Oct 25

Project Updates

I have made a little progress on a few things in the last couple of weeks. Honest!

First, I have sewn together the center of the 2012 FQS Designer Mystery BOM. Please excuse the picture – I don’t have a good way to take a straight on picture of it.


Now I’ve just got to cut the border fabric and attach the borders, which one would think I could easily do, right? Somehow I just haven’t done it yet. Sigh. It is currently my plan to send this to a longarmer, but I’m not 100% sure that I really want to have this one all-over quilted and I’m not sure I can afford custom quilting. And my free motion quilting is not really anywhere close to being ready for this. So we will see what happens. I will take any and all suggestions.

I’ve been working on my first Rosette 2 for La Passacaglia. I am farther along than this picture because I have the stars made and am attaching the star wreath to the inner section pictured below. I had hoped to have that done by the end of the weekend, but I kept starting to put the wreath on wrong and had to take it apart TWICE! That should be done by next week, though. Maybe even a couple of other layers added.


I have not yet layered and basted Scrap-in-a Box. I’m still trying to figure out exactly where I will do that. I used to do it on my JoAnn’s cutting table in the basement, but that is no longer an option. Maybe the kitchen counter will work. Crawling around on the tile floor doesn’t sound like fun! Here’s a very bad picture of the back on the aforementioned tile floor. It is my plan to ditch quilt this one myself on my machine. img_5048

On Sunday I quickly put together an 18″ table topper as a gift for some new friends who are returning home after a year-and-a-half here at the University of Michigan. Here is the Michigan side:


And here is the Michigan side:


Yes, that fusible appliqué was a pain to do! I found myself wishing I lived in Colorado or Utah or another of those smooth bordered states. But at least I think I got the Upper and Lower Peninsulas in the right places.

That’s everything for now!

Quilt on!

Oct 24

Books on Monday – Intentional Piecing


Oh my goodness!!!! It has been two weeks since I posted last! Oh no! I have been such a slacker!

Today we are looking at Intentional Piecing: From Fussy Cutting to Foundation Piecing by Amy Friend. (I love her last name!) And, as usual, the link below is an Amazon Affiliate link.

This is a beautifully produced book, with great pictures and some awesome projects. I must admit, though, that my favorite part of the book is the section of pictorial block patterns – but I am getting ahead of myself here.

Here’s my annotated Table of Contents for this book:

  • Introduction – Here Ms. Friend (I still love that last name) describes how she came to quilting and design.
  • What Is Intentional Piecing Anyway? – In addition to answering the question, she includes the tools she suggests for intentional piecing.
  • Paper Piecing Essentials – This is just what it sounds like.
  • What to Stash – Stash suggestions for intentional piecing.
  • Projects – What a variety! Not just quilts. Have you ever considered making a magnetic pin tray? As I mentioned before, in addition to actual complete projects, there is a section on pictorial blocks!
  • Resources/Acknowledgments – Exactly what it sounds like.
  • Templates – This is the location of the paper piecing templates for the projects, in case you couldn’t guess that.

This book is a keeper for me. I don’t know that I would ever make any of the projects exactly as she has, but I can see myself using the elements in other projects. Some of them are soooooo cute!

Quilt on!

Oct 10

Books on Monday – Divide and Design


Welcome to Books on Monday! Today we are looking at Divide and Design by Lisa H. Calle. This book is a technique book for designing your quilting on your quilts. And, of course, as usual, the link below is an Amazon Affiliate link.

In this book, Lisa Calle walks us through her process for designing the intricate quilting she uses on her quilts. She does pretty intricate quilting (which we already know that I do not picture myself doing!), but she points out that this technique can be used for planning any kind of quilting.

This is a visually beautiful and clean book. It is designed with lots of white space, which means that when you get to the projects the directions go on for many pages but are very easy to use and maybe more difficult to lose your place and do something wrong.  Anyway, all that white space is visually relaxing.

Here is what the book includes:

  • introduction
  • The Process
  • Designing for Appliqué Quilts
  • Fabric, Batting, Thread
  • Choosing the Right Template
  • The Projects – There are five, and I love them all.
  • About the Author

I must admit that the cover quilt is what drew me to this book in the first place. Soooooo gorgeous!

This one is a keeper for me. Check it out!

Quilt on!

Oct 08

Q4 Finish-a-Long Plans

Here’s hoping I do better with Q4 than I did with Q3. I only listed two projects for Q3 and finished neither of them, so they are headlining the Q4 list. And then I’ll add a couple of others. Maybe this time…

Here’s the list:

  1. Scrap-in-a Box – I’ve got the top and backing made and the batting trimmed to fit the backing. Now I need to baste, quilt and bind it.
  2. The Fat Quarter Shop 2012 Designer Mystery BOM – I need to finish assembling the top, press and trim the backing, send it to the longarmer, get it back and bind it.
  3. Twilter Birds in the Air Quilt – I need to decide on the setting, assemble the top, figure out and make the backing, baste, quilt and bind it.
  4. Disappearing Pinwheel – I need to finish a few blocks, assemble the top, backing, baste, quilt, and bind it.
  5. Spinning Stars –  I need to finish the blocks, assemble the top…. You know how the rest goes.

