Jan 13

2017 Q1 Finish-Along List

Yes, I’m going to try this again this year. Last year my best quarter for finishes was the first quarter – maybe because it is also my LQS’s UFO finishing contest also, so I’m extra motivated. So this year, I’m aiming high again for the first quarter.

First of all, I am pretty sure I can finish my 2012 FQS Designer Mystery Block of the Month. After all, it is currently at the longarmer’s and then will only need binding.

I am hoping to finish my Birds in the Air quilt also. I need to decide about borders and then I think I will quilt it myself – unless I change my mind about that.

Disappearing Pinwheels is another that shouldn’t take impossibly long to finish. I have a couple more blocks to finish and then construction and quilting to think about and complete. Here’s a picture of one of the blocks.I only have three more blocks to finish in the 2014 Designer Mystery BOM and the finishing kit is all cut out, so that could be another finish. That’s kind of an outside chance, but worth the thought. Here’s are a couple of pictures to remind you of what some of the fabrics look like for that one. I also (if sewing time is abundantly available) could hope to finish the Lone Star quilt that I started at the AQS show a couple of years ago in Kimberly Einmo’s class. That’s a real longshot though! But worth the mention. And that is my plan, including some longshots! How about you?

I’m linking this to the 2017 Q1 Proposed Finishes at Rhonda’s Ramblings.

Quilt on!


Jan 13

Craftsy Class Event & Daily Special

I’m a little late posting this but better late than never right. (Yes, this is an advertisement. Yes, I could make a bit of cash toward supporting this blog. Thank you for considering it.)


Two classes are better than one! Buy a Craftsy class and get a second class of equal or lesser value for free! Use coupon code BOGOJAN17 at checkout. *Some exlusions apply. Shop January 13-15!

And Second:

Also, Craftsy wants you to get acquainted with their Quilter’s Daily Buzz. To help with that, there will be a Daily Deal posted on that page each day for the next four weeks! I will try to remind you whenever I post, but since I don’t post every day, I hope you’ll go and check it out on your own each day.

And that’s my Friday night Craftsy update!

Quilt on!

Jan 09

Books on Monday – Clever Combo Quilts

Welcome to the first Books on Monday of 2017! Today we are looking at Clever Combo Quilts by Kimberly Einmo. As usual, the lovely link below is an Amazon Affiliate link.

This is basically a book of absolutely gorgeous patterns. (Yes, I do like them all. I think some would make awesome center medallions for really big quilts.) If you have ever taken a class with Kimberly Einmo, the instruction sections will sound familiar. Her teaching style really comes through in her writing in this book. The book is called Combo Quilts because each quilt is made with a combination of blocks. Kimberly identifies the difficulty level of each quilt with a pink pincushion graphic. She explains the history of the pink pincushion on a page facing the Table of Contents.

Speaking of the Table of Contents…

  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction: Clever Combo Quilts at a Glance – This basically introduces the Combo Quilts concept and tells you a bit about the structure of the book.
  • Chapter One – Ready… – This discusses supplies you’ll need or that she suggests.
  • `Chapter Two – Set… – This chapter describes how to use those specialty rulers that she mentions in Chapter One and includes some very helpful charts.
  • Chapter Three – Sew! – These are the patterns, which include Kimberly’s awesome instructions.
  • Resource Guide
  • About the Author

And do I recommend this book? Heck yeah!

Quilt on!

Jan 08

#SDSI Results

This weekend was sort of a snow day sew-in, even though we didn’t get a lot of snow around here. I will admit that I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked, but I did get the center of the Birds in the Air quilt completed.

You may note that I added the 2 inch vertical sashing here. I like the slight separation between the giant geese. I’m currently thinking that at least a 2 inch white border is something I want to do here. I really don’t want to make this too big as I want to hang it somewhere, although at the rate it’s going this will be plenty large enough to use as a throw quilt.

I still need to cut pieces for Charlotte Hawkins’s mystery quilt Surrounded by Scraps. I hope to get it done this evening or tomorrow. And some La Passacaglia stitching may happen during the Golden Globes.

Quilt on!

