Jul 25

Minor Life Update

Remember this picture?

IMG_4197Well, this area now looks like this (for a day or two, at least):


Here’s the rest of the room:


Of course, the living room currently looks pretty bad:

IMG_4301But that is temporary. Of course, I’m still waiting for the sewing machine table and cutting table that should be shipping soon. I can’t do much more than I’ve already done until they get here.

Last week, I put together one set of Closetmaid closet shelves. (DD put together the other for me.)

Then I put together two sets of bookshelves. (I really missed DD for that one. I’m older than I used to be and my hands were pretty sore by the time that job was done.)

All of those were for fabric storage. Here’s the yardage storage:

IMG_4292That’s all my yardage except for panels and batiks. Note the bottom shelf on each side is full of Fairy Frost of various colors. And the stack of solids on the top right is quite a bit taller than I would have expected it to be. I don’t make quilts of all solid fabrics. Hanging from the hangers are un-ironed wide backing fabrics.

Here is the batiks bookshelf with fat quarters on the top shelf:

IMG_4290I was surprised at how many neutralish batiks I have. I think I need to buy some brighter ones!

Below in the cube on the left are my precuts and some patterns and some other stuff. On the right are all my fat quarters that are not batiks. The containers on the top have some fat quarter collections that I want to keep together and not mix in with the others. The bottom shelf has a container of yardages from collections that I want to keep together.

This area is actually the foyer. I overflowed! My original plan was that the bookcase on the right would be my larger bookcase for books and magazines. Unfortunately, I measured poorly and that case didn’t really fit there. So it has moved into the room itself. Pictures of that will have to come later.

IMG_4296I also got my design wall hung and immediately put up my Birds in the Air blocks from the Twilter swap. The first shot is just me putting them up on point. The second picture comes after I did a little fiddling with it. It’s still a work in progress.

IMG_4287 IMG_4295And that is what I’ve been up to over the last several days (well, weeks really). I hope you’ve been getting more sewing done.

Quilt on!

Jul 25

Books on Monday – Organizing Solutions for Every Quilter

Today we are looking at a book I’ve had since January of 2012 but have never really carefully gone through until recently. We are looking at Organizing Solutions for Every Quilter: An Illustrated Guide to the Space of Your Dreams by Carolyn Woods. The two links below are for the book and Kindle versions, in that order.

If you’ve been following the blog at all, you may realize why this book appeals to me at this time in my life. I was/am desperately looking for storage solutions for all this fabric so I can keep as much as possible and still occasionally buy new. This book has been very helpful, so I thought I’d share.

Carolyn Woods is a professional organizer. She spent considerable time talking to various quilters. Several of the studio pictures in this book are from quilters whose names I recognize. She doesn’t recommend any specific arrangement or products, but she does feature many many great ideas and possibilities. And there are plenty of inspirational pictures!

Here is what is in the book:

  • Forward
  • Section 1: Get Organized (The Overview)
    • Chapter 1: The Process of Getting Organized: A Step-By-Step Guide
    • Chapter 2: Room Design
  • Section 2: Storage Options (The Nitty-Gritty)
    • Chapter 3: Fabric Storage
    • Chapter 4: Thread, Notions, Tools, and More
    • Chapter 5: Project and UFO Storage
    • Chapter 6: Quilting on the Go
    • Chapter 7: Longterm Storage and Display
  • Resources
  • About the Author

Quilt on!

Jul 22

Merry Christmas in July Sale!


Yes, this is another Craftsy Sale Extraordinaire! Starting today and ending at 11;59 PM MDT, on Sunday, it’s Christmas in July! (Yep, this is one of THOSE posts. If you click on the preceding link, you will help me support this blog.)

Here’s Craftsy’s version: It’s Christmas in July already! And that means it’s time to start thinking about all the incredible handmade gifts you’re going to give come December. So to make things a little easier, we’re giving you up to 60% off kits and supplies. Get everything you need to make something that’s for the holidays and from the heart. christmas-in-july

I just stuck the second picture in because I could! And I couldn’t make up my mind about which to use. And, yes, that kit that I am really fighting purchasing is on sale right now. 40% off. The fight continues.

Quilt on!

Jul 21

I’m a Winner!

This morning I received an email from Rhonda of Rhonda’s Ramblings previously known as Quilter in the Gap. She was informing me that I am a Q2 Finish-A-Long winner! Whoopee! I won a gift certificate from Sunny Day Supply. So I guess I will have to just buy something in the near future although I really don’t want to do it. 😉

The huge home reorg is on break because we have both granddogs staying with us. By tomorrow evening we will be back down to one and working like mad.

Since I don’t have any quilting pictures, here are some granddog pix:

IMG_4261 IMG_4267Yep, there is a theme there.

Quilt on!


Jul 14

Why I’m Whining

If we are friends or in the Twilters together on social media, you may have noticed me whining about my lack of sewing and quilting time of late. Or maybe you just noticed it in my Q3 Finish-A-Long plans post. Anyway, just a little update of why I don’t have time to do any of my favorite things.