I think if I get anywhere close to through this list, I’ll be very impressed with myself. You may not be able to bear my bragging!

I’m linking this up with the 2016 Finish-a-Long.

Quilt on.

Oct 04

A Very Little Progress

Not much sewing has gotten done around here. Last week I worked on the backing for Scrap-in-a-Box. Here are the first couple of rows.img_5016

Of course, there was the unfortunate bobbin running out near the end of a seam.fullsizeoutput_1e4a

I did finish the back, but I don’t have a picture of it right now. I’ll try to remember to take one when I baste the quilt.

Time out for a little music humor I saw on a bumper sticker.


In preparation for Saturday’s hand piecing, I printed and cut quite a few shapes. And then, like an idiot, I made the star out of the exact same fabric I used in the first rosette star. Grrrr! They will have to stay away from each other in the quilt!

Then I had to decide on what the next round would be. Here is the picture I took to try and determine which of three that I liked best.

img_5033I couldn’t really make up my mind that way so…img_5034Here’s one option all laid out.img_5035Here’s another. Working against this one was the fact that this was what I used the last time too!img_5036This one just screamed no to me. Not a solid here. At least, not this one.img_5040And here is the finished first two rounds. I will be chauffeuring my DH to church tonight, so you can picture me working on the next round or two and watching Criminal Minds on Netflix.

Sunday I had planned to baste Scrap-in-a-Box right after my DH left for the evening service. Unfortunately, as the day wore on, I realized I was coming down with a cold and just sat on the couch drinking liquids and playing iPad games. So that still needs to get done. I have also started playing with the idea of a scalloped border on the 2012 Designer Mystery BOM. I’ve never done one of those before. I may need to remind myself how to do that in Finishing Schools: Edges & Bindings, Mimi Dietrich.  At least I think that is where I saw it. I may have to look at some of my other classes too. And online tutorials and…

I hope to get a lot more done this week – but first I have to feel better.

Sep 30

End of September – Nothing Finished

So it is the end of September. But now that I think about it, I did have one finished. I finished the little cloth Christmas book that i mentioned last weekend. fullsizeoutput_1e46But that is my only finish for the month (and quarter, if we must be brutally honest. Sigh. But we knew that this quarter was going to be touchy. But I’m pretty sure that next quarter will be much better.

Here’s what I did get accomplished this month (which is the only time I really got to sew this quarter due to the whole move the studio thing.

  1. Started La Passacaglia.
  2. Decided on a setting for the 2012 Designer Mystery BOM and began to assemble the top.
  3. Pieced a backing for Scrap-in-a-Box.
  4. Finished that book.

Plans are that I will send the 2012 Designer Mystery BOM out to a longarmer to be quilted. I already have the backing fabric and batting for it. I will be quilting Scrap-in-a-Box myself, hoping to get it basted tomorrow in the early afternoon. I should be able to finish those two quilts pretty quickly – I hope. Stay tuned for more definite fourth quarter plans!

Quilt on!

Sep 26

Books on Monday – Addicted to Scraps


Yesterday, just as I was wondering what book to review today, the doorbell rang and I got an Amazon delivery. (I still can’t get used to the Sunday deliveries.) It was Addicted to Scraps: 12 Vibrant Quilt Projects by Bonnie K. Hunter. I figured it was a sign, so today we are looking at it. Below are the Amazon Affiliate links – first the paperback, then the Kindle version. And yes, there is a Look Inside, so check them out!

There are some gorgeous scrap quilts in this book. There are about 6 that I definitely want to make and another two or three I would be interested in making with a more controlled color palette.

The book starts with a Dedication and Acknowledgments. Then it is on to the Table of Contents and the Foreword. The Table of Contents is beautiful because there is a row from each quilt below the title and page number for that quilt. This makes it very easy to find the quilt you want to make even if you don’t remember the name of it.

The Basic Sewing Guidelines come next and they include a bit about That 1/4″ Seam Allowance, The Scrap User’s System, and Specialty Rulers.

The Projects are next. The directions are well-written and well-illustrated, which is what you expect from Bonnie Hunter.

The projects are followed by About the Author and Resources.

Got some scraps? Want to use them? I recommend this one!

Quilt on!

Sep 25

Lots of Saturday Progress

Saturday (yesterday) was my most productive quilting day in a week. Most of the rest of this week the extent of my quilting was spending time hand quilting the church quilt. Necessary progress being made there, but Saturday was progress on my personal list of things. (Well, I also managed to finish the great magazine destash project.)