Jan 05

Morphing Birds in the Air

Apparently my Birds in the Air blocks from the Twilter swap have decided that they want to be large flying geese. Far be it from me to get in their way! I do think I will add 2″ white vertical sashing and a 2″ white border to add just a bit of space. We’ll see how that goes later today, I hope.

Quilt on!

Dec 31

Quilty Resolutions 2016 & 2017

So, I did my year-end post but didn’t include the results from 2016’s Quilty Resolutions. Results are in blue.

  1. Complete at least 2 of the current BOMs:
    1. 2009 FQS Designer Mystery BOM. (It’s on my frame for handquilting. I really need to get to it. This is still in the same shape but the frame moved upstairs. Does that count for something?
    2. 2011 FQS Designer Mystery BOM. (Eleven of the blocks are completed – although I have misplaced one.) All twelve blocks are completed.
    3. 2012 FQS Designer Mystery BOM. (Ten of the blocks are completed.) The top is completed, the backing trimmed and pressed and the whole thing is out for longarming. This may be the first finish for 2017.
    4. 2014 FQS Designer Mystery BOM. (Nine blocks are completed. The finishing kit is already cut.) Nothing has changed here.
    5. Jinny Beyer Craftsy BOM. (This is the scariest one. I have to get brave enough to move on to the appliqué.) Nothing has changed here either.
  2. Finish Scrap in a Box. (This is the closest thing to a finish so far.) This is finished!!!!!!!!!!!!! I actually did accomplish one of the things on the list.
  3. Make a Sew Together bag. (This is part of the whole diversifying thing.) I bought zippers. Not very impressive.

I obviously did not make realistic expectations for myself here. Sigh. Nope. Let’s blame it on having to relocate the sewing room, which actually accomplished something that I did not put on my list last year because it had been on the list for previous years and I failed. I now have an organized sewing space. It’s a little messy at the moment but it is organized.

So what will I do for 2017? Obviously, I did not do well at the whole diversifying thing. But I really do want to try some new things so I’m making my word for the year “New.” I will try new things while finishing old ones. So here are my Quilty Resolutions for 2017:

  1. Finish UFOs. Not necessarily all of these and not necessarily in this order:
    1. 2012 FQS Designer Mystery BOM (This should be my first finish for 2017.)
    2. 2014 FQS Designer Mystery BOM (This needs three more blocks completed and the finishing kit is already cut.)
    3. Disappearing Pinwheel
    4. Two quilts from Kimberly Einmo classes.
    5. The Chrismas jelly roll race quilt.
    6. The Jinny Beyer BOM
    7. La Passacaglia
  2. Make the Craftsy kit quilt that I bought for our bed.
  3. Make some bags – at the very least one.
  4. Use some jelly rolls and layer cakes.
  5. At least start the supersecret project I’ve been designing in my head for years.

I’m hoping to get more quilting and sewing time this year so that I can make some progress. We will see how it goes.I am, of course, overshooting. Dream big, right?

Quilt on!

Dec 31

2016 In Review Here at 120 Blocks

Welcome to my end of the year post! I actually started this post in January and sort of kept a running list of what was happening so that I wouldn’t forget any of it. So here it is in annotated list form.

  • First start and finish – Dog bed for Benson, pictures here
  • Second start – Crushing on Philip Jacobs, later renamed “Hearts of Flowers,” start confession here
  • Third start and second finish – Placemats for my sister’s birthday, pictured here
  • First quilt finish: “Mrs. B’s Crazy Quilt”
  • First Second Quarter Finish – Christmas Table Runner
  • Second Second Quarter Finish – “Hearts of Flowers”
  • EQ7 Academy – I attended the EQ7 Academy in Perrysburg, Ohio and learned a lot about how to use EQ7 from the wonderful Christa Watson. I wrote a little about it here.
  • Downsizing and Studio Move – This kept me busy for several months! There are several posts about it, starting with this one. The finished project shows up here.
  • I got to attend three great quilt shows. There are several posts for each one of these shows. I’ve linked the first of the posts for each show.
  • Began La Passacaglia
  • Final Finish – Scrap in a Box
  • Also completed the top for the 2012 Fat Quarter Shop Designer Mystery BOM (unfortunately no pictures).