We are gaining some beloved roommates in a few days. Our eldest daughter has decided she has spent too much of her life living away from family. Her current job allows her to work remotely, so she plans to come live with us for a bit. The finished part of our basement consists of a huge family room (formerly known as my quilt studio), a bedroom and a full bath. We are currently readying that room but it has been a bit of a challenge.

I got some help from friends who came to iron some fabric for me so that it will fit in a smaller space. (New quilt studio is less than 1/4 the size of the family room so downsizing must happen. This is the day that Amy and Angela helped. Carolyn came another day, and Andrea a third day. If you look carefully at the picture, you can see that fabric has pretty much taken over the basement. You can also see that I have two  queen-sized quilt frames in that room. Sigh. And the room is a mess.

IMG_4197What you can’t see is that the room my quilt studio is moving to, was packed with my MIL’s stuff that we had not yet dispersed since her passing last spring. All of this needs to change quickly. DD gave her landlord 60 days notice in June so that a new tenant could possibly be found at the busiest time of year. Such a tenant was found so DD will be moving out of her current place about 30 days after giving the notice. The timetable suddenly became very short.

This whole process has been blessed. Our next door neighbor’s son is moving into his first apartment and it is unfurnished. He took quite a bit of MIL’s furniture, lamps and a couple of fans. Salvation Army came for quite a bit of it. We’ve made many trips to Goodwill and various recycling places. I have taken three big bags and three big boxes of fabric to my LQS for donation. Today 1800GotJunk came and hauled away the rear projection TV and lots of other junk. Now the basement looks more like this:

IMG_4228Stlll got a ways to go! Especially when you look here:IMG_4229 Clearly I need a better way to store fabric. I’m working on that. I will probably have to get rid of more fabric.IMG_4230

We moved my personal quilt frame up to the living room because the new studio will not have room for a queen-sized quilt frame! (The church frame will remain in the basement until this quilt is completed. Then it will leave. I’m not sure that anyone else will pick up the torch and do the church quilt, but unfortunately my time is up after this year.) As you can see in the picture below. IMG_4231We are nowhere near done, but at least we are ready for the new carpet to arrive on Saturday for this room and the room that will be my DH’s study.

While I’m waiting, I’m taking fabric storage suggestions and consolidating two linen closets into one. And working at VBS this week and attending two parties on Saturday and another on Sunday.

Yes, this is not the life of an introvert.

In the meantime, does anyone have awesome fabric storage suggestions.

Quilt on!

Jul 11

Books on Monday – Return to Elm Creek

This week we are back to Elm Creek with Return To Elm Creek: More Quilt Projects Inspired by the Elm Creek Quilts Novels by Jennifer Chiaverini. And, as usual, the links below are Amazon Affiliate links.

Like the book I reviewed last time, this book is set up with the quilts arranged by the book in which they appear and Ms. Chiaverinii also tells how each of these quilts came to be in those books. Once again this book contains twelve quilt patterns. Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler is included in here, but it is a much simpler version than the one in the full book which I reviewed here.

The book starts with a Book Tour Diary in place of the introduction in the last book. Other than that the structure is still the same. Here’s the Table of Contents.

  • Dedication and Acknowledgments
  • Jennifer’s Book Tour Diary
  • From The Quilter’s Apprentice
  • From The Cross-Country Quilters
  • From The Runaway Quilt
  • From The Quilter’s Legacy
  • From The Master Quilter
  • Quilting 101
  • Index
  • Resources
  • About the Author
  • About the Quiltmakers

Quilt on!

Jul 10

Q3 Finish-A-Long Goals

How do I make goals for this quarter? I can’t even seem to get any time to sew or cut or… You get the picture. The big sorting, emptying, moving stuff around project is consuming our days and nights here. Sigh. At least there are only a couple of weeks left of the intense stuff. Then we will gain our two new roommates, and we will all be settling in and getting used to the new living situation. But more about that later.

I think my quilty quarter won’t actually start until mid-August after the AQS Grand Rapids Show.  That being said, I still have some goals from my Q2 list to accomplish so… Here’s the Q2 list. Completed items have been crossed out.

  1. Scrap in a Box (piece backing, layer, baste, quilt, bind)
  2. Christmas table runner (layer, baste, quilt, bind) – I’m actually hoping to complete this this weekend.
  3. 2012 FQS Designer Mystery BOM (assemble top, layer, baste, send out for quilting, bind)
  4. Heart Quilt – bind

So, basically, for this quarter I really want to finish Scrap-in-a-Box and the 2012 FQS Designer Mystery BOM. Two things. That’s all. Here’s what they each need:

  • Scrap in A Box needs the backing made, sandwiching, quilting and binding. I’m pretty sure I plan to quilt this one myself because I think I want all walking foot quilting on it.
  • 2012 FQS Designer Mystery BOM – I need to finalize my block setting ideas and complete the top, send it out to be longarmed, and then bind it.

If I actually accomplish these, I will feel very good about this quarter even though I will have spent half of it not quilting at all.

Quilt on!