Thing #1 – many years ago (like in the mid 1990s) I bought two panels t make cloth books with the Christmas story for our church auction. I think I bought them at Minnesota Fabrics – and that hasn’t been around here in forever. The bag with the panels sat around for a long time, but sometime after 2004 (which I know because the pins used were my quilting pins & I didn’t start quilting until 2004) I must have pulled the bag out, cut out the panels and interfacing, pinned one of the books together and even sewed one page. On Saturday, that book got completed.

fullsizeoutput_1e46I also got the setting triangles for the 2012 Designer Mystery BOM pressed and trimmed. fullsizeoutput_1e47Then it was game time, which for me includes some hand piecing. I got the wreath finished.fullsizeoutput_1e48By shortly after the game was over, I had completed the entire rosette. (By the way, the light in my sewing room is very bad right now. The colors in the above picture are closer to real than the following picture.)img_5009After that, I got all of the triangles sewn onto the 2012 Designer Mystery BOM blocks, and put them on the design wall. Note that you can’t see block 12 because the cutting table is in the way. img_5011Before I took the picture and looked it, I was thinking that I might need to add some space between the blocks, but this is growing on my. I’m not even sure my idea about some aqua flying geese in the outer border might not happen. Maybe just a narrow border of the background fabric and an aqua binding. Even if I do that, though, I will not meet my goal of having this completed by the end of the month.

img_5010Just a reminder of the Fat Quarter Shop’s original setting plan for this quilt. I like mine better so far, I just don’t know for sure what I’m doing next. Yes, I’m taking suggestions.

And that is Saturday’s progress. If anyone has any great ideas for the rest of the setting of the 2012 Designer Mystery BOM, please let me know and

Quilt on!

Sep 19

Weekend Update

Yes, I do sound like a Saturday Night Live sketch. But it does describe this post pretty well, so…

Saturday was football sewing day. I am including the first picture because it shows very well the color of the star points. I know that they look black in many of the other pictures, but they are, in fact, dark purple.


Below is how far I got during the game. Three more stars to add before stitching this wreath to the center. That will complete rosette one.img_4996

And, yes, I do think that sewing the Y seams is probably more difficult than paper piecing, but I still want to do it this way!

After the game, I also got into the sewing room to cut triangles for the 2012 Designer Mystery BOM blocks. And Sunday evening I sewed these to stripes to them. They are unpressed in this picture so you are looking at the wrong side of the stripey fabric. Hopefully I will get them pressed tonight and start sewing them to the blocks.img_4997

I have also been going through old magazines, tearing out pages and putting them into notebooks. I am saving special editions of some magazines, but for the most part I am not keeping whole magazines. So far I have gone through all my American Quilter, Quilter’s Newsletter, McCall’s Quilting, Fons and Porter, Easy Quilts, and American Patchwork and Quilting magazines. Yes, this does mean that I’m in the home stretch now!

What have you been up to?

Quilt on!

Sep 17

Farewell Summer & Weekend Plans

Yes, it is time for the Craftsy Farewell Summer Sale! This is a supplies clearance sale, and I must admit to being sorely tempted in some areas! (Does someone want to explain to me why I keep being drawn to kits? Sigh. The Tula Pink Butterfly quilt kit is so cute – but I already own the pattern and am using those fabrics in La Passacaglia!

Other kits I’m craving (no links because I just don’t want to spend the time doing that right now because I do want to get to quilting today!): the RJR Handspray Compass Roses Quilt kit (90 x 90 quilt for $139? Sorely tempted!), Andover Sun Print by Alison Glass Fabric & Eclipse Pattern Quilt Kit (stunning and bright!), RJR Malam Batiks Amazon Star By Jinny Beyer Quilt Kit (Judy Niemeyer and Jinny Beyer and a huge quilt for less than $200!!!!), plus all sorts of supplies like Aurifil thread! Click on the link above to check it out and try to resist – or not! (Yes, that is a Craftsy Affiliate link.) This sale is for this weekend only!

On to my weekend plans! I spent a good chunk of this week trying to choose the best fabric for between the stars in La Passacaglia. I had two ways I could go:



Or prints.

I chose the greenish blue solid on the upper left. It is now Inklingoed, cut, and ready to go for this week’s football hand piecing. If I get that wreath put together and attached, I will have completed Rosette 1 and can start the next one.

Before the game starts at 3:30, I hope to cut a bunch of setting triangles for the 2012 Designer Mystery BOM. In the wildest reaches of my imagination, I get the top finished and the backing pressed and get the whole thing over to the quilt shop to go out to the longarmer by shop close Monday evening. Not likely, but a girl can dream. That way it could possibly be done by September 30 for a third quarter finish.

In other news, I’ve been dismantling my collection of magazines. I’m saving patterns that I might like to make or look at for inspiration in plastic sleeves in binders. I’ve been working on this for weeks. You know you are looking at old magazines when you see ads for EQ6! Or articles about this new software just for quilters.

What are you up to this weekend?

Quilt on!

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