Dec 30

Scrap in a Box Finished!

Scrap in a Box started out as one of Charlotte Hawkes’s awesome scrappy mysteries about 2 years ago. Here are some pictures of the steps along the way!

First units untrimmed. A later step all trimmed up!

Some triangular units.Rectangular units.Some units all put together.   Look, blocks!Yep, it’s on point.   Next I had to choose sashing. This took awhile.Another sashing option.I did kind of like the black.This idea didn’t last very long.Red wasn’t too bad.

But eventually I went with the color I love most.Next up is this a possible border?Began putting the quilt together with sashing.Here’s the finished top! Note that I decided on a black border.Then it sat for a while waiting for me to get my sewing room together. And then it had to wait some more for me to get it cleaned up and find a place to baste it. A few weeks ago, I started that process.

As I quilted, I was not pleased with how sloppy my piecing had been. (I am not at all fond of the fabric in the lower left corner. As a matter of fact, I think it is the ugliest fabric I have ever seen in my life. It and the brown fabric – not a fan of brown generally – may be part of why it took me so long to finish this and why I didn’t feel like I liked it very much.)

I did a lot of ditch stitching and was thrilled to get to the border. (Yes, I did every single seam.)

Here’s more of a close-up.

Here’s a view of part of the quilted back.

Here it is all finished and washed.

And here is the back. Because it was a scrappy quilt, I decided to use the Quilters Dream Green batting that I had. I had never used it before and couldn’t even imagine how it could be soft like polyester or cotton. It is. I still don’t know how it works, but I’m happy with the choice for this quilt.

And now that the quilt is finished, I like it better than I did while I was working on it, which is normal for me.

This will also be this quilt’s official post for the Q4 Finish Along. My original post was here. I had listed five items. This was the only one that got finished. Sigh. I got awfully close with the 2012 FQS Designer Mystery BOM but not quite done. I’ll have to be more careful about making realistic goals in 2017.

Rhonda's [Quilt] Ramblings

Quilt on!





Dec 30

Boxing Day Sew-In Results

This will be a brief post. Then, hopefully later today, I will write a longer post about the Scrap in a Box finish, with even more photos. (If not today, tomorrow.)

For the Boxing Day Sew-In, I completed hand sewing the binding onto Scrap in a Box and threw it into the washing machine, although it wasn’t that easy to get the quilt to the machine. This was in the way:

Then I cut the borders for the 2012 FQS Designer Mystery BOM and got three of them sewed on. The fourth and trimming the batting and backing and pressing the backing had to wait for Tuesday. I will be dropping it off for longarming today! Then I’ll have to decide whether I’m really scalloping the borders or leaving them square. (Unfortunately, I have no pictures of the completed top. Sorry.)

Later today, I will need to do some printing and cutting for La Passacaglia so I can work on that during tonight’s football game. Maybe I’ll actually get the first Rosette 2 finished tonight.

I hope you’ve been able to get some quilting done this week too!

Quilt on!

Dec 28

You Might Be Missing a Craftsy Sale!

And since I don’t want you to miss this sale, let me tell you about it!

It’s Craftsy’s Winter Clearance Sale, AKA The Year End Clearance Sale! 

Here’s the skinny on the savings:

  • Quilting Supplies and Kits: Up to 70% off
  • Sewing Supplies and Kits: Up to 70% off
  • Knitting Supplies and Kits: Up to 60% off

The sale started Wednesday 12/28 at 12:01am MT and ends Saturday 12/31 at 11:59pm MT, just before the new year starts Mountain Time.

Let me give you a couple of examples of kits that are tempting me.  Here are a couple of the kits that I am (unfortunately) seriously considering:

  • Amish With a Twist III by Nancy Rink usually $250, on sale for $100.
  • Amish With a Twist I by Nancy Rink usually $185, on sale for $83.25.
  • Merci La Vie Block of the Month Kit by Bunny Hill usually $292, on sale for $31.40
  • Crown Jewels by Amy Gibson usually$140, on sale for $49.

That’s just a smattering! Go see for yourself by clicking here.

And quilt on!

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