Jul 08

On Sale – Craftsy Classes!!!

It is true that I am not dong much except slaving away here, but that doesn’t mean you have to! Guess what! There’s a Craftsy Class Sale. 50% off top classes from now through Sunday, July 10th at 11:59 PM MDT.  (Yes, if you follow that link, you will be helping to support this blog.)


Okay, I now have to get back to my regularly scheduled torture.

Quilt on! (I wish I could!)

Jun 30

Shipshewana Quilt Festival – 3

Here is the third installment of pictures of awesome quilts from the Shipshewana Quilt Festival.


This is “Stars in My Garden” by Linda Cramer of Three Rivers, MI, quilted by Colleen Gall of The Cotton Corner. Lovely flowers! IMG_4081

For some reason, giraffes have been appealing to me lately. This is “Patches” by Doris Goins of Kendallville, IN, part of the Hoffman Challenge exhibit.IMG_4101

This is from an Edyta Sitar pattern, “Spring Bouquet.” One of my favorite things about this version is that the quiltmaker, Diana Devereaux of New Hope, PA, named her quilt “I Actually Did It.” I’m pretty sure I would feel the same way if I’d actually done it!IMG_4106

Here is “China Quilt” by Judy Mercer Tescher of Pendleton, IN. It was quilted by Elaine Reed.


Here is a closeup of the border quilting which I really love. IMG_4108Here is “Icing on the Cake” by Jennifer Rose of Hugo, MN from a pattern by Jenny Pedigo. IMG_4114

“Best Buds” by Darla Parks of Grand Haven, MI. I like the clean simple lines of the appliqué and the lovely quilting.


This is “A Long Way from Home” by Amy Pabst of LeRoy, WV. It is paper pieced and has 3,028 pieces.

IMG_4118Here is a closeup so you can see the tiny pieces and the quilting done on a sashiko machine.


This bright and lovely quilt is “Dance of the Dragonflies” by Donna Stoltzfus of Goshen, IN. It was quilted by Three Sisters Longarm Quilting. IMG_4162

This was one of Carolyn’s favorites. It is “A Dying Breed” by Patricia Kennedy-Zafred of Murrysville, PA. This is a tribute to the American Family Farmer. The images from the 1930s are silk-screened onto vintage feed sacks.    IMG_4191This one is “Twas the Night Before Christmas” by Linda McNeal of McKinney, TX, quilted by Jackie Brown.

IMG_4192Note that the Naughty List is Disney Villains. The Nice List are Linda’s grandchildren and family members.


Here’s a border closeup. Isn’t it adorable?


And here is some of the background quilting. I wanted to remember these flowers for future reference.

And that is it for the Shipshewana Quilt Festival. I have more pictures, but the pictures of the information are too blurred for me to read and I don’t want to post the pictures without giving credit where it is due.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the last few posts here.

Quilt on!

Jun 29

Shipshewana Quilt Festival – 2

Here are some more of my favorite quilts from the Shipshewana Quilt Festival.


This one is “Hope” by Ann Pigneri of Louisville, KY. Her description on the card says that there are 2500 crystals in six colors. IMG_4054

Here is one of the large Mariner’s Compass blocks which she added have 96 pieces. IMG_4056

This is “Fair Winds and Following Seas” by Cheryl DeRaad of Belmont, MI. Quilted by Jan Vander Meer.IMG_4057

Close up of another Mariner’s Compass.IMG_4088

Beverly Quemada of Kalamazoo, MI made this “Flower Baskets for Grandma.” It was quilted by Deb Noteboom. What you can’t tell from this picture (and I can’t believe I didn’t take a closeup) is that the baskets have 3D flowers in them. So cool.


This one is “Woven Journey” by Claudia Pfeil from Krefeld, Germany. I have seen many of Claudia’s quilts in person and I’m a big fan!IMG_4145

This is “Harmony’s Loop” by Suzy Webster of Apple Valley, MN. She adapted the center from an authentic Turkish Design.IMG_4151

“Summer Still Life” is by Judy Crandell of Dowagiac, MI, quilted by Lisa Houston. I love the calm look of this one.IMG_4153

I got to see “Silk Road Sampler” by Melissa Sobotka of Richardson, TX. It is one awesome quilt! It got a special award. Absolutely amazing quilt.IMG_4156

I am amazed at how many really modern quilts I am starting to love. This one is “It All Comes Around” by Karlyn Bue Lohrenz of Billings, Montana. It is lovely.IMG_4182

This one is “Beyond the Rainbow” by Brenda Roach of Bloomfield, IN. Note that the colors before the rainbow are neutrals and then, as they pass through the rainbow, the colors show up. IMG_4183

“Sunshine and Shadow – Turquoise” by Deborah Hyde of West Bloomfield, MI focuses on the Sunshine and Shadows block. If you haven’t noticed they even show up in the woman’s face.IMG_4194

“Robber’s Roost” was made by Joanne Baeth of Bonanza, OR.

So that’s it for today’s installment. I think I have one more in me.

Quilt on!

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