May 25

Nothing Quilty Going On!

There, I’ve said it. I haven’t done any posting because, unfortunately, there is nothing quilty going on in my life. Lots of reading and visiting – but nothing quilty. That will change over the next week or so, but for now…

My sister flew in last Friday for an early birthday visit! It was awesome having her around for a few days. We went to visit some old friends from the neighborhood and hung out with my daughter and son-in-law and the fabulous Benson.

This picture is here to show you my awesome baby sister and the absolutely fabulous fabric in her blouse. I didn’t ask her permission so I hope she doesn’t kill me.

IMG_3996After Sis left on Monday, we started to get ready for some traveling which may or may not be followed up by a visit from my husband’s brother. We are currently spending some quality time with this little guy

IMG_3997and his mama, who happens to be our eldest daughter. So by the end of next week, we should have covered visiting with our entire biological family. A great way to spend the week or two leading up to and following one’s birthday, I would say.

But I am looking forward to making some Birds in the Air blocks and maybe even finishing at least the top of the 2012 Designer Mystery BOM by the end of June. At least that is the current plan.

Quilt on!

May 23

Books on Monday – Simple Christmas Tidings

I realize the postings have been few and far between lately (I had several books on hold at my local library that all came in at the same time so nothing quilty has been happening around here lately as I read furiously to meet deadlines) but it is time for a Books on Monday post & I have a brand new quilt book that I’ve been able to slip in between the fiction.

This week we are looking at Simple Christmas Tidings: Scrappy Quilts and Projects for Yuletide Style by Kim Diehl. Below are Amazon links to the paperback and Kindle versions, in case you are interested in purchasing your own copy and simultaneously supporting the blog.

If you are looking at the cover images there and thinking that this is not something you might have expected me to pick because of the colors, well duh! Just know that throughout this book, I pictured everything in bright Christmas colored fabrics with gold metallic print. Now everything looks more like me.

I’m shocked that this is the first of Kim Diehl’s books that I’ve ever purchased because, although her taste in fabrics and mine are not the least bit similar, I love her designs. Look at that cover quilt! I’m relatively certain that that is high on my list of quilts to make! I have lots of Christmas scraps!

I love the designs in this book. (Did I mention that earlier?) There are designs for tree skirts (I may or may not be highly tempted to make at least one of these! The one with the actual trees on it – go use the Amazon Look Inside to see what I mean), stockings, ornaments, quilts, wall-hangings, pillows, and other little doodads. Many of them are pieced, some are appliquéd.

As usual, I have marked a good number of these items as things I might want to make someday, but, in a first, I have also marked some of the recipes in this book! Yes, there are Christmas recipes!

The directions appear to be well-written (I haven’t tried to follow them yet), the photography is gorgeous, and the variety is enticing. Nothing not to like here.

So what’s inside? This:

  • Acknowldgments
  • Introduction
  • Twinkle Tree Table Topper – This also has options for making it into a Christmas tree skirt, which I might be tempted to do.
  • Snowman Shenanigans Wall Hanging
  • Twilight Star Medallion Lap Quilt
  • Welcome Home Holiday Hangers
  • Winter Delight Candle Mat
  • Christmas Baubles
  • Holiday Hospitality Tree Skirt
  • Scrap-Basket Stockings – In our family, Christmas stockings are knitted from a 60+ year-old pattern, but I do want to make some of these!
  • Button Blizzard Pillow
  • Yuletide Cheer Lap Quilt – This is the cover quilt.
  • Kim’s Quiltmaking Basics – This covers everything you might need to know to complete the quilts in this book.
  • About the Author

Yes, in case you haven’t gotten the hints – two thumbs up on this one!

Quilt on!!

May 22

Craftsy’s Birthday Sale


I’m sorry that I’ve maintained radio silence all week and have not yet let you know about Craftsy’s Birthday Sale! Now it is nearing the end and you may have missed many opportunities to purchase top classes at 50% off! Bad me!

The good news is that you still have a chance! The sale runs until 11:59 PM MT tonight (5/21/16). Here’s the link to use to help support this blog: Craftsy’s Birthday Sale

I’ll be back tomorrow with a book review!

Quilt on!

May 17

My Blog is 6!

On May 17, 2010, I published my first blog post. I used Blogger. The URL was slightly different because it had the ending. I was working my way through the book Marsha McCloskey’s Block Party: A Quilter’s Extravaganza of 120 Rotary-Cut Block Patterns by Marsha McCloskey. I was going to go straight through the book. I didn’t get very far. I still have the page marked. Other things became more interesting and so this blog has changed over the years. Now it is just more or less my personal blog with the book review component which I started on April 1, 2013.

Just thought I’d mention this auspicious day. No contests this year. Just a passing nod to this blog’s origin.

May 11

Picture Comparisons

While taking pictures of “Hearts of Flowers,” I decided to compare the pictures from my iPhone camera (which is what I use most of the time lately because in a lot of ways it’s the better camera) with the pictures from my several years old Canon Elph. (Note: I am not a professional photographer, nor do I want to learn a bunch of things about how to use my camera. I’d rather make quilts.)

So often the colors seem slightly off in the iPhone pictures and I seem to angle the iPhone more when I use it than the regular camera. Since so much of what I photograph are quilts and the keystoning is pretty obvious from the slanted iPhone and the colors are so important, I decided to compare the pictures of Hearts of Flowers.

Here are the iPhone pix:

IMG_3934 IMG_3938 IMG_3940 IMG_3941And here are the Canon pix:

IMG_1349 IMG_1350 IMG_1351 IMG_1352So, what do you think?

Quilt on!

