the sweater today, so sometime in the next couple of days I will get the sweater and start embroidering the sleeves. Amy tried it on and definitely only wants the sleeves embroidered, which means I may actually be able to get it done in time for her to wear it to the wedding on Saturday.

This means that I spent yesterday evening cutting and putting together Block 2 of this year’s Fat Quarter Shop Designer Mystery BOM. This one was designed by the ladies from Sweetwater:


Today I decided that some paper piecing was in order since I couldn’t vacuum the sewing area while my husband napped. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.) I started working on the Celebration Christmas Tree Skirt that I’m making for my oldest daughter. This is about where these units were when I started.


Here is how they (there are actually eight of them) look all completed:


My Block 3 (designed by Bonnie & Camille) arrived today, so if I don’t get the call from Carolyn early in the day tomorrow, I may try to get it put together and be ahead for the first time ever in a BOM!

What have you been up to?

Quilt on!

Books on Monday – Row Quilts

This week we are looking at the book Row Quilts, Longitudes & Latitudes by Annie’s (which is also the publisher). Amazon Associate link is below:

Make sure you look at the inside of this book so that you see some of the quilts. This is a book of quilt patterns. It contains an Introduction, the 10 quilt patterns, a section on Finishing Your Quilt, Special Thanks, and Supplies. If you need basic quilting information, use a different book to start out.

Many of the patterns in this book appear to be assembled in vertical, instead of horizontal rows. There are a couple of patterns that would be great for large scale prints. I’m a big fan of the cover quilt, but my favorite is the quilt called Stardom. (Predictably, there are stars in this quilt & if you’ve been reading this blog for very long, you know how much I love stars.)

One of the quilts is called Thomas Goes Fishing and features many fish. I’m not a big fan of fish quilts, but this pattern gives an option for paper pieced flowers that really caught my eye. I appreciated the option. It may actually be one of the first quilts I make from this book!

Quilt on!

The Past Week’s Progress

Not much quilting has happened here. Why? Well, there has been a bit of embroidery work on a hat from The Unofficial Downton Abbey Knits magazine. It is the hat from this combo:

Amazing Amy’s son is getting married on Saturday the 16th. Several months ago when we saw this, she had expressed an interest in the combo to go with her Mother of the Groom desk and protect her from outdoor wedding sun. Careful Carolyn said she’d knit it if someone else would embroider it. For some reason, I opened my mouth and offered.

Amy had already said she wasn’t sure that she wanted the flowers on the brim, so I embroidered the flowers on the crown and sent her pictures. After seeing them, she said she was sure of it, so I turned it over to her today. I don’t really have any good pictures to show you, but here are a couple. (Please note, I am awful at satin stitch.) And the pictures are pretty dark. IMG_1961 IMG_1962


Once Carolyn finishes the actual sweater, I will hope to get it embroidered in time for the wedding. So far, Amy says she only wants the embroidery around the sleeves. We will see how that goes.

The only really quilty thing I did this week was complete the first of the 2014 Designer Mystery BOM from the Fat Quarter Shop. I hope to finish the second block today before block number three arrives tomorrow or Tuesday. Actually, as soon as I complete this post I’m heading downstairs to do it.

IMG_1957How about you?

Quilt on!