May 10

Hearts of Flowers – Another Second Quarter Finish

Last night I finally finished hand sewing the binding onto this quilt waiting at church for my husband to finish his meeting (and watching some of Season 4 of Criminal Minds). Whew! Another finish!

In case you don’t remember, this quilt is for me!!!! I had been watching for a great pattern to use with my Kaffe Fassett Collective layer cake that would showcase the large prints. I fell in love with this pattern when I saw it with the Fat Quarter Shop Jolly Bar (their own Moda pre-cut) kit. I had to buy the Jolly Bar to get the pattern, which I was happy to do.

I’m calling this quilt “Hearts of Flowers” because “Hearts and Flowers” was too predictable and this name describes what it is. It’s a good thing it’s for me because it has a few issues (like a slightly puckered binding and a couple other minor issues caused by sloppily joining pinked edges to straight edges).

The hardest choice I had to make on this one was binding color. I asked for help on Twitter and Facebook, and the votes came in pretty much tied between the gray and black. Then one of my Facebook friends, Carole, said I needed to look at a book, Happy Endings by Mimi Dietrich, which she then brought over for me to see. (It turns out, I have a copy in the basement too.) I had also done the related Craftsy Class.  

In the end, I added a pale yellow folded flat piping and the gray binding. I considered covered cording instead of the piping but decided the piping might show up better.

Here’s the finished project:

IMG_1349   IMG_1352Quilt on!

May 09

Books on Monday – Blending Photos with Fabric 2

When I was at EQ7 Academy a couple of weeks ago, I received a goody bag. (Okay, we all received goody bags!) One of the items in this bag was a book by Mary Ellen Krantz, one of the teachers there. This is the book we are looking at today, Blending Photos with Fabric 2: More Great Ideas to Combine Photography, Printing and Quiltmaking. This book is available from The Electric Quilt Company or, if you follow the link below (which is my Amazon Affiliate link).

I must confess that this doesn’t sound much like something I’d be rushing out to try, but some of the projects and ideas in this book are very inspiring. Maybe you will see some projects like these here on the blog.

The book is divided into two parts – “Photo to Fabric” and “Quilt Projects.” The first part covers the technique and supplies for printing photos onto fabric, and the second part consists of 10 projects. The directions are written very clearly and the projects use photos in very creative ways.

Here is what is included in the “Photo to Fabric” section:

  • Inspiration
  • When an Image Inspires a Quilt
  • The Creative Side of Picture Taking
  • The Technical Side of Picture Taking
  • Ways to Get Photos into Your Computer
  • A Quiltmaker’s Guide to Buying a Printer
  • Caring for Your Inkjet Printer
  • Printing on Fabric
  • Step 1 – Prepare Your Fabric
  • Step 2 – Prepare Your Image
  • Ten Steps to Image Prep
  • Step 3 – Prepare Your Printer

Who knows? I may start using more photos in my quilts!

Quilt on!

May 08

Very Brief Update

IMG_3910 IMG_3912I must confess that I had nothing to do with the creation of this little snail. Carolyn knitted crocheted him. Isn’t he adorable? She brought him to coffee one day and I took pictures so I could share him with you. The colors might not be quite what one wants sitting on an orange table though.

IMG_3927I finished Block 12 of the 2011 FQS Designer Mystery BOM. Once I assemble the 2012 FQS Designer Mystery BOM (seen below on the design wall), I will get busy assembling this one. There’s no hurry. I haven’t even decided yet whether I will quilt it myself or send it out. IMG_3836

We watched our granddog, Benson, who didn’t seem to trust that Mom and Dad were actually going to come back. He is part Basset Hound and part Beagle (which my daughter tells me they call a Bagel Hound) and the Basset Hound part makes his barking and howling sound particularly mournful, even when he’s barking with joy because Mom and Dad did come home!IMG_3916I spent some time reading in my favorite room, my sunroom. I’ve been reading more than usual because suddenly all the books that I reserved at the library seem to be coming in at once. So stressful!IMG_3917

I sewed the front of the binding onto the hearts quilt and got a pucker. I was using The Binding Tool. I’ve never yet managed to put one on without a pucker when using that tool. Sandy from Quilting for the Rest of Us recommended the Fons & Porter Binding Tool so I ordered it from Amazon. It will be ready for the next binding. Jackie from Sew Excited Quilts has a binding tutorial that she posted on Friday.  IMG_3918You may have also noticed that the hearts quilt got a light yellow flat folded piping. Once I finish hand sewing the binding to the back and wash the quilt, I’ll post pictures of the whole thing. I confess that there are a couple of problems with this quilt, but I made it for me and I’ll enjoy it!

This evening once we got home, I worked on cutting HSTs for the Twilter Birds in the Air Block exchange. I still have plenty of cutting to do before I can start sewing them.

What have you been up to?

Quilt on!


May 07

Help a Quilter Out!

This is just a brief post to request help for a fellow quilter.

My Contact page has a comment from a quilter looking for some of the green stripe fabric from my American Beauty quilt. I believe the line used in this quilt was Wild Rose by Marti Michell for Maywood Studios. Here is pretty much what the fabric looks like:IMG_2565If you have any idea of where to find about 2 yards of this fabric, please leave a comment here and I will make sure Patty gets the information.

Thank you!

Quilt on!

Apr 29

Craftsy Supplies Sale

Yes, this post is an ad.

This weekend you can find top kits and supplies for your craft at BIG savings on Craftsy. Explore fresh picks from your favorite brands and designers, and enjoy exceptional prices. But don’t wait –– just like spring, this offer won’t last long. Deal ends Sunday!

Quilt on!

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